Make sure to get to the fights on time November 13 in Hinckley.

With the fights being broadcast on FSN, the main event featuring Matt Vanda vs Phil Williams will be broadcast first after the Wild game. It is listed as 8:45PM. So unlike on most cards it will not be the last fight of the night. If you wait to enter you may miss the headliners. The non TV fights start at 7:30 PM and the card goes as follows.


1.Tim  Taggart vs. Sam Morales


2. Don Tierney vs. Zach Schumach


Fox Sports North Broadcast


3. Matt Vanda vs. Phil Williams


4. Wilton Hilario vs. Leon Bobo


5. Cerresso Fort vs. Lamar Harris


6. Javontae Starks vs. Dan Copp

3 big cards in 5 weeks

Minnesota is boxing! We have had more professional fight cards this year than any in recent memory. And there are at least three more coming. Three very big cards and two have huge Minnesota vs Minnesota fights on them. Its a very good time to love the local boxing scene. Having three big shows is great, but it does make for a juggling act by those trying to cover them to the fullest. We have been, and will try to continue to cover them all to the best of our abilities. The week leading up to each of these events we will try and dedicate all our resources to that show. Breaking news aside, all opinion pieces and interviews during that time will have a focus on the fights coming up that weekend. This plan can only work with cooperation of each promotion in granting interviews and passing along pertinent news. If you feel our coverage is leaning towards one card or another, I promise that is due to information flow. If we are granted interviews and given news, you can be sure it will be passed along to you. All this said, we are committed to trying to give new content on daily basis and if that means we have to veer from the above path, so be it. Below is a rundown of these three exciting fight cards.


November 13/ Hinckley Grand Casino/ Televised on Fox Sports North – Matt “The Predator” Vanda vs Phil “The Drill” Williams/ Wilton Hilario vs Leon Bobo/ The highly anticipated professional debut of Javontae Starks. Click on below poster for more on fight card and ticket information.




November 20/ St Paul Armory - ”Golden” Caleb Truax vs Carl Daniels for the IBA Americas Middleweight Title/ Mohammed Kayongo vs James Todd for the WBF United States Welterweight Title. Click on below poster for more on fight card and ticket information.




December 4/ The Target Center – Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell vs Raphael “The Silencer” Butler for Minnesota Heavyweight supremacy and Title/ Zach “Jungle Boy” Walters vs Larry “Razor” Sharpe. Click on below poster for more on card and ticket information.



Smoke and Mirrors, What was to be a crazy fall fight fan heaven is now…..

Joey Abell

Joey Abell

From last spring up until very recently there was a healthy buzz going on in the Minnesota boxing world. Talks of Phil Williams vs Zach Walters, Jason Litzau vs Wilton Hilario, Joey Abell vs Raphael Butler, Andy Kolle vs Caleb Truax, Matt Vanda vs Phil Williams, and Zach Walters vs Matt Vanda were in almost every Minnesota boxing enthusiasts conversations. The bad news, all but two of these almost certain fights are now dead. The great news, we finally have the fight that has been talked about the longest happening. Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell and Raphael Butler will be stepping into the ring in the Target Center! Now, I have been told by several sources that this fight will be in the Target Center but I do not know if that venue is finalized and a firm date has not been announced. But the fight WILL HAPPEN. Another nice gift for boxing fans will take place November 13 in Hinckley. Matt Vanda and Phil “The Drill” Williams will be getting it on in front of a TV audience. (Tickets are available for this event)


I have to say, I can not complain. We will be given two SUPER SHOWS before 2010. I think  most fans will take that. By years end, 2009 will have brought us; Andy “Kaos” Kolle vs Anthony “The Bullet” Bonsante, Phil “The Drill” Williams vs Matt Vanda, and the biggest of them all (Heavyweights at Target Center), Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell vs Raphael Butler. Three big time Minnesota fights in one calendar year is pretty sweet science.


Andy Kolle and Anthony Bonsante, Photo Courtesy of Walters Photography, all rights reserved

Andy Kolle and Anthony Bonsante, Photo Courtesy of Walters Photography, all rights reserved


 The key to making these last two super shows special, will be how the rest of the cards are rounded out. We Know the 13th will bring us Wilton Hilario vs Leon Bobo as well as Cerresso Fort and either “Bad” Brad Patraw or “Lil’ Superman” Antwan Robertson. Who Fort and Patraw or Robertson fight will go a long way in how super the show will be. The undercard for Butler/Abell is not yet known other than Ronnie Peterson will be taking on Patraw or Robertson depending on their bouts outcomes. Lets hope more big name Minnesota fighters will be heading to Target Center to take part in what will be the biggest boxing event of the year.



October 3, Pro Boxing at the West St. Paul Armory




October 17 at the St. Paul Armory “Golden” Caleb Truax will be fighting for a belt.


October 23 at Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen MN, “Bad” Brad Patraw vs Antwan Robertson – This fight is for the bantam MN title and has implications on the two super shows talked about above.


November 13 at Hinckley Grand Casino, Phil “The Drill” Williams vs Matt Vanda – This bout will be on Fox Sports North and is an incredibly intriguing match-up.


November/December at the Target Center, Heavyweights Joey Abell vs Raphael Butler – The two best heavies in Minnesota go toe to toe.

Tickets for Matt Vanda vs Phil “The Drill” Williams available soon

According to Hinckley Grand Casino’s site , tickets for the November 13 card will soon be available for purchase. Along with Vanda/Williams this card also boasts Wilton Hilario (11,0,1) vs Adam Carrera (19,4)  Leon Bobo (18,3,1) along with Cerresso Fort, “Bad” Brad Patraw and more. Nov 13


Matt Vanda and Phil Williams, Coutesy

Matt Vanda and Phil Williams, Coutesy

“The One” Willshaun Boxley Interview

With his Showtime bout not happening and so much talk about bantamweights, we thought it was a good time to have a chat with “The One” Willshaun Boxley. Below is our conversation.


Willshaun Boxley, Courtesy

Willshaun Boxley, Courtesy


M…. How has training been going?


Boxley…. Excellent, after the cancellation of my Showtime fight I took a little over 1/2 of a week off. But this week I’ve surprised myself with unbelievable hand speed and incredible power. I feel alive again, I’ve never been in shape like this, and at this point I can say that I have never hit this hard before. I feel like if I keep this up it can only get better and better. That’s why I have not taken more than a week off.  I don’t want my body to fully heal, I want to push it to the limit.  I want to come in the gym as if I have no energy every day!

M….You were set to fight on Showtime on the 18th but things didn’t work out. What are your thoughts about it?


Boxley…. Oh, everyone knows a guy with 6 fights, with my skill and experience is totally capable of fighting a guy with 11 fights, but they blame it on the records. I felt at first like it was definitely going to happen. I said to myself and Ron Lyke– we are about to upset them. I thought I had this fight in the bag, since they had rushed to sign the contract. In my mind I was happy, thinking- boy, we have this one because they’re fooled, they think they have just another opponent.  But as the training got tougher something in my mind said they’re going to try to pull out.  I thought that it was going too good in training, I felt great about this fight. I wanted to shock the nation with this win by ko. With 1 & 1/2 weeks left I saw that they took my name off of and put some guy up to fight him who had more than 10 fights but it looked like a tomato can, because he  already had lost 8 times! I talked to Ron Lyke then and he said that they were trying to pull out because the amount of fights I had wouldn’t be enough to make it a great show on Showtime. He told them ”If Boxley doesn’t knock your guy out, I’ll give you my cut of this fight!” My opinion was that they were making excuses not to fight me!

M…. October 17 is your next fight date, what weight will this bout be at?


Boxley…. 122lbs.

M…. Recently there has been a lot of buzz about the bantamweights, where do you see yourself in the mix?


Boxley…. In Minnesota, everyone knows that I’m #1 Bantam weight!

M….Do you have any problem with Brad Patraw and Antwan Robertson fighting for the bantam state belt?


Boxley…. I don’t have a problem with them fighting a rematch, but I do question why would they be fighting for the state belt when I’m the top bantamweight in the MN. It’s a lie, since neither of them would ever choose to fight the best.  And I have a question, do they even have any official rules on that belt, like if whomever has the belt at anytime and they are challenged for it, but has not fought that guy within a certain period of time, does he get stripped of the belt? Because we all know that you can’t be a champion if you haven’t beat the champion, lol, ass holes!

M…. Would you like the opportunity to take on the winner?


Boxley…. Yes, but it will never happen, one, because Brad Patraw is too chicken sh%$% to fight me and two, Antwan Robertson is too inexperienced to fight me. Which makes me ask this question, why are they fighting for the state title? One more question, if they knew they could beat Boxley, would they have already fought him? I’ll answer that, yes, because that’s all Brad Patraw fights are guys who he knows he will beat, sound like a pussy huh? At least Antwan R. fought two guys that he could have lost to if he didn’t bring his A game and he only lost to one of them!

M….Caleb Truax and Jeremy McLaurin are going west to Big Bear, have you and your team thought about taking a trip like this?


Boxley…. Yes, in the beginning of the year we’ve talked about it, I would love to do that, because I’ve sparred with so many great fighters that I feel like it’s just challenging myself. Many boxers here in MN don’t want to get in there with the best, I get happy everytime there’s a chance to spar.  Sometimes I feel as if nobody wants to spar with me, but there is always another day!

M….What is the story with you and Allen Litzau?


Boxley…. Allen Litzau and I fought in the amateur days. I think I had three years experience at that time, but he had already announced that he was turning pro, so at the end of our fight they raised his hand instead of mine. I took it as a gift as the crowd booed him, I knew that I had won, everyone told me I won easily. I had simply outboxed Allen.


Around that same time Wilton Hilario had lost to Jason Litzau. Both Wilton and I were with the COD, and we were rivals with  Rice Street gym. So me and Wilton Hilario drove together down to Rice Street to spar with Allen and Jason because they’d never come to ours, lol. So I sparred with Allen first. I can still remember it to this day, we were just feeling the ring out the first round, the second round he hit me with his best shot( left hook ) I looked at him and smiled yelling great shot as I rush in and started to paint his face. I wrote my name across that boy’s head, oow wee (^: I whoop him so bad after we were done sparring Jason L. wanted to jump in there with me before sparring Wilton. It was clear that he wanted to redeem his brother, but I laughed and said “Now you have to spar Wilton. I got what I wanted as I lol”

M…. In a perfect world what would the next 12 months hold for you?


Boxley…. I would want to have at least one fight set every two weeks… I feel I am one of the many who can pull it off because I get hit in a fight less than I do in sparring, so if I don’t take much damage why not fight right after a fight.

M…. Is there anything you would like to add?


Boxley…. I would like to thank everyone on the Seconds Out team for putting up with my ass, because I know I can be a little pushy at times, but I guess it’s because I’m so passionate about this game I love. I want to thank all of my family and all of my supporters who show up time and time again to see Boxley fight. Never last and never least I would like to thank God for giving me this great talent and health.

Rank this

It has been a while since we ranked Minnesota’s fighters. (We generally post Boxrec and IBO computerised rankings) Many will say that is a good thing and please continue not ranking. We say, “rank this”. From the mind of Todd comes the latest MN Boxing League rankings. (We use mind loosely here, could be/ should be, idiot mind of Todd) All fan fair aside, this is how we rank Minnesota’s best.


Rankings are not official


Minnesota’s P4P Best


1. Jason Litzau (25,2)

2. Andy “Kaos” Kolle (19,2)

3. Wilton Hilario (11,0) / “Golden” Caleb Truax (13,0)


Minnesota’s People’s Champ   (most fans, will travel)

The Peoples Champ, Matt Vanda, Courtesy

The Peoples Champ, Matt Vanda, Courtesy


1. Matt Vanda (41,9) * he could be biggest draw against Minnesota’s best at: Junior Middle, Middle, and Super Middle

2. Zach “Jungleboy” Walters (24,4)




1. Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell (25,4)

2. Raphael Butler (34,8)


Light Heavyweight


1. Marcus Oliveira (19,0,1)  *not from or fighting out of MN, but fights here often, don’t think could be MN champ

2. Zach “Jungleboy” Walters (24,4)  *he is the Minnesota champ at this weight, and has told me he will fight to defend that title

3. Phil “The Drill”  Williams (11,1)  *like Walters, Williams intends to be at his more natural super middle

4. Harely Kilfian (8,2) *Wisconsin, but fights here most


Super Middleweight

Zach "Jungleboy" Walters, Courtesy Walters Photography

Zach "Jungleboy" Walters, Courtesy Walters Photography


1. Zach “Jungleboy” Walters (24,4)

2. Phil “The Drill” Williams (11,1)

3. “Golden” Caleb Truax (13,0)




1. Andy “Kaos” Kolle (19,2) *Minnesota’s middleweight champ

2. “Golden” Caleb Truax (13,0)

3. Kenny Kost (14,4)

4. Matt Vanda (41,9)

5. Robert Kamya (17,10)


Junior Middleweight

Andy "Kaos" Kolle and Pimp James, Courtesy of Walters Photography

Andy "Kaos" Kolle and Pimp James, Courtesy of Walters Photography


1. Andy “Kaos” Kolle (19,2)

2. Robert Kamya (17,10)

3. Dave Peterson (10,0)

4. Cerresso Fort (7,0)

5. Corey Rodriguez (4,0)




1. Mohammed Kayongo (14,2)

2. Corey Rodriguez (4,0)


Junior Welterweight


1. Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer (6,0,1)

2. Jeremy McLaurin (5,0)



Jason Litzau

Jason Litzau


1. Jason Litzau (25,2)

2. Wilton Hilario (11,0)

3. Allen Litzau (13,4)

4. Jeremy McLaurin (5,0)




1. Jason Litzau (25,2)

2. Wilton Hilario (11,0)

3. Ismail Muwendo (4,0)

4. Willshaun Boxley (5,1)

5. Brad Patraw (6,0)




1. Willshaun Boxley (5,1)

2. Brad Patraw (6,0)

3. Antwan Robertson (4,1,1) United States rankings, MN’s best ranked fighters



I went through the Boxrec United States rankings today and here is a list of how Minnesota pros are ranked. I know some of these guys don’t live in Minnesota but they fight here frequently. Another note, Zach Walters is still listed as light heavyweight so he did not make the rankings. Not surprisingly Jason Litzau, ranked 2, and Andy Kolle, ranked 6, were tops in the state. Marcus Oliveria was ranked 9, and both Caleb Truax and Phil Williams at 15 in their weight classes. This was done on United States rankings so Wilton Hilario didn’t make it because he is listed as Dominican Republic.


Photo Courtesy Walters Photography, all rights reserved

Photo Courtesy Walters Photography, all rights reserved



38. Joey Abell (25,4)

59. Raphael Bultler (34,8)



46. Harley Kilfian (8,2)


Light Heavyweight

9. Marcus Oliveria (19,0,1)


Super Middleweight

15. Phil Williams (11,1)



6. Andy Kolle (19,2)

15. Caleb Truax (13,0)


Super Featherweight

2. Jason Litzau (24,2)

18. Allen Litzau (13,4)


Super Bantamweight

16. Willshaun Boxley (5,1)



9. Brad Patraw (5,0)

11. Antwan Roberson (4,1)


My eyes were failing me when doing this, so please, if you see an error, let me know.

A few changes.

boxAs I am sure you have noticed, we are starting to allow comments through. I am sorry that it is a slow process, but we have made the decision to have all comments go through moderation before going live. Unfortunately its the only way to keep things from going out of control. This isn’t a forum, but since we don’t have writers on all corners of the state its one way to get other points of view. We will be very strict on language and low blows. This means if you have something less than nice to say about a fighter, make sure your reasoning is ring based or about something they have said in print, on my site, or another web site. You can pretty much go after me as much as you see fit, as long as you don’t curse or get vulgar. Our interviews will be a little different, we will be most strict in this portion of moderation. These professional boxers are taking time out of their busy schedules to let us learn more about them, respect will be of highest importance. On our opinion pieces we will be most lax, as its our opinion and I know everyone has one.




I plan on getting back to more interviews from around the state. This is a fan site and I make no secret about my support of fighters from all across our great state. We will cover boxing events put on by all promoters. I love all shows, big and small. It looks like there will be a few more voices heard as well. There is someone in the twin cities that plans on helping in our coverage . As you have seen, Laura Zink, has been doing GREAT work for us in recent weeks,(Fight review for Seconds Out last Hinckley show, and the Bridge Battle II final report), and has some plans to bring her professional writings skills to interviews as well. is based out of Duluth but has no connection to any promotion here or anywhere in the state. Obviously, with great pros like Andy “Kaos” Kolle and Zach “Jungleboy” Walters in our backyard you will still see plenty of them. Chuck Horton is one of the best trainers in the state, and anyone who has gone to his shows, knows they are a good time. All that being said, I am a huge fan of Tony Grygelko and Seconds Out Promotions. Nobody has brought more boxing in the last few years. MSC brought the SUPER fight between “Kaos” and “The Bullet” , now they have the great match up of Williams/Vanda and possibly Jason Litzau/Wilton Hilario. Again, I love it all. Contrary to popular belief, I have not been paid by any promotion. I have helped out with Horton’s last couple shows, mainly connecting them with and talking to a few sponsors, but, due to lack of time I plan on going back to being a fan and covering all Minnesota boxing to best of my abilities. And with help already here, and other help that has been offered, I think we will be able to do this better than ever.


Lastly, I would love to get your input as to who you would like to see interviewed. You can also give us some questions you would like to see answered. And if you think you would like to start adding your two cents to our site, just let us know.


Best Regards,


Things to look forward to.

Update: I have just been informed by MSC that they have pulled their bid for the Joey Abell/Raphael Butler fight and are not pursuing at this time.


With so much action in the local boxing scene, I thought  I would go over whats been talked about and whats been signed. During’s webcast of Bridge Battle II, Tony Grygelko and I had some time to talk about all the super fights to come in the next 6 to 12 months, and I thought I would share what we talked about as well as the one confirmed big fight.


Matt “The Predator” Vanda vs Phil “The Drill” Williams / Sept. 26 Target Center / MSC


This fight is signed and has a date at the Target Center. I am looking forward to seeing how Phil fairs against the very tough Vanda. Matt’s had trouble with the bigger fellas in the past but they had much more experience than The Drill does. Great match up of size and style. Really looking forward to this one.


Andy “Kaos” Kolle vs “Golden” Caleb Truax / date and place of a ?/ Horton’s Gym Promotions and Seconds Out Promotions?



The fight is not signed but there has been a gentleman’s agreement between Tony Grygelko and Chuck Horton. Andy Kolle is the Minnesota Middleweight champ with victories over Anthony “The Bullet” Bonsante and Matt Vanda. “Golden” Caleb Truax is thought to be one of our states future stars as well as the top contender to Kolles title. I love this fight. Its always great to see the best against the best.


Jason Litzau vs Wilton Hilario /date and place ?/ rumors for both MSC and Seconds Out Promotions

Jason Litzau, courtesy of

Jason Litzau, courtesy of


No matter who the promoter ends up being or where it is fought, this is a must see match up for all true boxing fans. Jason Litzau has gone further in the national scene than any current Minnesota fighter. Wilton Hilario just got done taking care of Allen Litzau and is ready to bring his name to the top of the MN fighter list. The rumors are that this could be part of the Sept 26 card at Target Center, but I have also heard it could headline a date at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul for Seconds Out Promotions.


Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell vs Raphael Butler / date and place?/ rumors for both MSC and Seconds Out Promotions


A fight Minnesota boxing fans have been waiting on for a long time. Nothing brings out the people like a good heavyweight match up. And as far as Minnesota heavy’s go, it doesn’t get any bigger than this. Rumors have had this fight taking place at the Target Center for MSC, but it is also rumored that Seconds Out Promotions will be handling the affair. Again, either way, I can not wait to see the big fellas in action.


Zach “Jungleboy” Walters vs Phil “The Drill” Williams / was to be this fall / Horton’s Gym Promotions


Phil had been very vocal about this fight for the last few months. Not really sure why he decided against it but his Target Center date would be hard to pass up. I really hope The Drill wasn’t just all talk. I really like Phil and the times I have been able to talk with him have been a pleasure. I think he is a good guy and was given an offer he could not refuse. Hopefully if Phil can beat Vanda he will be ready to step in there with somebody his own size. He has been asking for Zach and Zach has been saying yes. It will be interesting to see if Phil really has meant all he has said.


Zach “Jungleboy” Walters vs Matt “The Predator” Vanda/ Vanda just called out Zach the day of Zach last fight


I’m sure if the offer was serious, Zach would give him the opportunity. Well, that’s my thought.

Phil “The Drill” Williams vs Matt Vanda / Jason Litzau vs Wilton Hilario, Sept. 26 at the Target Center

Matt Vanda/Andy Kolle Courtesy Walters Photography, all rights reserved

Matt Vanda/Andy Kolle Courtesy Walters Photography, all rights reserved

Update at bottom of Post, Cory Rapacz and Phil Williams have a comment.


Again, 2009 is a year to remember in Minnesota boxing. Contracts have been signed for the Williams/Vanda affair.I don’t have confirmation on the Jason Litzau/Wilton Hilario portion yet. If true, this would be a very big night of fights.  I don’t really know what Phil gains by taking this fight, but the fans will get a very fun show. I would  not be telling the truth if I said I wasn’t extremely excited to see this bout.I really love how Vanda is always looking to fight Minnesota’s best. Adding Litzau vs Hilario makes the night truly special for the fans.


The one thing I find very unfortunate in all of this is how both Vanda and Williams used calling out Zach “Jungleboy” Walters to get their fight. For Vanda, its a great move and even more proof that he is willing to take on anyone. For Phil, it looks like he really didn’t want anything to do with Walters. Again, I can’t blame him for wanting to fight a welterweight over somebody his size. It’s just very hard to swallow all the talk The Drill was doing about Zach and when the fight was ready to be made, he ran and signed to fight a welter. The other part that is hard for me is this: Phil’s whole reason for not fighting on the last Target Center show was that the guy was not big enough and it wouldn’t prove anything if he beat him. That guy weighed 166. I kind of think this is a lesson in “be careful what you wish for”. He asked for Jungleboy and he actually could have had the fight, but when the reality of fighting the number one light heavy in the state came to be a reality, where is Phil?

Phil "The Drill" Williams/

Phil "The Drill" Williams/


In an effort to be fair, below is a comment from Cory Rapacz



Just got off the phone with Drill and he said he never
once received an official offer to fight Zach from any promoter. He told me he was never even initially contacted for the fight by Horton or Grygelko. He said he did in fact ask Tony G if he could get it done and Phil said Tony told him that, “He’d try.” Then Phil apparently heard nothing. Now I understand that Zach had a fight coming up, but he has a very capable group of people around him who could have at least contacted Phil and let him know any plans. If Phil was indeed Zach’s next move then that should have been conveyed to him officially in private and not by taking some verbal shots at him on a promo video.

Phil believes the Vanda fight is a much bigger fight for his career. Matt is a much better known name nationally and Phil will be main eventing in his hometown (which is much larger than Duluth) in a first class venue against arguabley the biggest star this state has seen over the last 10 years. You’re telling me Phil is running from Zach? Looks like he just accepted the ONE offer that he had.

Can you explain to me even one way that fighing Vanda in Minnesota’s biggest venue wouldn’t be better exposure for Phil than fighting Zach in Duluth?

Finally, a message from Phil: “I chased Zach for so long and got nothing. After I beat Vanda he can start chasing me.”


My response to Cory and Phil.


I love the fight between Phil and Vanda, it will be great for the fans. It shows the kind of guy Vanda is, he will fight anyone. The day before the Phil/Vanda fight was signed, Vanda was calling out Zach. Then this fight was signed the day after Zach won his fight. Now I know, and everyone else knows, there was a fight to be had between Phil and Zach. But now Phil wants to take on a guy who lost to; Andy Kolle, Anthony Bonsante, Kenny Kost, with most people saying those guys were just too big for him. Those fights took place at just under 160 pounds. I guess if Phil is looking to fight at middleweight it all makes perfect sense. I also thinks its a great business move for MSC and Matt Vanda. The fan in me loves the fight. The Duluth in me feels bad for how Zach was used in this.