“Fights Won and Fights to Come” By Laura Zink

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Fight Report – February 5th 2010 at First Avenue in Minneapolis


Fights Won and Fights to Come”


By: Laura Zink


Andy "Kaos" Kolle, Courtesy SnapLocally.com

Andy "Kaos" Kolle, Courtesy SnapLocally.com




At First Avenue Night Club in Minneapolis last night, a capacity crowd filled the club not for rocking, but for socking in the venue’s first ever professional boxing card. Like the venue, which seemed a promising new location for fights, the fights themselves inaugurated this new venture with fights won and the promise of bigger fights to come.


Pat “the Cat” Coleman took a beating from Andy “Kaos” Kolle in the main event of the evening. Though Coleman played the part well in his pre fight antics, telling the crowd with a big smile that they are going to see how “Damn, he cold! You watch!”, when the bell rang he was all about defense. Round after round Kolle had to try to break through the guard of Coleman who kept his forearms cradled around his head almost the entire bout. Kolle tried straight shots to break through the middle, hooks to the body to bring the arms down, and hooks to the head to work around it, but the guard, for the most part, stayed up and prevented any serious power shots from getting through.


Kolle landing on Coleman, Courtesy SnapLocally.com

Kolle landing on Coleman, Courtesy SnapLocally.com



In round three, however, Kolle found a brief opening during a mid-round lull to land 2 straights and a left which sent Coleman back a bit, wobbling as he stepped backward into the center of the ring with his arms down. Similarly in round four, Kolle landed another sizable left which caused Coleman to fold over forward, resulting in a tangle which made him slip onto his hands and knees. As he lifted himself up, he made protests to ref Nelson from a bloody mouth full of red teeth. By the end of the round the doc was in Coleman’s corner checking his left eye which, similarly, had its white completely infused with blood as well. It was clear that Coleman’s sight was in serious jeopardy. Still, Coleman continued on into round five, but he suffered more of the same, Kolle working in more combos to the head, which again, made Coleman wobble mid-round. Yet, Coleman did not go down for good until he returned to his corner after round five. With ring doc again standing over him and examining his eye, he told ref Nelson that he could not continue due to a lack of sight. Just as the bikinied ring card girl made her final turn around the ring to announce round six, the fight was called and Andy Kolle stood on the corner ropes the victor.


Yeah, he had good defense,” Andy told the ring announcer after the fight, “He got in that shell all night so it was hard to land good shots….He knew how to protect himself and stay alive.”


And from what I understand,” the ring announcer returned, “The fight is now signed, sealed and delivered, it’s a rematch coming up in the spring. You will be fighting Matt “The Predator” Vanda.”


I look forward to fighting Matt,” Kolle said and pointed a finger out into the crowd. “I see Matt over there. He’s a good guy. I love that guy. It was a tough fight. It’s a fight that the fans want to see, and I just want to give the fans what they want.”


My guess is that you are expecting the same tough rugged fight that you had the last time,” the announcer continued. “Would you approach this fight any differently? I am sure that you have changed as a fighter, and so has Matt.”


I am a lot smarter now,” Kolle responded. “Back then, that was early in my career. I went to war with him, and I shouldn’t have done that. But I fought his fight. And this time, we are going to come with something different…and it is going to be my fight.”


The co-main event of the evening had a similar ring as the main event – the principal fighter looking forward to the bouts to come. The manifestation of the fight, however, was markedly different than the main event. Where Kolle had to work though getting past a surviving fighter’s defense, Javonte Starks got to practice his defense against an ever-coming, ever-throwing Alex Gonzalez.


Starks started the bout with 2 jabs which ignited an explosion of punches from Gonzalez. Gonzalez attempted to use the barrage as a way to move Starks from one end of the ropes to another. But Starks, cool and collected in the pressure, used the flurries as an opportunity to show his catching skills, shifting and moving through one shot to the next and making almost none of Gonzalez’s shots land cleanly. After the barrage, Gonzalez was clearly gassed, so Starks took the reins. Walking Gonzalez down, Starks landed one head shot which bent Gonzalez over, another shot which punched Gonzalez down more, and 3 more which made Gonzalez kiss canvas and caused the ref wave off the fight in 2 minutes and 51 seconds of the first round.


I was practicing my defense,” Starks told the announcer after the fight, “catching punches. I wanted to please the fans a little bit so I let it go a little longer than it should have.”


Starks then took a moment to remind fans that the more fights he has, the better the competition will be in the future.


In the prelims, Jeremy McLaurin faced a seriously tough fight with Hector Orozco. From the millisecond the bell rung, Orozco exploded into a barrage of head shots. McLaurin, looking somewhat surprised, moved back and tried to get some distance and range so that he could start landing. It didn’t happen. Orozco, sensing that his pressure tactics were overwhelming any opportunity for McLaurin to throw, kept up the pace the entire round, barreling in with looping shots and, once in, closing the distance by stuffing his head into McLaurin’s chest and hitting the body until they tangled and had to be separated by the ref.


McLaurin landing a big body blow, Courtesy SnapLocally.com

McLaurin landing a big body blow, Courtesy SnapLocally.com



By round two, cries could be heard from ringside screaming at McLaurin to “JAB!! JAB!!! JAB JEREMY!!” But the well-wishers admonitions could not turn the tide as Orozco kept up his stifling pace and made McLaurin work more on moving than finding his usual clean shots. The pressure built more as round three wore on because fans, knowing that this was a four round fight, clearly felt that McLaurin had to pick up the pace in order to gain some leverage with the judges. And while round three was much closer that the previous two, clearly something spectacular needed to happen if McLaurin were to win the fight.


This spectacle happened in round three with a terrible right hand from McLaurin. The punch sliced into Orozco’s eye and opened a gash right under his eyebrow. The cut began to open more and bleed, bleed, bleed into his eye as it began to swell shut toward the end of the final round. Ref Nelson called Orozco over to the doctor for an examination. As the doc’s face became more concerned and his questions became more intent, Orozco began to plead with the doctor to let him continue…but alas for Orozco, the fight was called in1 minute and 41 seconds into the 4th round due to the injury, making McLaurin the winner.


I’ll keep fighting,” Orozco told me outside the venue after the fight, “You are going to see me again.”

And in previous bouts, it seems that there are other things that boxing fans will get to see again. After knocking out William Bellcourt in a mere 1 minute and 55 seconds of the first round, Antwan “Lil Superman” Robertson agreed to a rematch with “Bad” Brad Patraw.


As Robertson was about to make his exit, Patraw hopped up into the ring. As the crowd booed, Patraw took the mic and, with a smile on his face, looked at Robertson and said, “All I gotta say is I’m looking for my rematch.”


Antwan Robertson, Courtesy SnapLocally.com

Antwan Robertson, Courtesy SnapLocally.com



Playful in spirit, Robertson stomped his foot hard on the canvas in a theatric of mock shock.

You got it!” Robertson said, “You gave me a shot. You beat me, and I beat you. Let’s do it!”

Both fighters smiled and exited the ring as the crowd cheered the idea of a rubber match between two fighters who collided both in the amateurs and now what will be the third time in the pros.


And finally, in the kick off of the evening, the crowd was treated to a double-header of quick knockouts. After slamming into Andrew Kato and causing him to flop over head first on third rope in round one, Don Tierney knocked out Kato in 21 seconds of the second round. And for the first bout of the evening Jose Hilario got a lightning fast KO victory over Joe Negron in a mere 41 seconds of round 1.

Andy “Kaos” Kolle Stops Coleman, Next Stop April 2 VS Matt Vanda

Photos by SnapLocally.com, click here to see more combat photography


Kolle (left) and Vanda, Courtesy SnapLocally.com

Kolle (left) and Vanda, Courtesy SnapLocally.com


The Midwest Sports Council, RDS Company, and First Avenue Nightclub put on a fun night of fights. The place was packed with vocal fans. Although it turned out to be a short night of fights due to stoppages, it only seemed to add to the excitement among screaming fans. There were two announcements made regarding Minnesota state champions defending their titles. “Bad” Brad Patraw entered the ring after Antwan “Little Superman” Robertson won his fight and challenged him to a rematch for the state belt. After Andy “Kaos” Kolle won his fight they announce April 2 will bring on Kolle/Vanda 2. Aside from all of the big knock-downs, announcements and KO’s, the fight of the night belonged to Jeremy McLaurin and Hector Orozco. Below is a quick run-down of last night’s events. Laura Zink will also have a report later today.


Jose Hilario over Joe Negron (KO 41 seconds into the first round) – Hilario attacked and KOed Negron with a huge left hook. KO of the night.


Don Tierney punches Kato through ropes, Courtesy SnapLocally.com

Don Tierney punches Kato through ropes, Courtesy SnapLocally.com


Don Tierney over Andrew Kato (TKO 21 seconds into the second round) – Tierney was the slicker and faster fighter. While Kato was throwing and for the most part missing with big shots, Tierney was moving and landing shots of his own, putting Kato on the mat two times in the first round. The second round started with a mad rush by Tierney that did not subside until the fight was stopped 21 seconds into the second round.


Antwan Robertson, Courtesy SnapLocally.com

Antwan Robertson, Courtesy SnapLocally.com


Antwan Robertson over William Bellcourt (TKO at 1:55 of the first round) – Robertson was just too fast with his jab and movement for Bellcourt. Superman landed hard clean shots at will until the fight was stopped.


McLaurin (left) and Orozco, Courtesy SnapLocally.com

McLaurin (left) and Orozco, Courtesy SnapLocally.com


Jeremy McLaurin over Hector Orozco (Dr stopped the fight at 1:41 of the fourth and final round due to cut above Orozco’s eye caused by a right hand.) – This was the fight of the night. It reminded me a little of Eyer/Cortez. Orozco brought the pressure and big shots for much of the fight. Most observers had Orozco up by two rounds going into the third. McLaurin seemed to come alive in the third round using his length and superior boxing skills but Orozco was still able to land his shots and muscle McLaurin around a bit, very close round. The fourth round looked a lot like the third with McLaurin probably winning it up until a right hand from McLaurin caused a cut above Hectors left eye that the Dr deemed too serious to allow the fight to go on. Nice come-back win for McLaurin and a very tough break for Orozco.


Javontae Starks, Courtesy SnapLocally.com

Javontae Starks, Courtesy SnapLocally.com


Javontae Starks over Alex Gonzalez (TKO at 2:51 of the first round) – The fight began with Gonzalez in his pro debut firing nonstop for most of the first half of the round. Though he was firing, little was hitting the always calm, cool, and collected Starks. When he wanted to, Starks opened his guard and landed monster punches whenever he desired. My last note before the stoppage was that it looked almost as though Starks was toying with Gonzalez until the ref stepped in and stopped things.


Andy Kolle (left), Courtesy SnapLocally.com

Andy Kolle (left), Courtesy SnapLocally.com


Andy “Kaos” Kolle over Pat Coleman (Coleman quit after the fifth round claiming he could not see) – This fight in a nut shell was Kolle throwing and Coleman standing in his guard. As the fight progressed Kolle began to get clean shots through Colemans guard by nailing the body and moving upstairs. All rounds showed Kolle throwing shots at Coleman as he back him through all portions of the ring. Although Kolle had him wobbled on a few occasions, Coleman only hit the mat in the fourth. The end of the fourth and through the 5th was Kolle throwing 1 2, 1 2, 1 2, and following up with 5 and 6 punch combos. It was clear after the fourth round that Coleman was beginning to have trouble seeing as the constant slam of Kolle’s lefts and rights were beginning to blind him. After the fifth round was over Coleman told his corner he could not see and the fight was stopped. This leads us to what may become the event of 2010, Andy Kolle vs Matt Vanda, April 2.

“The Prodigy” Dave Peterson Keeps his 0, but what a fight!

November 20, at the Mpls Convention Center / Butler vs Abell, Oh it’s on


Photos courtesy of my phone, sorry.

Scott Ball in white trunks getting ready to land final blow

Scott Ball in white trunks getting ready to land final blow

Dave Peterson vs Corey Rodriguez did more than meet expectations, it left a thirst for a second installment. While Peterson kept his undefeated record, Corey Rodriguez has nothing to hang his head about, this was a GREAT fight. Butler did his job in taking out Rhodes in the 2nd round of the main event. Hometown favorite, Scott Ball, made quick work of Mike Davis with a first round TKO. Mike Howell and Ray Walker served up a war, and Ronnie Peterson was just too much for William Bellcourt. Below are results from the amateur portion of the show, as well as fight by fight descriptions of the pros.


Amateur fights


Jehrid Hale, Rochester over Bob Keller, Hastings

Jamal Morris, Rochesterover Dawson Wrazidlo, Duluth

Alex Rod, White Bear Lakeover Dale Robbins, Anoka

Jamie Bartlett, Rochesterover Damon Lachman, White Bear Lake

Flavio Beccerra, White BearLake over Gabe Berra, Anoka

Thomas Yang, White Bear Lakeover Mark “Magic” Pogorelskin, Duluth

Abdi Gelle, Rochester over Winston Anderson, Duluth

Tony Lee, Minneapolisover Jon Escoto, White Bear Lake

Payton Lee, Rochester over Carlos Sosa, Hastings

Nate Burkhalter, Rochesterover David Colon, Anoka


Professional Bouts




Ronnie Peterson

Ronnie Peterson

Ronnie Peterson over

William Bellcourt(TKO 2:00 of round 1) – Peterson was just too much for Bellcourt. Bellcourt was stalked, chopped, and finished two minutes into round 1. The main thing I took from this bout, is that Ronnie looks very accurate with his punches and shares some of that cat like allusiveness his brother Dave Peterson has.


Mike Howell over Ray Walker (UD, 39,37 / 39,37 / 39,37) – This was really a fun fight. Stamina was the key to victory in a fight where everything else seemed equal. Both fighters were willing to stand in front of the other and trade blows. I would have had a real hard time scoring the first couple rounds, Mike Howell was landing more clean shots to the body but I felt Walker was doing some damage upstairs, bloodying Howells left eye in round 2. As is often said in boxing, hitting the body is putting money in the bank, Howell’s efforts were paying off quite well by the middle of third round. Howell was throwing left and right hooks to the body and working his way up the ladder, landing the majority clean. In the end the judges saw it in Howells favor, all three of them scoring it 39,37.


Scott Ball over Mike Davis (TKO at 2:52 of round 1) – From the start of this fight you wouldn’t have guessed it would end in its only round. Mike Davis and Scott Ball were quite tentative to start. There was not a whole lot of action or landed punches until Ball landed a big left hook to Mike Davis’s body ending things at 2:52 of round 1.



Dave Peterson in black and white trunks

Dave Peterson in black and white trunks

Dave Peterson over

Corey Rodriguez (MD 58,56 / 57,57 /56,59) – This was a great fight! Both Peterson and Rodriguez lived up to the billing. These two started the fight matching each other’s speed and quickness. I could not tell you who was quicker to the punch in the first two or three rounds, they were both effective at what it seemed they were trying to do as well as what they were trying to defend. It was a great display of skill from these two fighters. Rodriguez spent most of the fighter working to get inside, but he was also able to zip his jab through on the taller Peterson on occasion. Dave Peterson was unbelievably effective with his lead left hook, he was almost using it instead of a jab. From the start I thought it was probably a mistake to not use his length and jab, but it’s effectiveness and accuracy made it very hard to question. Both fighters showed skill in movement as well as allusiveness, but Peterson’s almost effortless fluidity in throwing and dodging blows really sticks in my mind. It seemed as the fight progressed Dave Peterson was less winded and possessed more energy. I want to say again, this was a great fight. The skill, professionalism, and most of all effort was top notch. I really think on most nights, against most opponents Rodriguez would have won. But Dave “The Prodigy” Peterson proved he is for real and one of the very best light middles in the state.



Rapheal Butler in black and silver

Rapheal Butler in black and silver

Raphael Butler over

Marcus Rhode (TKO 1:30 of round 1) – An hour or so prior to this fight Joey Abell and Raphael Butler met in the ring to talk about their announced showdown November 20 at the Mpls Convention Center. Butler asked the Rochester crowd who was going to win the battle of Minnesota’s best heavy’s, and they answered loudly. Butler’s Brigade sees a big win coming November 20. The fight between Butler and Rhode went as I am sure most thought. Butler controlled the action with superior movement and power. He had Rhode on the mat from a body blow in the first, and then TKO ed him at 1:30 of the second round.

Ronnie Peterson (2,0) back from shoulder injury

3850795885_8bdec4a8fcRonnie Peterson is back. Turns out that during his first two pro fights, (both ending with Peterson victorious by way of TKO), Ronnie Peterson was fighting primarily with one arm! He told me his shoulder that was injured is now even stronger than the other. Doesn’t sound like good news for his future foes. Peterson has not fought in almost a year due to his shoulder injury. He has two wins in two pro fights and said he had around 50 amateur battles. William Bellcourt will be the man who gets to have a taste of Ronnie’s healthy shoulder.


When asked how active he planned to be in the next 12 months, ” I have four fights in the next few months”. He is scheduled to fight this Saturday, and he has two dates in October and one in November. I got the definite feeling Ronnie had no plans of taking it easy. During his time rehabbing his shoulder, Peterson has been in school studying to be a nurse. Almost before he finished explaining that to me, he assured me boxing was his chosen career path. Through his studies he has been able to learn more about the body and how to better take care and heal it. All things Peterson feels can and will help him further his boxing dreams.


Of course we talked about other Minnesota boxers, mainly those in his weight class. Ronnie’s thoughts on Minnesota boxing closely follows those of most fans you talk to. “There are too many 0′s, these undefeated fighters need to meet up and let the best rise.” He says this on the whole, giving examples from a number weight classes. So the obvious question was, what local guys would you like to face? “Brad Patraw” According to Peterson there have been offers and talks but no fight. I really got the feeling Ronnie didn’t want to take away from what the likes of Patraw have done, but that he feels without his injury last year, he would be sitting with 7 or 8 wins. This is one of the reasons he plans on being so busy from now until November. But make no mistake, Ronnie Peterson wishes for a date with “Bad” Brad Patraw.


I did ask him what he thought about the fight between Dave Peterson and Corey Rodriguez. “No way in hell Dave loses”. Ronnie Peterson explained that Dave is in the best shape of his life. “He has been sparring with light heavyweights down to lightweights. So he is taking the heavy shots from (named fighter) and dealing with the quickness of (named fighter).” I can tell you that the names mentioned were impressive. According to Ronnie, his brother Dave will be too much for Corey Rodriguez.


Make sure to get to Rochester Minnesota, Saturday September 12 to watch both Dave and Ronnie Peterson showcase their skills.

Rochester fights Sept 12

Fight card is subject to change.


Raphael Butler (34,8) vs Marcus Rhode (34,38,2)

Scott Ball (9,6) vs Mike Davis (3,5)

Corey Rodriguez (4,0) vs Dave Peterson (10,0)

Ronnie Peterson (2,0) vs William Bellcourt  ?

Ray Walker (1,6) vs Mike Howell (1,2)


Plus Amateur action.