Tyler “The Hitman” Hultin (3,0,1) Q & A. Hultin fights November 17, Crown Plaza, Saint Paul, MN..

Saint Paul, MN is about to get a taste of “Mr. fight of the night”. It’s hard to attend a show where Hultin is fighting and not leave thinking about his fight. Obviously that is not always a great thing for The Hitman, but for the fans…. well, his following is proof of their approval. Hultin has yet to be able to fight in front of a home audience but always has a large portion of venue filled with Hitman fanatics. (Tyler Hultin is from Fergus Falls, MN and now lives in Fargo ND) For his Saint Paul appearance he has had to have the promoter send tickets three separate times!! Tyler last fought this past April in what most would say was tougher than needed win. Ortley always comes to bang, and Hitman obliged. Most think Hutlin could have/should have taken Silas out before the final bell, but styles make fights and Hitman likes to please the fans!! Below is a Q&A we had with Tyler Hultin. Look for a lot more from The Hitman in 2013, but dont look past Travis Perzynski, he is coming to win, and he too is quite fan friendly….

How did you feel about your last fight April 7 in Superior WI?

April 7th fight didn’t go as planned. I was happy to get the W,  but my performance was far from what I’m capable of! Everyone that knows me knows that’s the truth! Just goes to show you that training is key! And it can control the outcome!

There was a ton of excitement about a showdown between you and Corey Rodriguez that was to take place this past September, but boxing happened. How disappointing was that to you?

It definitely was a Disappointment! I look at Corey Rodriguez as a top Fighter in Minnesota! Having that chance to train and fight a fighter like that really can show you what your made of! It would have been my 2nd time making it down to fight at 154. That is where I feel the sharpest and strongest! Hopefully another opportunity will present itself down the road!

Hunting is a passion of yours, even causing you to have to miss a September 15 date, did you get your bear? On that topic, what sort of training will you be doing during deer season?

Hunting is a way of life for us! Like Boxing we train for it, ha! Missing September 15th was hard to deal with, especially having the 29th called off!.. For sure fights are hard to come by and when they’re taking from you its even harder! Preparations for November 17th have been going real good! Coach Hultin has been having me hit the deer trails! A lot of agility involved. Axing on old trees, tossing logs, climbing trees, and hopefully by this weekend dragging deer! “No Bear for me this year, my Brother Tanner Hultin Shot a nice 215pd black Bear” our hunting party all had opportunities but you always wait for the right one!

You are fighting Travis Perzynski (1,1), he went the distance with Jon Schmidt (10,2) and TKOed Bobby Butters (1,1) in the first round of their fight. What are your thoughts on this upcoming challenge?

Everyone fights each other different, that will be our case in our upcoming bout! I’m looking very forward to it!

Your friend and stable-mate, Andy “Kaos” Kolle, has recently moved closer to where you live, have you guys been able to do some training together?

Kaos and I have been getting gym time together! Kolle is a big help for me in the gym because he keeps me at bay. His Training methods and composure help me become better! Just last night during our sparring session, I can get wild at times, right away while sparring he’s reminding me to keep composure! Great guy to be able to train with, we help push each other! Great to have in the gym! I can’t take away from what I’m getting from my other trainers! Potential moves may be made but at this time will keep it to what we know!

November 17 is looking like a who’s who of Minnesota boxing at many different weights, but light middle and middleweight will be well represented. How interested will you be in watching all of the possible future match-ups?

I think that is what intrigues me the most! Its almost like Who’s next! Haha!

Speaking again of the star-studded show. Are you excited to be able showcase what you’ve got in front of a new audience?

Absolutely! My name is known throughout Minnesota, yet my appearance is very shaded from only taking part in fights in the Northern area.. I’m very happy for the opportunity and hope that it continues! This will be a great show to be a part of!

Since this will be your first fight as a pro in the twin cities, what would you like to say to boxing fans who have yet to watch you go?

I Hope you enjoy! I’m a fire cracker when it comes to being in that ring! Its Home away from Home! And I don’t stop until that last bell rings!

Caleb Truax is headlining this event and is probably Minnesota’s biggest draw, does that add to the appeal of fighting on this show?

Yes it does, I’m a fan! He’s definitely made a name for himself and what better than fighting on a card with Truax headling! It would have been great to hit up traux’s camp for this fight! Prior engagements didn’t allow me to do so. I hope the offer will be there again for upcoming event!

This fight will be at 160, do you plan on staying there or is 154 the target?

160 is a fine weight. But its not for me!.. 154 is where I want to be!

Is there anything you would like to add? And how can people get tickets from you?

Good luck to all the fighters and their teams November 17th! I look forward to fighting in front of a new crowd and to put the new tools to work that the coaches and I having been working on through camp!

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“Wanted” Seconds Out Promotions, August 8 card as it stands

from soboxing.com


August 8th (Boxing) Wyatts Earps Bar

6 Rds
Super Bantamweight 122-126 Lbs
“Liberty Title’s Main Event Bout”

Willshuan Boxley (5-1) Vs. James Frank

6 Rds
Lt Middleweight 154-160 Lbs

Robert Kamya (16-10) Vs. Joshua Rodriguez (4-9)

4 Rds
Bantamweight 118-122 Lbs

Felix Marteniz (0-3) Vs. Jake Backus(Pro Debut)

4 Rds
Middleweight 154-160(Lbs)

Charles Meier (2-1) Vs. Travis Pryzanski (0-1)

4 Rds
Middleweight 154-160(Lbs)

Marvin Rodriguez (1-2) Vs. Dan Copp (0-1)

Stalk, Stalk, Stalk, BAM! Abell knocks Brown Half Way Out of Ring

Courtesy of SnapLocally photography, all rights reserved

Courtesy of SnapLocally photography, all rights reserved


The show must go on. Seconds Out Promotions had to overcome many obstacles to make this event happen. If it wasn’t boxers dropping off due to injury, it was fighters running in fear at the thought of stepping in with “Minnesota Ice”. Willshaun Boxley’s opponent was reportedly shot leaving his gym just two days before the show. Joey Abell’s new opponent wasn’t finalized until Friday. I tip my hat to SO in making an entertaining evening under such difficult circumstances.


Rocky Graziano Jr (KO round 1) over Chris Clark – This fight started out with the 365lb Clack falling into Rocky, knocking both men to the mat. Clinching ensued until Rocky landed one hard clean shot to Clark’s head, ending things in a first round KO.


Ismail Muwendo(TKO round 2) over Felix Martinez- This one was all Ismail. He was able to use his length to keep Felix at the end of his jab. Ismail landed a big left hook that really stunned Felix in round 1. The second round was more of the same with Ishmail really working off of his jab then nailing Martinez with a straight right that sent him to the mat where the fight was stopped.


Courtesy of SnapLocally photography, all rights reserved

Courtesy of SnapLocally photography, all rights reserved


Jon Schmidt (UD 40,36 / 40,36 / 40,37)over Travis Perzynski- I was actually quite interested in this bout. While Travis had fights under his belt in MMA, he had yet to fight in a boxing match. Perzynski’s MMA background was obvious from the start. He was in the awkward MMA style stance while Jon had the conventional boxing stance. Travis’s MMA stance seemed to work in his favor early in this fight. Schmidt seemed quite tentative to start, but once he saw the weakness in Perzynski’s stance, he started landing jabs right down the middle. An MMA fighter tends to be more square in stance because when fighting MMA they must concern themselves with blocking kicks and defending the take down, but in pure boxing it leaves a wide open shot to the nose. I had every round going to Jon Schmidt but Travis was the one to bring the fight. He was a surprisingly game opponent for not having one boxing match prior. But in the end Jon’s boxing skills won the day.


Charles Meir (UD 40,36/40,37/40,36) over Nick Whiting – While Nick pressed the action, Charles did the boxing. Meir had Nick bloody early in this fight. He was landing big hooks to the body and head. All of Charles body work showed by the 4th round when Nick was no longer forcing the action but seemingly just trying to get through the fight.


Harley Kilfian (TKO round 3)over Marty Linquist- The first round started out with an explosion of heavy shots by both fighters and ended with some testing. Round 2 saw both fighters again trying to land big shots. Marty began to try and smother Harley’s punches by bullying his way inside. Around this time one of the fans in the crowd was yelling ” work the face” and that’s what Harley did ending round two with a huge left hook to Marty’s head. The 3rd round was all Harley. Marty tried to smother the taller Kilfian but was having less luck and in the closing seconds of the 3rd, Harley landed a flurry of punches, putting Lindquist on the mat for good.


Courtesy of SnapLocally photogaphy, all rights reserved

Courtesy of SnapLocally photogaphy, all rights reserved


Emily Klinefelter (SD 48,47/49,47/49,47)over Melissa St Vill – This was a pretty good fight. Melissa was the quicker of the two, but Emily just seemed to want it more.


Courtesy SnapLocally Photography, all rights reserved

Courtesy SnapLocally Photography, all rights reserved

Joey Abell (Ko round 1) over Galen Brown – Stalk, Stalk, Stalk. BAM! A straight left followed by a flurry of punches sent Galen half way through the ropes. I don’t know that I have witnessed live, a more vicious one punch knockout in boxing. The flurry was just instinct by Joey as Galen was falling.



Seconds Out Promotions, “Brawl in St. Paul” March 21, St. Paul Armory

This show has been postponed.

Updated fight card for Seconds Out Promotions, ”Brawl in St. Paul”, March 21 at the St. Paul Armory.


I have got to say, I am really looking forward to the Marcus Levessuer (11-2) -VS- Travis Perzynski (18-3) fight. Levessuer has yet to let us down and is really somebody I have looked forward to seeing at Seconds Out events. Willshaun Boxley (5,0) taking on Thomas Snow (10,1)is probably the fight I am most excited about. Boxley has major player written all over him. We are lucky to be able to watch his star shine. Getting to watch Minnesota’s best heavyweight, Joey Abell, is just Icing on this cake. Not to mention, this could be some build up for a possible Joey Abell / Raphael Butler showdown. They will both be on the April 4 card at Epic nightclub. Hope to see you at the Armory in St. Paul.


Check out our interview with President and CEO of Seconds Out Promotions here. 3-9-09 Tony Grygelco Seconds Out Promotions



MMA 5 rds

Marcus Levessuer (11-2) -VS- Travis Perzynski (18-3)

MMA 3 rds

Brandon Zemke (1-1) -VS- Kris Blesi (Pro Debut)

HWT 6 rds

Joey Abell (22-4) -VS- Larry White (3-4)
126lbs 6 rds

Cornelius Lock (18-3) David Vasquez (17-13)

122lbs 6 rds

Willshaun Boxley (5-0) -VS- Thomas Snow (10-1)
201lbs 4 rds
Harley Kilfian (7-2) -VS- Marty Lindquist (13-7)

168 4 rds
Marvin Rodriguez(1-1) -VS- Nick Whiting (0-10-1)

126 4 rds
Ismail Muwedo (1-0-10 -VS- Felix Marteniz (0-2)

Mellisa St. Vill (0-0-1) -VS- Katy Klinefelter (2-0)


Card is subject to change.

Brawl in St. Paul

From Seconds Out  Promotions site. Check it out here.







Marcus Levessuer (11-2) -VS- Travis perzynski (18-3)  State Lightweight MMA Championship


Brandon Zemke (1-1) -VS- Kris Blesi (Pro Debut)




Joey Abell (22-4) -VS- TBA


Rapheal Butler (34-8) -VS- TBA


Cornelius Lock (18-3) TBA


Willshaun Boxley (5-0) -VS- Thomas Snow (10-1)


all bouts subject to change