Caleb “Golden” Truax (18,0,1) vs Jermain “Bad Intentions” Taylor (29,4,1) Tonight in Showtime’s Main.

Update: Taylor wins over Truax by UD, Truax did put Taylor down in the 9th.

Huge fight tonight for both Truax and Taylor. Taylor has eyes set on getting back into belt contention and being considered in the pound for pound list. It wasn’t that long ago that people were singing Jermain’s praises and watching with much admiration as he went after the best fighters in his division early in his career. But several brutal knockout losses and his tendency to fade late in fights had/have people wondering if continuing his boxing career is the best move for him professionally and for his own well-being. He fought Jessie Nicklow in his first fight back after his KO loss to Arthur Abraham in October of 2009 during his stint in the “Super Six”. Taylor was able to stop Nicklow in the 8th round of the scheduled 10 round bout. Most see this fight with Truax as a nice step up from Nicklow and if things go well for Jermain, fans hope to see him in with one of the best middles in the World. HOLD UP…….

Caleb “Golden” Truax (18,0,1) has much to say about all of Taylor’s plans. This is his big shot and with a team that has moved him perfectly, I have to think this is a well planned step up. Trust, this is not the first big fight opportunity that Truax has been presented with, in fact they turned down Taylor’s first comeback fight so they could study the new Taylor if a future opportunity came up. Caleb has not taken the easy way to his (18,0,1) record. Yes, much of the competition was “regional” but some of those “regional” fighters are very good. He has fought; Jonathan Reid, Antwun Echols, Phil Williams twice, Andy Kolle, and Kerry Hope (obviously Hope is not regional, but does not change my point). At the time Truax fought Hope many did not give him the appropriate credit for that fight. Let me toot my own horn here, I said all along that Hope was one of the stiffest fights he had had or would have in regional competition ( again, obviously Hope is not regional, but does not change my point). Most know that Kerry Hope just beat Grzegorz Proka for the European Middleweight title. What I am getting at is, other than the long lay-off Truax has had, he is very ready for this step up in competition.

Truax told me shortly before he set off for Mississippi….”Camp was very productive. I’m right where I need to be heading into the biggest fight of my career.” I asked him his thoughts on fighting away from home in what probably will be a pro Taylor crowd…. “I’m not too concerned with the crowd because I know all my family, friends, and fans are behind me 100%!”

I predict a very good fight. Taylor will be faster but I expect Truax to always be in his business and trying to counter. To be honest, both have had issues fading late in fights and that may be what this one comes down to. I have been telling everyone that Caleb Truax will be bringing Minnesota home a big W. I will admit that much of that talk is the homer in me, but I do feel this is a great opportunity on a great stage for Truax to show what many feel in their hearts. Truax by SD….

Todd Bechthold

Some outside of state perspective and nice write-up on here

SHOWTIME sports presents SHOWBOX “THE NEW GENERATION” Live from Hinckley Grand Casino December 18

National TV comes back to Minnesota. SHOWTIME’s, SHOWBOX will be broadcasting live from Hinckley Grand Casino December 18. There will be three world class bouts plus many of Minnesota’s risings stars. Jeremy McLaurin, Cerresso Fort, Javontae Starks and others will fill out the undercard of this event. Below is the televised portion.




  • Fernando Guerrero (16,0) vs. Jessie Nicklow (19,1,2)
  • Lanard Lane (9,0) vs. Said El Harrak (8,0)
  • Shawn Porter (11,0) vs. Patterson
  • Super Six, Minnesota style?

    click on picture to go to Showtime's Super Six

    click on picture ssto go to Showtime's Super Six


    The Showtime network along with boxers and promoters have decided to make a change. Gone, the fear of losing. Its a tourney with arguably the most talented middleweight and super middleweight fighters in the world. 6 fighters, 6 promoters and one network, this is the sort of thing that sport was meant to be. No hand picked fighters on the second half of their careers. No ducking real competition. Just the best fighting the best to see who really is the best. This is the kind of sporting behavior any sports fan can get behind. For those who have been following the progression of this event, and have begone to watch 360, they know that some of the most elite promotions have come to the realization that the old way of doing things is just that, old. People no-longer are just turned on to see their favorite fighters go, they want to see them tested. Fans don’t want to see easy wins, they want hard fought challenges. Fans are ready for boxing to become sporting again. I applaud all the fighters, promoters and Showtime for infusing real excitement throughout the boxing community.


    I can think of several weight classes where a tournament like this could be huge in Minnesota. Lets hope promoters, managers, and boxers are watching what a little competition can do for a sport.


    Note, The World Boxing Classic, Super Six, starts this Saturday night on Showtime.

    Andy “Kaos” Kolle, What is next for Minnesota’s Champ?

    “And the NEW Minnesota Middleweight Champion”

    Photo Courtesy Walters Photography, all rights reserved

    Photo Courtesy Walters Photography, all rights reserved

 ’s p4p best in Minnesota and’s #3 middle in the nation seems to hold all the cards. Andy “Kaos” Kolle  more than deserves this advantageous position. He patiently waited to get a shot at Minnesota’s middleweight title.  He took on Anthony “The Bullet” Bonsante as his first fight back from his loss to Paul Williams.  It took Andy less than 3 rounds to show all the doubters that a quick KO from one of the world’s p4p best does not cloud his position as #1 middle in the state.


    There are those who would like to see Andy clean out the state’s middleweight division.  We think he has achieved this, for the time being.  He beat Vanda a year and a half ago, recently took out Bonsante, and Kenny Kost has been far too inactive. Caleb Truax needs fights with higher quality opponents. Maybe Vanda, Kost, Truax, even Fort could start squaring off against each other to help make the next Minnesota middleweight title fight worth everyone’s while.


    So what’s next for Kolle? The sky is the limit. With Kolle’s desire to try out 154, and his climb of the national rankings, there are many fights available to this Horton fighter. One thing I know for certain, his fans would love to see his next fight take place in the twin ports, although I think most wouldn’t mind seeing him on ESPN, HBO, or Showtime. Andy Kolle and team Horton are in a good spot, and they deserve to be. Andy was going twelve rounds in the gym early this week under Chuck’s watchful eye. Yep they deserve it.