Quick hits.. Caleb Truax, Andy Kolle, Jason Litzua….

Schedule Update 8-5-13 top most recent updates from MinnesotaBoxing.com

….August 10, Seven Clans Casino, Thief River Falls, MN – Rez Promotions
Details are limited but it looks like the main event will be heavyweight Charles Goodwin of Bemidji vs Mahoud Aburia. The co-feature has Van Goodman taking on John Moxey in another heavyweight bout. Michael Faulk also see’s action.
August 16, Grand Casino, Hinckley, MN – Rapacz Promotions
The Return of the 3 Musketeers as they were known as kids, Jason and Allen Litzau plus Antonio Johnson fight on the same card. Plus Aaron Green, Rob Brant vs Harley Kilfian, Brad Patraw vs Dusin Mason, David LaQue and more.
September 6, Grandma’s Sports Garden, Duluth, MN – Jungle Boy Boxing
Al Sands headlines against TBA plus a 10 round bout featuring Johnny Garcia [16-1] vs Gilbert Venegas [12-9-2]. Amateur boxing will kick off the night.
September 13, Minneapolis Convention Center, Mnpls, MN – Seconds Out Promotions
Golden Caleb Truax returns fresh off a dominant ESPN performance to take on tough boxer Osumanu Adama in the nights main event. Also, the state lightweight title rematch between Tony Lee and Jeremy McLaurin. The two slugged it out for 8 rounds and came out with a draw last June.
September 21, Wildcats Hockey Arena, River Falls, WI – Peek -A- Boo Promotions
Pro-Am boxing action brought to you by former boxer Boyd Davis.
September 28th, Anoka Armory, Anoka, MN- Valhalla Combat Sports
Valhalla Combat Sports Gym is promoting a boxing card which features Stephen Watt taking on Cheyene Ziegler. Damion Hill and heavyweight MMA fighter Brad Scholten are also on the card. There will be 8 fights in all.

August 16 brings boxing back to Hinckley, Featured will be Jason Litzau taking on Robert Osiobe, Robert has spoiled some home fighters days! Robert Brant takes on Harley Kilfian who is going back to a better weight after bulking up to fight Al Sands  and as expected going from 165 to 193 was too much. Brant is moving from the 150 to 168 for the catch-weight. Very interesting in our opinion. Bravo should be able to outbox Kilifian, and has spent plenty of time at the high 160′s. Dustin Mason and Brad Patraw is years in the making, looking forward to that one. Nice work by matchmaker, Cory Rapacsz, for getting it done. Green should be able to walk through Stacy Frazier who has lost 10 of his 11 last fights, most by early stoppage. All in, could be a fun little show.

September 6 brings another Jungle Boy Boxing show. Its a pro am with three pro fights, two debuts and Al Sands… After Sands called out John Moxey, who was already under contract to fight on a different show, he and his manager barged into Joe Lorenzi’s gym while Joe was teaching a kids class and offered him a contract. Guess they don’t believe in going through promoters and managers. Joe had already given his word to fight Sept 13. But the bright side. TJ Gibson said he would let Sands try and redeem himself from his TKO loss at the hands of Gibson (1,4) on September 6. Also, both Moxey and Lorenzi have said they would love to face Sands after their obligations and are free in October. Jungle has Black Bear Casino date mid October. Also, don’t forget Phil Williams has said he’d take on Sands any time.

T-Rex has pushed Sept 13 due to too many fights and monster weekend of boxing, never easy decision, but probably a wise one with a very full September. 

September 13, T-Rex Promotions, featuring Andy “Kaos” Kolle, Winston Anderson, Joe Lorenzi, and possibly Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer. More details as they come. The Promoter, RJ “T-Rex” Laase is in the middle of negotiates for a fight of his own.

September 21, Seconds Out Promotions, The return of “Golden” Caleb Truax after his incredible ESPN appearance taking out Don George with relative ease. Also featured Jeremy McLaurin vs Tony Lee two. They last fought to a draw and the 135 belt stayed vacant, don’t expect that this time. Rumors have some more very exciting fights on tap for this card.

This past Friday Seconds Out Promotions put on some nice competitive fights. 2 draws! Unfortunately I was on vacation and did not catch the action live. But from reading and seeing some video, Phil “The Drill” Williams can be in any fight if he sets his mind to it. Corey Rodriguez was in another war. What a warrior. Joey Abell took out Maurenzo Smith in 2, Aaron Green went a full 6 for a UD win, winning every round.

Results from this past Friday’s card

Promoted by Seconds Out Promotions…

from Seconds Out Promotions page! We have a lot to catch up on. Look for more from this past show and future events. Plus plenty of opinions! Follow MNBoxingLeague on facebook.

Results from Friday July 26th at Mpls Hyatt Regency

Phil Williams (12-5-2) Vs Derrick Findley (20-10-1)

Corey Rodriguez (7-3-3) Vs Gilbert Venegas (12-9-4)

Joey Abell (29-6) Vs Maurenzo Smith (11-7-2)
Abell by TKO 2:06 in 2 round

Mohammed Kayongo (17-2) Vs Fred Thomas (1-12-2)
Kayongo by TKO 1:45 in 3 round

Phillip Adyaka (2-4) Vs Jim Sharp (0-5)
Adyaka by TKO 2:01 in 3rd

Full results from boxrec.

You can also read about the fights here at MinnesotaBoxing.com

Below is video of the Corey Rodriguez fight.



What we are looking forward to in Minnesota Boxing…

July 26 brings us another fun card from Seconds Out Promotions. Some very interesting fights with what should be an exciting Main Event… Full card as it stands.

The main event features local favorite Phil “The Drill” Williams (12,5,1) vs Derrick Findley (20,10)… Findley was Caleb Truax’s chief sparring partner when he got ready for his ESPN George fight and has nothing but good things to say about him. One could say, aside from the Taylor fight Williams had given Truax the most trouble in the ring. This has the makings of a good one…

Corey Rodriguez (7,3,2) vs Kenn Glenn (3,0) has a chance of being fight of the night. Rodriguez always brings it and has a vast boxing experience edge, but Glenn has gotten better with each fight and win. And I’m sure he’d like to keep that 0! Another action packed scrap.

The return of Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell….

There are some other nice match-ups we will go into more as date approaches….


Q & A with Tony “2Sharp” Lee (7,1), Lee vs McLaurin / State title..June 21 …

Another one of Minnesota’s favorite fighters, Tony “2Sharp” Lee is ready to claim the Minnesota 135 pound title. A fight between he and McLaurin has been talked about for some time and Seconds Out Promotions decided to make it happen. There has been some build up and verbal barbs cast as each fighter wants to stake his claim as best in class. From the outside looking in, activity seems to be Lee’s biggest weakness as he has faired well against common opponents he shares with McLaurin and boasts only one loss in 8 fights. Below is a quick Q & A we did with Lee….Go to soboxing.com for ticket information.

Tony "2Sharp" Lee, courtesy Jesse Kelley, MinnesotaBoxing.com

ESPN in Minnesota.. How cool is that?

Lee….ESPN coming to Minnesota is a blessing. It gives MN an opportunity to display what we have here. MN gets a soft rep and it’s not a true statement! So very cool. Very exciting! There are a number of interesting fights on this stacked card.

What fights aside from yours spark your interest?

Lee….Honestly I support all MN fighters. But my focus has been nothing but what I have to take care of. Playing my part that is all. Honestly.

Jeremy McLaurin and you have shared some thoughts about one another. Is there some bad blood there?

Lee…..Jeremy came out talking smack about me. I just said a simple fact. And that was that we were scheduled to fight each other after January’s card. It was an agreement. He is hostile because he knows I am a threat. We have faught before in the gloves. Do deep down I think he took what I said out of context and made it personal! And now it most definitely is!!!

How much does fighting for the MN 135 strap mean for you?

Lee…..Fighting for the MN state light weight title means everything to me. I started out at brunettes and Johnny Montanez held that title and was the last to do so. So it is fitting that I claim it in respect and in honor.

How has training camp gone? And where are you getting most of your work in at?

Lee…..Training camp has been the best yet since I’ve turned pro. It was a little discouraging when the original match got postponed from may 18th til June 21st. But I took a week off and rested and got right back on it.

Is 135 a weight you plan to stay at?

Lee…..I feel better then ever! I’ve been getting work from strong forces. Dalton outlaw, Miguel Tillman, Kenneth Glenn Maurice fuller, brad patraw. Its been great working with different styles leading up to this! I do plan on staying at 135. Its suits me well.

You and McLaurin share several opponents. Does that help in preparing for this fight?

Lee….It really doesn’t affect me, styles make fights. And I could fight the same person 5 times but everytime I would change something within my style. So I don’t really look at that as beneficial. Every fight is its own fight.

Truax vs George… How do you see this going?

Lee….I see truax winning a unanimous decision. He’s a smart fighter! They are both tough.

Thank you for taking the time, is there anything you would like to add?

Lee…. I appreciate the interview!!! Tony 2sharp Lee

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Busy boxing summer ahead for Minnesota?

Generally warm weather in Minnesota slows down the boxing scene. Not looking like that is the way this summer is going to go. 2013 has already blown 2012 out of the water in terms of great fights and fight cards. Seconds Out Promotions return along with a couple nice shows by RDS and T-Rex Promotions have produced great action, high profile fights, and some great top to bottom cards. Follow MNBoxingLeague on facebook.

Vand (left) Truax (right) Courtesy Jesse Kelley, MinnesotaBoxing.com

Seconds Out Promotions will be topping its own card “Truax/Vanda” when they join Warriors Boxing to bring in ESPN “Friday Night Fights” with Truax in a televised bout vs Don George June 21. The undercard is packed with fan friendly fights and a nice state title fight.

Jungle Boy Promotions has July 6 set and it will feature Cerresso Fort in his first fight back after his April 19 loss on Friday Night Fights… It doesn’t look like he is interested in coming back soft either. Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer, fresh off his thrilling fight and victory over Blake Franklin, will be defending the strap won last month. Al Sands will also be featured in what is said to be a step-up fight. Marcus Morris will be making his pro debut.

July/August have three to four different cards being discussed. This is boxing, and it will be interesting what shakes out beyond July 6….

Minnesota’s pro boxing champs and rankings….

Among Minnesota’s boxing fans, those that don’t just follow hometown heros, and those who look deeper than what a promoter or promotion tells them, have had mixed feelings about Minnesota’s new ranking system and processes for becoming a state champ. Ever since the “State Champ” came back into play with Zach Walters winning and defending his state title one time over 5 years, while several quality and most think favored fighters were avoided. The only state title given any credit had been at middle weight. The middles seemed to understand sport/sportsmanship in their competition, giving each worthy foe an opportunity to challenge to see who REALY is the best at a given weight. Vanda, Bonsante, Kolle, Truax, all fought each other. Some a few times…

Mr. Walters decided abusing the belt system would be great to start up his new promotion by creating and naming his own title challengers, causing the Minnesota Boxing Commission to step in and try to set up a system of rankings and rules for winning and defending state titles. This should be and probably will be a good thing for local boxing and helping promotions to challenge their fighters and make for better fights for the fans and for the growth of what for many years has been known as a farm league for guys on the rise elsewhere…

The problem, not all weight classes have active boxers. Walters and Sands took full advantage of the rules and bought themselves a belt! (winning it by beating a guy who had not boxed since 2010 and is now (2,2)…) Nothing new here, those in Minnesota have seen this act come out of Duluth for 10 years… If it works, don’t break it! Unless of course you’d like to compete on a national level against worthy opponents. Duluth, MN will probably be at Jungle Boys feet no-matter the facts, but it hurts those trying to go about boxing in a sporting fashion… Do we want to promote bullying? Does Duluth want to be the new home of pro wrestling? There has been a good reason Minnesota on the whole has distanced themselves from Duluth fighters and “belts without meaning.” Okay, Okay, rant finished. But statements that Al Sands and Jungle Boy Walters have made about taking on the best and cleaning out the state are a farce unless of course you live in Duluth MN….

This brings us to a real title State title fight…

On the undercard of “Golden” Caleb Truax (21,1,1) vs Don “Da Bomb” George (24,3,2) June 21… Seconds Out Promotions and Warriors Boxing is bringing a stellar undercard featuring what we feel is a legit Minnesota State boxing championship… Tony Lee (7,1) vs Jeremy McLaurin (10,5) for MN 135 pound strap… This is the sort of fight I am sure Minnesota’s commission and rankers had in mind when setting things up. Both Lee and McLaurin have been in tough, with McLaurin getting a wide UD over Duluth’s Gary Eyer.. Along with that, both Lee  and McLaurin have fought and impressively defeated Joel Flores and went one and one with Hector Orozco…

I think Minnesota’s top promoters will do their best to handle the states belt system with respect and most things will come out in the wash. The beauty of boxing, if you step up, you will find out where you truly stand… No matter how much protection received from promotion and managers…

Below is Minnesota’s official rankings for May, beside is how we see it… (ours do not follow  same guidelines… main difference, is since we don’t have the amount of boxers as many boxing mecca’s, we use those who have fought in a weight.)

First the League’s P4P list…. 1. Caleb Truax (21,1,1) Middle 2. Cerresso Fort (16,1,1) Middle 3. Jason Litzau  (29,3) lightweight 4. Andy Kolle (25,4) middle 5. Ismail Muwendo (13,0) Super Featherweight.

Minnesota’s official rankings in bold below.

Heavyweight 201 plus

1. Joey Abell 2. Rafael Butler 3. Aaron Green 4. Ray Edwards 5. Serhiy Karpenko

We wouldn’t have any changes in the top 5 here. Both Abell and Karpenko are believed to be fighting in separate bouts June 21….

Cruiserweight 176-200

State Champ. Al Sands.

1. Tyrone Gibson 2. Harley Kilfain 3. Lucas St. Clair 4. Joe Lorenzi

5. John Moxey

We would have Phil Williams, Gibson, Lorenzi one,two and three. Harley has been on a pretty long losing streak. St. Clair hadnt fought since 2010 just being easily beaten by Sands…

Light-heavyweight 169-175

1. Phil Williams 2. Harley Kilfian 3. Tim Taggart 4. Lexie Keshick 5. Jerome LaBarge

We agree with this, like cruiser, just not any title worthy fights… Phil Williams could easily be champ at both light-heavy and cruiser if he desired.

Super Middleweight 161-169

1. Caleb Truax 2. Phil Williams 3. Cerresso Fort 4. Bobby Kliewer 5. Jon Schmidt

Again, pretty much agree, but Kolle has fought there in the last two years and would rank above Kliewer and Schmidt in our opinion…

Middleweight 155-160

State Champ. Caleb Truax

1. Cerresso Fort 2. Andy Kolle 3. Charles Meier 4. Michael Faulk 5. Jon Schmidt

Agree for the most part with list… Rob Brant and Tyler Hultin could be in consideration…. Meier fights Hultin June 21 and could shake things up if they don’t hit 154. (We fully expect Meier/Hultin to be at light-middle 154)

Jr Middleweight 148-154

1. Andy Kolle 2. Cerresso Fort 3. Dave Peterson 4. Antonio Johnson 5. Jamal James

Understand the ranking given Fort/Kolle was fought at 155, but I think 1 and 2 could be swapped…

Welterweight 141-147

1. Jamal James 2. Mohammed Kayongo 3. Hector Orozco 4. R.J. Laase 5. Javontae Starks

To those wondering about Orozco being ranked ahead of Laase… They fought twice, the first fight was at welter, with Orozco winning close SD… When Laase won by UD to avenge loss they fought at Junior Welter… I think 3 through 5 are interchangeable at this time.

Jr. Welterweight 136-140

1. R.J. Laase 2. Tony Lee 3. Hector Orozco 4. Winston Anderson 5. Mike Davis

We agree with the rankings here. Lee beat Orozco at this weight but lost to him at Welter.

Lightweight 131-135

1. Jason Litzau 2. Ismail Muwendo 3. Tony Lee 4. Jeremy McLaurin 5. Gary Eyer

Again, hard to argue with these rankings, but Lee or McLaurin will be champ after June 21. Over the last couple years talks of McLaurin/Muwendo, Litzau/Muwendo have come up without fights happening…

Jr lightweight 127 – 130

1. Jason Litzau 2. Wilton Hilario 3. Ismail Muwendo 4. Jeremy McLaurin 5. Brad Patraw

Again, pretty set in stone list. Just like lightweight, lots of interesting fights here.

Featherweight 123 – 126

1. Jeremy McLaurin 2. Gary Eyer 3. Hassan Wasswa 4. Jonathan Perez

5. Nate Seelye

Another tough weight to judge and really not ready for title.. Not sure if some of these guys will see this weight again.

Jr. Featherweight 119-122

State Champ. Vicente Alfaro

1. Antwan Robertson 2. Brad Patraw 3. Jake Backus 4. Brad Herroff

There are two more weight classes that serve as a mix of above fighters.

One thing to look forward to is that under Minnesota boxing’s new rules “champs” will have to defend their titles or prove there was not an opportunity to do so. ( may be easier said than done)…. Like we have said from the beginning we do believe the negatives will shake out and there will be weak divisions. It’s our hope that the Minnesota boxing commission may learn from the Al Sands vs St Clair fight, that just because they have 5 guys, does not mean a title is warranted. It’s too late now, but the bright side is that Walters and Sands may end their fear of an actual fight and try and avenge the brutal beating Gibson put on Al Sands before he went on the give-me tour. Phil Williams, TJ Gibson, Joe Lorenzi could all make for nice fights and help undo some of the damage Promoter/Manager Walters has done to MN boxing.


June 21 ESPN’s “Friday Night Fights” in Minnesota!!

Remember, Seconds Out Promotions, May 18 card has been moved to the undercard of this exciting event… Caleb Truax vs Don George, Jeremy McLaurin vs Tony Lee, Tyler Hultin vs Charles Meier… and much, much, more!! Minneapolis Convention Center June 21. Brought to you by Seconds Out Promotions and Warriors Boxing. Follow MNBoxingLeague on facebook.

Tony Grygelko (Seconds Out Promotions) answers questions about Caleb Truax, Joey Abell and MN Boxing

Tony Grygelko (second from left), Courtesy SnapLocally.com

Tony Grygelko (second from left), Courtesy SnapLocally.com


M….Seconds Out Promotions has been very busy the last couple years, how hard has it been putting so many shows together?


Tony Grygelko…. Our team has put a tremendous amount of hard work in over the years and there has been struggles along the way but we have never stopped our progression towards becoming not just the best fight promotion in the Midwest but to be considered one of the best in the world. Our endeavor has been no different than any other company trying to make it in this volatile economy and we have been able to keep growing because we understand that in today’s market you need to be innovative and have the ability to change the mold of the industry that you are working in. We have branched into promoting hybrid events which have included both boxing and MMA, along with launching into the MMA market as a whole. We have provided true value to our fighters that we have represented and most of all, we have provided our fan base with some of the most exciting events that Minnesota has ever seen.


M…..You are now quite active in MMA as well as boxing. I am a fan of both sports but that does not always seem to be the case with boxing fans and MMA fans, why do you think that is? And do you thinking working with both sports helps fans from the other to gain more understanding and enjoyment from each combat sport?


Tony Grygelko…. What I see with MMA is a younger age demographic that has a hunger for a high impact and fast paced sport to fill their entertainment needs and that is exactly what MMA  brings them but I think we have witnessed a big change in the fight fans over the year. By exposing the younger demographic to the sport of boxing we have created a more complete fight fan who comes to both of our events to enjoy the explosive matchups. 

M….What is the story with Joey Abell’s fight in Africa, is that fight still happening?


Tony Grygelko…. It sure is! We just signed the contract yesterday and the fight will now be taken place on May 29th.

M….I have talked with several fighters who have felt Abell’s power and they all confirm it to be world class, what do you see in Joey Abell’s future?


Tony Grygelko….  I think Joey has all of the attributes to become a champion and his power is like nothing most people in boxing have ever seen but I the most over looked skill that Joey has is his speed. There is nobody in boxing today that is as big as Joe that can match his hand speed.

M….”Golden” Caleb Truax, what comes to mind?


Tony Grygelko….  Total package!! Not just a the total package of a boxing champion but the total package of a amazing person. He dedication to self improvement is what makes him very special. The kid is truly “Golden”!


M…. I along with many others have noticed Truax’s rapid growth over the last year, what do you attribute that to?


Tony Grygelko….  It’s because he understands that he is only as good as the people he surrounds himself with. He has great people in his corner that make consistent efforts to help him and Caleb understands the value of them. When I say people in his corner I don’t just mean his management or his trainers, it’s also his family, friends, and most of all his fans!

M….I thought Kerry Hope was a great victory for Truax, what are your thoughts from that fight and Kerry Hope as a fighter?


Tony Grygelko…. I think we saw exactly what we wanted to see. Caleb was in a tough fight that challenged him to learn after each round, that’s the type of fights you need are building towards a championship.  Kerry Hope could have beaten any other middleweight in the state that night, he just happened to run into the best of them all.


M….You guys answered many a fans request by putting on Truax vs Williams, how did this fight come together?


Tony Grygelko….  Well Caleb and Phil are in my mind the best middleweights in the state. I know Phil has struggled over his last couple of fights but he has now found a new focus and I believe we are going to see a new Phil Williams on April 23rd.

M….What do you see this fight doing for its winner?


Tony Grygelko….Well I would love to see Kolle step up and fight either one of these fighters. I don’t think he could last one round with fighters that possess the power that both Caleb and Phil have. Remember the Paul Williams fight!!! I really don’t think that fight will happen so I think the winner of the April 23 fight will look to get out on the national scene.


M….Do you have the rest of the card rounded out? Or any hints as to what other fights we may see?


Tony Grygelko….Well we had Marcus LeVesseur and Mike Richman slated to compete in MMA action but they had the UFC tryouts and well let’s just say they won’t be able to fight on the 23rd.  As for the boxing we are looking to put Jon, Charles, and Ismail to a test. We are also happy to announce that we will have Antwon Robertson and Derek Winston on the card. Both these fighters are original products of Lyke’s Boxing Gym.


M….The last couple of years have been quite active in Minnesota boxing, how do you see boxing in our state?


Tony Grygelko….I think we rate up there with some of the most active states. We certainly have the talent and the fans to be considered the best state of boxing. Hell we are the Midwest right? As my good friend Roger Mayweather always says… The best fighters come from the Midwest!


M….What are some things you think Minnesota boxing fans have to look forward to?


Tony Grygelko…. Well lets all come out and support the two best Middleweights in the state on April 23 and at that event I have a real big announcement to make for June!


M…. How would you rate Minnesota’s fighters? Any guys you are excited about?

Tony Grygelko….The best fighters come from the Midwest!
If I was going to dip into the vast talent pool here in Minnesota I would want to work… I’m not telling!


Well if you look at the true 8 weight classes in boxing you could say Minnesota is talent rich.


Antwan Robertson


Vincente Alfaro


Ismail Muwendo

Lt Weight

Jason Litzau


M Kayango


Caleb Tuax

Lt Heavy

Marcus Oliveria


Joey Abell



Fighter that I am the most excited about is Cerresso Fort. I think with the right team this kid could be very good. I think he has made some move recently that has shown the he really is ready to start making some big steps with his career. I wish him the best of luck!


M….Thanks for sharing with our readers. Is there anything you would like to add?


Tony Grygelko….Don’t forget to get your tickets for the St Paul Brawl. Tickets are available at www.ticketweb.com


Truax (right) Courtesy SnapLocally.com

Truax (right) Courtesy SnapLocally.com


2010 looks to be a fun year for Minnesota boxing. Matt Vanda and Phil Williams have big fights on the 29th of this month and February has pro boxing in each of its first two weekends. From all I have been told and read both MSC and Seconds Out Promotions plan on another very busy year of boxing. Andy “Kaos” Kolle called out Matt Vanda and Caleb Truax towards the end of 2009 and rumor has it that Kolle/Vanda could be right around the corner if all goes well. The Fistic Mystic reported that there were bids sent out to Hinckley Grand Casino for a Caleb Truax/Kenny Kost fight and Matt Vanda / Andy Kolle 2, with Vanda/Kolle 2 winning out (Fistic also reported that nothing was final on Vanda/Kolle as contracts were not done at that time). Lets hope that both of these fights stay alive or at least some pairing of these four happens. Below are some MN vs MN fights we would love to see in 2010 if things continue to go well for the fighters mentioned. Big national or tv fights rank high in our book, but this is just Minnesota possibilities and we realise some of them may not make sense to the fighters for several reasons.


Jason Litzau, Courtesy of SnapLocally.com

Jason Litzau, Courtesy of SnapLocally.com


Jason Litzau vs Wilton Hilario – We know this is probably a pipe dream for the time being


Andy Kolle vs Caleb Truax – This fight seems a ways off with what has been reported


Vanda landing on Williams, courtesy SnapLocally.com

Vanda landing on Williams, courtesy SnapLocally.com


Andy Kolle vs Matt Vanda – Probably the biggest fight out there in terms of money and turnout


Matt Vanda vs Caleb Truax – Another pipe dream as they share the same gym and trainer


Caleb Truax vs Phil Williams – I really like this fight


Joey Abell vs Raphael Butler – I still would like to see this fight, but dont have much hope of it happening


Gary Eyer (right), Courtesy SnapLocally.com

Gary Eyer (right), Courtesy SnapLocally.com


Gary Eyer vs Jeremy McLaurin – might be too soon for such a meeting, but I love the fight.


Brad Patraw vs Ismail Muwendo – weights are slightly different and this may also be too soon, but I love this fight.


Jeremy McLaurin, Courtesy SnapLocally.com

Jeremy McLaurin, Courtesy SnapLocally.com


Jeremy McLaurin vs Ismail Muwendo – same as above

Taking the time to give back.

Joey Abell, loading food for thankful families

Joey Abell, loading food for thankful families


Last night Lyke’s gym opened its doors to the community. In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, Seconds Out Promotions, Lykes Gym, Epic Realty Inc, and Cub Foods worked along side some of Minnesota’s best boxers to give back. Working with several churches in the community, family’s who maybe would not have been able to enjoy the usual Thanksgiving  feast will now have it with all the fixings. Joey Abell, Caleb Truax, and the other professional boxers spent much of the evening handing out boxes loaded with Thanksgiving delights.


Jim Maurine handing out a box of food

Jim Maurine handing out a box of food


Caleb Truax shared that when he was growing up, his family didnt always have the funds to put a Thanksgiving meal on the table, and that he was happy to be able to help in his way. That spirit of giving was on full display last night as the fighters, managers, and trainers were all doing thier part in handing out Thanksgiving meals. Tong Grygelko had a yellow vest and flashlight to direct traffic outside of the gym. He said these tough economic times have hit everyone hard and added  that there are some within the gym family who will now also be able to have Thanksgiving meals.


Willshaun Boxley

Willshaun Boxley


Isn’t this what the Holiday Season is supposed to be all about? Our hats go off to everyone involved.