October 12, Hinckley Grand Casino, Pro Boxing…..

Update: RJ “T-Rex” Laase and Dustin “Bull Dog” Mason are no longer on this card.

Here is what we know…..

Aaron Green (7,0) vs Emerson Chasing Bear (5,3,2) 6 rounds, heavyweight, over 500 pounds of action in this one!

RJ “T-Rex” Laase (9,1) vs James Wayka (16,11,1) 8 rounds, 147lbs,  Wayka has only lost 3 times at or under 147. 

Dustin “Bull Dog” Mason (3,0) vs TBA under 129lbs

Rondale “Give Um Hell” Hubbert (1,0) vs TBA 140

Antwant “lil superman” Robertson (8,8) vs John Determan (4,5) 120′s ?

More to come shortly!

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Results from Region 1 Tourney at Uppercut Boxing Gym, Mpls MN.

Region 1 Champion’s from the tourney at Uppercut yesterday. Results from Jason Hendrickson.

123 – Xavier Griffin (COD)
132 – Mitch White (Savage)
141 – Delorien Caraway (COD)
152 – Rondale Hubbert (Anoka) will fight Veshawn Owens (COD) for this title at the Region 2 tournament next weekend
165 – Anthony Rose (Uppercut) Trained by Jason Hendrickson, Jason also works corners for Pros, RJ Laase and Andy Kolle
201 – Ryan Watson (Twin Ports Boxing, Duluth MN)