“The Prodigy” Dave Peterson Keeps his 0, but what a fight!

November 20, at the Mpls Convention Center / Butler vs Abell, Oh it’s on


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Scott Ball in white trunks getting ready to land final blow

Scott Ball in white trunks getting ready to land final blow

Dave Peterson vs Corey Rodriguez did more than meet expectations, it left a thirst for a second installment. While Peterson kept his undefeated record, Corey Rodriguez has nothing to hang his head about, this was a GREAT fight. Butler did his job in taking out Rhodes in the 2nd round of the main event. Hometown favorite, Scott Ball, made quick work of Mike Davis with a first round TKO. Mike Howell and Ray Walker served up a war, and Ronnie Peterson was just too much for William Bellcourt. Below are results from the amateur portion of the show, as well as fight by fight descriptions of the pros.


Amateur fights


Jehrid Hale, Rochester over Bob Keller, Hastings

Jamal Morris, Rochesterover Dawson Wrazidlo, Duluth

Alex Rod, White Bear Lakeover Dale Robbins, Anoka

Jamie Bartlett, Rochesterover Damon Lachman, White Bear Lake

Flavio Beccerra, White BearLake over Gabe Berra, Anoka

Thomas Yang, White Bear Lakeover Mark “Magic” Pogorelskin, Duluth

Abdi Gelle, Rochester over Winston Anderson, Duluth

Tony Lee, Minneapolisover Jon Escoto, White Bear Lake

Payton Lee, Rochester over Carlos Sosa, Hastings

Nate Burkhalter, Rochesterover David Colon, Anoka


Professional Bouts




Ronnie Peterson

Ronnie Peterson

Ronnie Peterson over

William Bellcourt(TKO 2:00 of round 1) – Peterson was just too much for Bellcourt. Bellcourt was stalked, chopped, and finished two minutes into round 1. The main thing I took from this bout, is that Ronnie looks very accurate with his punches and shares some of that cat like allusiveness his brother Dave Peterson has.


Mike Howell over Ray Walker (UD, 39,37 / 39,37 / 39,37) – This was really a fun fight. Stamina was the key to victory in a fight where everything else seemed equal. Both fighters were willing to stand in front of the other and trade blows. I would have had a real hard time scoring the first couple rounds, Mike Howell was landing more clean shots to the body but I felt Walker was doing some damage upstairs, bloodying Howells left eye in round 2. As is often said in boxing, hitting the body is putting money in the bank, Howell’s efforts were paying off quite well by the middle of third round. Howell was throwing left and right hooks to the body and working his way up the ladder, landing the majority clean. In the end the judges saw it in Howells favor, all three of them scoring it 39,37.


Scott Ball over Mike Davis (TKO at 2:52 of round 1) – From the start of this fight you wouldn’t have guessed it would end in its only round. Mike Davis and Scott Ball were quite tentative to start. There was not a whole lot of action or landed punches until Ball landed a big left hook to Mike Davis’s body ending things at 2:52 of round 1.



Dave Peterson in black and white trunks

Dave Peterson in black and white trunks

Dave Peterson over

Corey Rodriguez (MD 58,56 / 57,57 /56,59) – This was a great fight! Both Peterson and Rodriguez lived up to the billing. These two started the fight matching each other’s speed and quickness. I could not tell you who was quicker to the punch in the first two or three rounds, they were both effective at what it seemed they were trying to do as well as what they were trying to defend. It was a great display of skill from these two fighters. Rodriguez spent most of the fighter working to get inside, but he was also able to zip his jab through on the taller Peterson on occasion. Dave Peterson was unbelievably effective with his lead left hook, he was almost using it instead of a jab. From the start I thought it was probably a mistake to not use his length and jab, but it’s effectiveness and accuracy made it very hard to question. Both fighters showed skill in movement as well as allusiveness, but Peterson’s almost effortless fluidity in throwing and dodging blows really sticks in my mind. It seemed as the fight progressed Dave Peterson was less winded and possessed more energy. I want to say again, this was a great fight. The skill, professionalism, and most of all effort was top notch. I really think on most nights, against most opponents Rodriguez would have won. But Dave “The Prodigy” Peterson proved he is for real and one of the very best light middles in the state.



Rapheal Butler in black and silver

Rapheal Butler in black and silver

Raphael Butler over

Marcus Rhode (TKO 1:30 of round 1) – An hour or so prior to this fight Joey Abell and Raphael Butler met in the ring to talk about their announced showdown November 20 at the Mpls Convention Center. Butler asked the Rochester crowd who was going to win the battle of Minnesota’s best heavy’s, and they answered loudly. Butler’s Brigade sees a big win coming November 20. The fight between Butler and Rhode went as I am sure most thought. Butler controlled the action with superior movement and power. He had Rhode on the mat from a body blow in the first, and then TKO ed him at 1:30 of the second round.

Rochester fights Sept 12

Fight card is subject to change.


Raphael Butler (34,8) vs Marcus Rhode (34,38,2)

Scott Ball (9,6) vs Mike Davis (3,5)

Corey Rodriguez (4,0) vs Dave Peterson (10,0)

Ronnie Peterson (2,0) vs William Bellcourt  ?

Ray Walker (1,6) vs Mike Howell (1,2)


Plus Amateur action.

“The Rage” at the Myth Nightclub, August 14, MSC

Below is the fight card as it stands today. Matt Vanda has a new opponent who is no stranger to Minnesota boxers and fans. Jose Hilario will be making his pro debut against Hector Orosco, (Orosco fought RJ Laase in Bridge Battle I). Fight card can and probably will change.

image002Main Event:
Matt Vanda (40,9) vs. Teddy Muller (19,15,2) - 8 Rounds – 168 lbs
Co Main:
Brad Patraw (5,0) vs. Javier Segura (4,16) - 126 lbs – 6 Rounds
Cerresso Fort (6,0) vs. Ray Walker (1,6) - 168 lbs – 6 Rounds
Bobby Kliewer (9,8,2) vs. John Turner (3,11,1) - 168 lbs – 6 Rounds
Jose Hilario (pro debut) vs. Hector Orosco (1,2) - 139 lbs – 4 Rounds
Antwan Robertson vs. Derek Winston – 4 Round Exhibition