Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell vs Raphael “The Silencer” Butler Dec. 4 at The Target Center

Below is a review of our Joey Abell and Raphael Butler coverage from 2009.


Courtesy of SnapLocally photography, all rights reserved

Courtesy of SnapLocally photography, all rights reserved


Jan. 18

Joey Abell looked to be in the shape of his career. He was lean, with washboard abs. Imagine that, a heavy in tremendous shape. He made quick work of Derek Amos. It kind of looked like Amos had lost the fight before it had started. Listening to the people around me, and considering my own experience, I don’t know that I have witnessed such heavy jabs, yes jabs. Now I will be the first to admit, I have not seen a lot of Joey’s fights, but if he would attack other foes the way he went after Derek Amos, I don’t know who could even put up a competitive show against him in Minnesota.


Feb 12. Joey Abell, The future may be here.


Feb 14.

(W)Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell…vs…(L)Marcus Rhode (6 rounds heavyweights)


Joey brought the WOW and JAB. Abell was just too much for Rhode and ended it in the first. It seemed once Marcus Rhode felt Joey’s power, he was done.


April 5.

Joey Abell (Ko round 1) over Galen Brown – Stalk, Stalk, Stalk. BAM! A straight left followed by a flurry of punches sent Galen half way through the ropes. I don’t know that I have witnessed live, a more vicious one punch knockout in boxing. The flurry was just instinct by Joey as Galen was falling.


May 14.

An interesting piece about the heavyweight division was brought to my attention and I thought I would share. The article talks about the changes in the division from years gone by and how those like Joey Abell fit in to its future. From, check it out here.


June 14

Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell over Larry White by second round TKO

Round one saw Joey stalking White around the ring landing huge shots. He was throwing hooks, uppercuts, straight lefts, and yes, the POWER JAB. Minnesota Ice was showing great movement as well in avoiding almost all of Larry Whites attempts to return fire. Round two started with Joey racing to White and engaging in much the same way as round one. This time White was able to return some blows back at the man of steel. Just when it looked like we had a fight on our hands, Joey upped the power, speed, and punch rate. From where I sat it looked like a huge uppercut ended the fight, but there were many blows prior. White was hurt and the ref saw no reason for this bout to go on. I know I keep saying it, but Joey always brings the WOW and the JAB, and last night he showed so much more. Heavy’s across the land beware, The Ice Man Cometh.


July 14 Joey Abell interview


Sept. 13

Raphael Butler over

Marcus Rhode (TKO 1:30 of round 1) – An hour or so prior to this fight Joey Abell and Raphael Butler met in the ring to talk about their announced showdown November 20 at the Mpls Convention Center. Butler asked the Rochester crowd who was going to win the battle of Minnesota’s best heavy’s, and they answered loudly. Butler’s Brigade sees a big win coming November 20. The fight between Butler and Rhode went as I am sure most thought. Butler controlled the action with superior movement and power. He had Rhode on the mat from a body blow in the first, and then TKO ed him at 1:30 of the second round.


Oct. 30

Abell (25,4) and Butler (35,8) discuss their upcoming fight December 4 at the Target Center. This fight is also for the Minnesota Heavyweight Title.


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Abell/Butler December 4 at the Target Center, You’re not going to want to miss this one.

Nothing stirs the imagination of fight fans like a heavyweight showdown, this card has two. There are a combined 84 knockouts between the four big fellas entering the ring. On top of  that, there is the return to the Target Center by Minnesota’s light heavyweight champ, Zach “Jungle Boy” Walters, who has 19 KO’s of his own. Judging from the crowds at the last couple shows, you may want to grab your tickets sooner rather than later. Below is the fight card.


targetpostersmallproofJoey “Minnesota Ice” Abell (25,4) vs Raphael “The Silencer” Butler (35,8)- Minnesota’s two best Heavyweights vie for the Title. All but one of Abell’s wins have come by way of knockout and Butler has 28 of his own. You like power, you like KO’s, you’ll love this one.


Zach “Jungle Boy” Walters (24,4) vs Larry “Razor” Sharpe (23,7) – Minnesota’s light heavyweight champ takes on Canada’s Larry Sharpe.


Travis Walker (33,3,1) vs Yevgeniy Shishporenok (6,1)- Another heavyweight bout. Walker has 27 KO’s and Boris “The Russian Giant” has KO’s in 5 of his 6 wins. This should be a fun one.


Ronnie Peterson (3,0) vs Tomi Archambault (0,1) -  This fight has revenge written all over it. When Peterson and Archambault first met October third, Tomi originally was giving the victory even though Ronnie had him down two times in a four round fight. North Dakota’s boxing commission reviewed the tapes and judges score cards and made that one a no contest. You can bet Archambault wants to get that W back and Peterson wants to leave no doubt as to who the better man is.


Gary Eyer (6,0,1) vs Levi Cortes (3,0)- This one just might take the night. Levi Cortes is a tough non stop fighter while Eyer isn’t going to back down from anyone. Look for fireworks and body shots. I really think this could turn into fight of the night.


Dave Peterson (11,0) vs Silas Ortley (4,7) – The Prodigy looks to stay unbeaten.


Saverino Garcia (0,0,1) vs Allante Davis (0,3) – One of these guys will leave with a W on their record.


I also believe Tony Lee is on this card facing  Hector Orozco but this fight is not listed yet.

3 big cards in 5 weeks

Minnesota is boxing! We have had more professional fight cards this year than any in recent memory. And there are at least three more coming. Three very big cards and two have huge Minnesota vs Minnesota fights on them. Its a very good time to love the local boxing scene. Having three big shows is great, but it does make for a juggling act by those trying to cover them to the fullest. We have been, and will try to continue to cover them all to the best of our abilities. The week leading up to each of these events we will try and dedicate all our resources to that show. Breaking news aside, all opinion pieces and interviews during that time will have a focus on the fights coming up that weekend. This plan can only work with cooperation of each promotion in granting interviews and passing along pertinent news. If you feel our coverage is leaning towards one card or another, I promise that is due to information flow. If we are granted interviews and given news, you can be sure it will be passed along to you. All this said, we are committed to trying to give new content on daily basis and if that means we have to veer from the above path, so be it. Below is a rundown of these three exciting fight cards.


November 13/ Hinckley Grand Casino/ Televised on Fox Sports North – Matt “The Predator” Vanda vs Phil “The Drill” Williams/ Wilton Hilario vs Leon Bobo/ The highly anticipated professional debut of Javontae Starks. Click on below poster for more on fight card and ticket information.




November 20/ St Paul Armory - ”Golden” Caleb Truax vs Carl Daniels for the IBA Americas Middleweight Title/ Mohammed Kayongo vs James Todd for the WBF United States Welterweight Title. Click on below poster for more on fight card and ticket information.




December 4/ The Target Center – Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell vs Raphael “The Silencer” Butler for Minnesota Heavyweight supremacy and Title/ Zach “Jungle Boy” Walters vs Larry “Razor” Sharpe. Click on below poster for more on card and ticket information.



“It wont go ten” Dan O’Connor, Talking about Abell vs Butler Dec. 4 at the Target Center

Tony Lee (center), Raphael Butler (right), Courtesy

Tony Lee (center), Raphael Butler (right), Courtesy


Yesterday’s press conference didn’t have some of the theatre that many do. This was a group of fighters with genuine respect for each other. From all I have read and heard, both Abell and Butler think very highly of the other. I taped the whole press conference as well as conversations with the promoters, some fighters, and Duane Bobick. Lets just say I need to go digital. My 1970′s technology has allowed me to only have a few exact quotes. The rest I will try and relay as accurately as possible.


I asked both Abell and Butler what they thought this fight would do for its winner. Butler responded by saying he hoped both guys would have big things lined up after this fight. Joey Abell looked very serious as he stated “I haven’t thought beyond this fight. One fight at a time”.


Raphael Bulter, Courtesy

Raphael Bulter, Courtesy


When asked if he thought if his fight would end with a KO, Butler responded, “Look at the knock out ratio for both fighters”


Joey Abell, Courtesy

Joey Abell, Courtesy


Joey’s response to the question of whether or not the fight will go ten, “I will be in shape for 20 rounds, but I don’t think it goes ten.”


Zach Walters, Courtesy

Zach Walters, Courtesy


Zach Walters in his usual way showed his excitement and enthusiasm at his chance to fight at the Target Center. Unfortunately my tape did not catch any of it.


Tony Lee was asked about his pro debut at Target Center, “Long time coming”. Lee’s presence there seemed to drum up some extra excitement.


Gary Eyer, Courtesy

Gary Eyer, Courtesy


Gary Eyer was asked if the martial arts played any role in his fighting style and he said he watched it when ever it was on.


Duane Bobick, Courtesy

Duane Bobick, Courtesy


The great Duane Bobick was on hand as well. He talked a little about his fights with Scott LeDoux and that he thought the fight between Joey Abell and Raphael Butler could surprise people and go all ten rounds. He also stated during the press conference as well as in an interview with me that he thought heart would play a huge role in who comes out on top. He also pointed out that who ever can make adjustments should win.


I plan on getting more up from the conversations had yesterday. Look for more from Bobick as well as what Ronnie Peterson had to say about his fight later in the week.


For more information or to buy tickets click here.

More than 500 pounds of BOOM

Today was the press conference for Joey Abell vs Raphael Butler taking place December 4th at the Target Center. I will be posting quotes later today or tomorrow. Remember, tickets are now on sale, you are not going to want to miss what happens when more than 500 pounds of muscle collide.


Joey Abell and Raphael Butler, Courtesy

Joey Abell and Raphael Butler, Courtesy

“Jungle Boy” Zach Walters to co Main Target Center’s Dec. 4 show

Zach Walters and Byron Mitchel, Courtesy Walters Photography, all rights reserved

Zach Walters and Byron Mitchel, Courtesy Walters Photography, all rights reserved


I was able to confirm with Ron Peterson that Zach Walters is indeed on the card. This was the rumor I had been referring to. Very cool stuff! Walters opponent is yet to be named. Raphael Butler vs Joey Abell and Zach Walters vs TBA. I am liking this! More to come, stay tuned.

Scott LeDoux / Duane Bobick – Oct. 27 Heavyweights at the Target Center

Joey "Minnesota Ice" Abell, courtesy of

Joey "Minnesota Ice" Abell, courtesy of


No, its not 1977 all over again. But both LeDoux and Bobick will be in attendance for the October 27 press conference to announce the card with Minnesota’s latest installment of battling big men, Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell (25,4) 24 KO’s and Raphael Butler (35,8) 28 KO’s. Over 9,000 fans gathered at the old met to see LeDoux and Bobick battle for state supremacy, the promoters for Abell/Butler are looking to break that mark in Minneapolis’s Target Center December 4th.


7-14-09 Joey Abell - Our interview with Abell this past July.