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The Minnesota boxing community lost long-time coach, friend and mentor Larry Goodman this past week. He had a huge influence on countless amateurs and will be missed by all. Pros Kenny Kost, Dustin Mason and Robert Brant all had ties and learned from Mr. Goodman.

August 25 is the next date to see live pro boxing in Minnesota. S.E.G. and Driller Promotions brings boxing back to Saint Paul at the Crown Plaza Hotel and Ballroom. Aaron “Gorilla” Green (6,0), Ismail “Sharp Shooter” Muwendo (9,0), Robert Brant (1,0), Corey Rodriguez (5,1,2) vs Michael Faulk (2,2) and much more…

There are a couple rumored September shows as well as October. We will let you know as things tighten up. Cerresso Fort has said he will be fighting in Saint Paul September 29…

Vicente Alfaro’s name has been heating up in talks of multiple fights, will keep you posted as things tighten up.

Andy “Kaos” Kolle (25,3) and Dustin “Bull Dog” Mason (3,0) are both on the mend and working their way back towards the ring. Each could be ready for action as early as October.

The Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame announced their inductee’s, check it out here,

“Golden” Caleb Truax, “I’ve prepared well and am ready for Phil.”

Caleb Truax (left), Courtesy

Caleb Truax (left), Courtesy


Minnesota’s own version of last man standing has been going strong over the last year and “Golden” Caleb Truax isn’t going to miss his chance at entering the mix. The last 13 months have been filled with the best MN fighters going after each other in an effort to separate from the rest. Well, April 23 will be the next installment of  BIG MN vs MN fights. “Golden” Caleb Truax(14,0) will be taking on one of Minnesota’s most dangerous punchers in Phil “The Drill” Williams (11,3). Truax took some time to answer a few questions about his fight with The Drill as well as some other topics below.

M….I know you had to take a little time away from boxing because of the cut you suffered in your last fight in November, how are you feeling?

Truax….I feel great! I’ve had plenty of time to prepare for this fight and have had no problems with my eye. I’m ready to get busy!

M….Your fight with Kerry Hope was great! What are your thoughts on that fight now?


Truax….I think it was a great learning experience for me. I had to push myself in a hard 10rd fight with a good opponent.

M….I have become accustom to seeing your name on various magazines and websites, how does it feel to be getting some out of state attention?


Truax….I don’t pay too much attention to all that stuff. It obviously helps with exposure but you know what they say, don’t read your own headlines.

M….Last I heard, your fight with Phil Williams will be at 164lbs max, what weight do you see your future at in boxing?



M….There are a few fighters here in Minnesota who have a large vocal following. You are one of those guys, what do you think has helped you get such great fans?


Truax….Well alot of those people you hear screaming at my fights aren’t my fans, they’re my friends I grew up with who still support me today. As far as my fans go I think I’m just a people person. I’m very approachable and treat people with respect and I get that respect and support in return.

M….I have heard rumbles from fans who would like to see you fight Matt Vanda. I know you guys not only share a gym, but also have the same trainer, is this a fight that just cant happen?

Truax….Matt is a great dude and has helped me tremendously with my career, that being said, I think its a fight that could happen soon. We’ve talked about it with one another and both agree that if it makes $$$, it makes sense.

M….Your fight with The Drill was on many fans wish lists, were you involved in making it or were you told he was the man you would be fighting?


Truax….I wanted a big in-state fight and Kost and Kolle didn’t work out and we knew Phil would step up so Tony G put it together.


M….What are your thoughts on Phil Williams? Will he be the biggest puncher you have been in with to date?


Truax….I have nothing but respect for Phil because thats all he has shown me. I know his power is nothing to under estimate and I guess we’ll see on the 23rd if he’s the most powerful I’ve been in with.

M….What sort of fight are you expecting April 23?


Truax….I expect to control the fight. This is my 1st fight fight in a while in which I know exactly what to expect coming in. No opponent changes, plenty of film to watch. I’ve prepared well and am ready for Phil.

M….Do you have your sites set on any road fights in the near future?


Truax….Right now we are building up steam here in MN and trying to grow my fan base so I don’ mind if I have more fights here at home. I definitely would like to get back on the road in the near future though.


M….How would you describe your relationship with your trainer Ron Lyke?


Truax…..(Ron-manager, Tom Halstad-trainer, Jim Maurine-cutman)

I have a tight relationship with my entire team. I have been with everyone I am with today since day 1. I think its rare in boxing that a fighter trusts and is friends with his entire team. Ron is my manager and I trust him to lead my career in the right direction as he has so far. Tom Halstad is my trainer and I feel the same way about him. Along with my cutman/punching bag Jim Maurine and promoter Tony G, we are all ready to take this thing to the next level.

M…. Where do you expect to see yourself a year from now in your boxing career?


Truax….Unbeaten and becoming a household name in MN sports.


M…. Thanks for giving us some time, is there anything you would like to add?


Truax….Thank you for your time and to all my friends and fans: thank you and come check me out April, 23 at the Saint Paul Armory. It will be a great fight!


“Golden” Caleb Truax vs Phil “The Drill” Williams, Friday, April 23, St. Paul Armory.

Here are some prior interviews we have had with Caleb Truax.


4-1-09 Caleb Truax

9-19-09 Caleb Truax

Rank this

It has been a while since we ranked Minnesota’s fighters. (We generally post Boxrec and IBO computerised rankings) Many will say that is a good thing and please continue not ranking. We say, “rank this”. From the mind of Todd comes the latest MN Boxing League rankings. (We use mind loosely here, could be/ should be, idiot mind of Todd) All fan fair aside, this is how we rank Minnesota’s best.


Rankings are not official


Minnesota’s P4P Best


1. Jason Litzau (25,2)

2. Andy “Kaos” Kolle (19,2)

3. Wilton Hilario (11,0) / “Golden” Caleb Truax (13,0)


Minnesota’s People’s Champ   (most fans, will travel)

The Peoples Champ, Matt Vanda, Courtesy

The Peoples Champ, Matt Vanda, Courtesy


1. Matt Vanda (41,9) * he could be biggest draw against Minnesota’s best at: Junior Middle, Middle, and Super Middle

2. Zach “Jungleboy” Walters (24,4)




1. Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell (25,4)

2. Raphael Butler (34,8)


Light Heavyweight


1. Marcus Oliveira (19,0,1)  *not from or fighting out of MN, but fights here often, don’t think could be MN champ

2. Zach “Jungleboy” Walters (24,4)  *he is the Minnesota champ at this weight, and has told me he will fight to defend that title

3. Phil “The Drill”  Williams (11,1)  *like Walters, Williams intends to be at his more natural super middle

4. Harely Kilfian (8,2) *Wisconsin, but fights here most


Super Middleweight

Zach "Jungleboy" Walters, Courtesy Walters Photography

Zach "Jungleboy" Walters, Courtesy Walters Photography


1. Zach “Jungleboy” Walters (24,4)

2. Phil “The Drill” Williams (11,1)

3. “Golden” Caleb Truax (13,0)




1. Andy “Kaos” Kolle (19,2) *Minnesota’s middleweight champ

2. “Golden” Caleb Truax (13,0)

3. Kenny Kost (14,4)

4. Matt Vanda (41,9)

5. Robert Kamya (17,10)


Junior Middleweight

Andy "Kaos" Kolle and Pimp James, Courtesy of Walters Photography

Andy "Kaos" Kolle and Pimp James, Courtesy of Walters Photography


1. Andy “Kaos” Kolle (19,2)

2. Robert Kamya (17,10)

3. Dave Peterson (10,0)

4. Cerresso Fort (7,0)

5. Corey Rodriguez (4,0)




1. Mohammed Kayongo (14,2)

2. Corey Rodriguez (4,0)


Junior Welterweight


1. Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer (6,0,1)

2. Jeremy McLaurin (5,0)



Jason Litzau

Jason Litzau


1. Jason Litzau (25,2)

2. Wilton Hilario (11,0)

3. Allen Litzau (13,4)

4. Jeremy McLaurin (5,0)




1. Jason Litzau (25,2)

2. Wilton Hilario (11,0)

3. Ismail Muwendo (4,0)

4. Willshaun Boxley (5,1)

5. Brad Patraw (6,0)




1. Willshaun Boxley (5,1)

2. Brad Patraw (6,0)

3. Antwan Robertson (4,1,1)

Brad Patraw Interview / Patraw fights August 14th at the Myth

brad2Brad Patraw (5,0) is set to face off against Javier Segura this Friday at the Myth. I was able to watch Patraw in the ring on the undercard to Kolle/Bonsante. I remember thinking, if given a more aggressive opponent, he could really make for some exciting fights.  I really didn’t know a whole lot about this 22 year old boxer other than he fights out of Rice Street Gym and is undefeated in 5 pro fights. So with a fight coming up this Friday for Patraw, I thought now was a good time to learn a little more about him and share with you. Our conversation goes as follows.


M…. How long have you been boxing?


Patraw…. About 8 years.


M….. As a young boxer, have you ever considered fighting MMA?


Patraw….. Yeah, I have thought about mma. Just to do it once, but as long as I’m busy with boxing, that’s fine.


M…. What boxers do you look up to most? Are there any must see fighters for you?


Patraw….. Well of course the local guys like Jason and Allen Litzau, Matt Vanda, Kenny Kost, Cerresso Fort.. And also Mayweather, Pac Man, Hatton.


M…. Boxing gyms in general are a pretty tough place, but Rice Street Gym is known for its toughness. What do you attribute to that?


Patraw…. Rice Street is tough cause Johnny is such a tough person and its not in the best location, so you got to be tough if you’re going to be around there.


M….. Jason Litzau is fighting on the Roy Jones Jr undercard, do you have any predictions?


Patraw….. My prediction is for my boy Jason to get the KO in the 7th round.


M…. A lot of people saw you fight for the first time on the undercard of Kolle/Bonsante, you won a UD against Antwan Robertson. To many of the observers, the styles just did not mesh to make for an entertaining fight. What are your thoughts from that fight?


Patraw…. With my last fight with Antwan, there’s not much to say. I came ready to fight and he came to run, bottom line. I hurt my hand in the 3rd, so I don’t really know what to say, I know I have been asked to fight him again, and I say no. I don’t want that fight. I beat him, that’s it. My fans don’t want to see it anyway, but best of luck to him.


M…. For those who have not see you fight before, what can they expect?


Patraw…. I think the fans will see that I will lay it all on the line just to put a good show on. You will get your moneys worth.


M…. Javier Segura is your opponent for Friday night. Can you tell us anything about him?


Patraw…. Not too sure about the guy I’m going to fight. I was told he is a tough guy and he’s coming to win.


M….Do you think there is a chance we will be seeing you on any of the upcoming Target Center shows?


Patraw…. Well there is a little talk that I will be fighting on sept 26th at the Target Center, but nothing for sure. We will see how Friday goes first, haha.


M…. Not counting your fight, what match are you most looking forward to Friday?


Patraw…. I want to see my boy Cerresso fight, he is a great middleweight, also Matt Vanda.


M…. Is there anything else you would like to say?


Patraw…. Come out and see some good fights at the Myth on Friday Aug. 14th.  I will be putting on a great show. Hope to see you there. And thanks to my family, friends, and fans for all the support.

That’s what I’m talking about

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

With all of the big instate fights being talked about, and some actually happening, we have one fighter who has been on this path well ahead of the rest. Before Wilton Hilario and Allen Litzau faced off, and two years ahead of Andy Kolle vs Anthony Bonsante, Matt Vanda was taking on all comers. 2007 saw Vanda pitted against, Anthony Bonsante, Kenny Kost, and Andy Kolle. 2008 was no easier for Vanda. He fought Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. two times. This year started off with John Duddy, Tocker Pudwill, and almost another fight with Andy Kolle. Now we all know the  result of all but one of these fights. Vanda may have racked up more L’s in these campaigns but more importantly he showed the heart of a true warrior. Whether you are a fan of his or not, almost all love his fighting spirit. I honestly think if Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell started calling out Vanda, The Predator would ask when and where. This was made apparent when Vanda started calling out the much bigger Zach “Jungleboy” Walters, and ended up in a tournament with Zach, Phil Williams, and a fighter to be named. How can you not like this guy? I look forward to seeing Matt go August 14 at the Myth nightclub, followed by a huge fight against a bigger and stronger fighter , Phil “The Drill” Williams, September 26 at the Target Center.


My hope is that Minnesota’s fighters continue to take notice of the example fighters like Matt Vanda have made. Vanda may have gotten beat by, Kolle, Kost and Bonsante. But since then he has been apart of PPV TV fights as well as headlining two more Target Center shows. That my friends is success in boxing. There is a limited supply of World Titles, but there doesn’t have to be limited fights for those who truly have a passion for the sport.

Wow!!! Matt “The Predator” Vanda signed to fight Phil “The Drill” Williams.

Other breaking news: MSC has informed me that they have Matt Vanda signed to fight Phil Williams September 26 at the Target Center.Both of these men have spent time calling out Zach “Jungleboy” Walters, now they face each other. Winner gets Zach? I don’t know. But this is a very exciting announcement.


Just my thoughts, but if I were Phil, I would rather fight Vanda then Walters as well. Vanda’s best weight was at 147 and the signed fight weight will be at 165. Vanda’s losses to; Anthony Bonsante, Andy Kolle, and Kenny Kost were at a little under 160 and most people thought that was just too heavy for Vanda. All this being said, you have to credit Vanda for wanting to take on some of Minnesota’s best.

What Say You Results

As most would probably have guessed, Zach Walters, Andy Kolle, Caleb Truax, and Phil Williams were the names mentioned most. After posting the question originally, I obviously didn’t know my limitations. This is why I am posting results now. I will be honest, these are not scientific and most definitely are not exact. Bear is close to worthless and I am having trouble keeping up. All that being said, the only fight we will rank is the one most given, Zach Walters vs Phil Williams. The Midwest Sports Council has taken care of a couple of the most wanted fights already, and it looks like aside from Walters/Williams, thoughts are many for instate match ups.


1. Zach Walters vs Phil Williams – I would again like to point out that June 5 will help to see if this fight makes sense.

The rest in no particular order.

* Andy Kolle vs Kenny Kost

* Andy Kolle vs Caleb Truax

* Andy Kolle vs Matt Vanda

* Jason Litzau vs Wilton Hilario

* Joey Abell vs Raphael Butler

* Caleb Truax vs Kenny Kost


I only posted the ones with more than one mention. Next time I do something like this I will be better prepared. Thank you to those who sent in your ideas. Some of the reasoning for the fights were excellent, and I again apologize for not being able to be as thorough as I had hoped I would be able to be. If you would like your idea posted with reasons for fight send me another message giving me the green light to publish your email.

What Say You?

Again, comments are off, I will not moderate them. Use contact page for your input. The person who has caused the huge influx is gone, the rest seem to agree with the ones left up. If you still want to be heard just send me an email through contact page.

I will not be going through comments, there are too many to moderate and curse words are never allowed. Please send comments or fight bout list using contact page. I already have gotten a number of them and for the most part they are looking like great ideas.



We have received a number of emails wondering why this fighter wont fight calebtruax_newlrgthat fighter. We have also gotten them offering up suggestions as to what would make for good bouts. There have even been boxers contacting us to see how they can get on some of the recent shows. Now is your chance to build your dream card. Send us your dream match ups, preferably instate fighters, but at a minimum, at least one of the fighters in each bout must be fighting out of Minnesota. Please also send along reason for each bout and why it makes sense. We will go through each email and will post the most popular bouts. Below is an example of some of the more popular suggestions. Give us your thoughts here.


Zach Walters vs Phil Williams- Lets see how Phil does June 5 in Hinckley.


Courtesy Walters Photography, all rights reserved

Courtesy Walters Photography, all rights reserved


Zach Walters vs Caleb Truax- Caleb is at Zach’s new wished weight class. Argueably the two biggest fan bases in the state.


Caleb Truax vs Kenny Kost – Fight for the right to have a shot at Kaos


Photo Courtesy of Walters Photography, all rights reserved

Photo Courtesy of Walters Photography, all rights reserved

Cerresso Fort vs Jon Schmidt -


Andy Kolle vs



Jason Litzau vs Wilton Hilario – Both Jason and Wilton looked great last time out.


Wilshaun Boxley vs Allen Litzau – Saw this one on a forum and liked the idea.


Kolle vs Vanda -???


What Say You?




“How about Bear vs Boris “The Russian Giant”, I would pay big bucks for that.”  Todd

Andy “Kaos” Kolle, What is next for Minnesota’s Champ?

“And the NEW Minnesota Middleweight Champion”

Photo Courtesy Walters Photography, all rights reserved

Photo Courtesy Walters Photography, all rights reserved’s p4p best in Minnesota and’s #3 middle in the nation seems to hold all the cards. Andy “Kaos” Kolle  more than deserves this advantageous position. He patiently waited to get a shot at Minnesota’s middleweight title.  He took on Anthony “The Bullet” Bonsante as his first fight back from his loss to Paul Williams.  It took Andy less than 3 rounds to show all the doubters that a quick KO from one of the world’s p4p best does not cloud his position as #1 middle in the state.


There are those who would like to see Andy clean out the state’s middleweight division.  We think he has achieved this, for the time being.  He beat Vanda a year and a half ago, recently took out Bonsante, and Kenny Kost has been far too inactive. Caleb Truax needs fights with higher quality opponents. Maybe Vanda, Kost, Truax, even Fort could start squaring off against each other to help make the next Minnesota middleweight title fight worth everyone’s while.


So what’s next for Kolle? The sky is the limit. With Kolle’s desire to try out 154, and his climb of the national rankings, there are many fights available to this Horton fighter. One thing I know for certain, his fans would love to see his next fight take place in the twin ports, although I think most wouldn’t mind seeing him on ESPN, HBO, or Showtime. Andy Kolle and team Horton are in a good spot, and they deserve to be. Andy was going twelve rounds in the gym early this week under Chuck’s watchful eye. Yep they deserve it.