Quick hits.. Caleb Truax, Andy Kolle, Jason Litzua….

Schedule Update 8-5-13 top most recent updates from MinnesotaBoxing.com

….August 10, Seven Clans Casino, Thief River Falls, MN – Rez Promotions
Details are limited but it looks like the main event will be heavyweight Charles Goodwin of Bemidji vs Mahoud Aburia. The co-feature has Van Goodman taking on John Moxey in another heavyweight bout. Michael Faulk also see’s action.
August 16, Grand Casino, Hinckley, MN – Rapacz Promotions
The Return of the 3 Musketeers as they were known as kids, Jason and Allen Litzau plus Antonio Johnson fight on the same card. Plus Aaron Green, Rob Brant vs Harley Kilfian, Brad Patraw vs Dusin Mason, David LaQue and more.
September 6, Grandma’s Sports Garden, Duluth, MN – Jungle Boy Boxing
Al Sands headlines against TBA plus a 10 round bout featuring Johnny Garcia [16-1] vs Gilbert Venegas [12-9-2]. Amateur boxing will kick off the night.
September 13, Minneapolis Convention Center, Mnpls, MN – Seconds Out Promotions
Golden Caleb Truax returns fresh off a dominant ESPN performance to take on tough boxer Osumanu Adama in the nights main event. Also, the state lightweight title rematch between Tony Lee and Jeremy McLaurin. The two slugged it out for 8 rounds and came out with a draw last June.
September 21, Wildcats Hockey Arena, River Falls, WI – Peek -A- Boo Promotions
Pro-Am boxing action brought to you by former boxer Boyd Davis.
September 28th, Anoka Armory, Anoka, MN- Valhalla Combat Sports
Valhalla Combat Sports Gym is promoting a boxing card which features Stephen Watt taking on Cheyene Ziegler. Damion Hill and heavyweight MMA fighter Brad Scholten are also on the card. There will be 8 fights in all.

August 16 brings boxing back to Hinckley, Featured will be Jason Litzau taking on Robert Osiobe, Robert has spoiled some home fighters days! Robert Brant takes on Harley Kilfian who is going back to a better weight after bulking up to fight Al Sands  and as expected going from 165 to 193 was too much. Brant is moving from the 150 to 168 for the catch-weight. Very interesting in our opinion. Bravo should be able to outbox Kilifian, and has spent plenty of time at the high 160′s. Dustin Mason and Brad Patraw is years in the making, looking forward to that one. Nice work by matchmaker, Cory Rapacsz, for getting it done. Green should be able to walk through Stacy Frazier who has lost 10 of his 11 last fights, most by early stoppage. All in, could be a fun little show.

September 6 brings another Jungle Boy Boxing show. Its a pro am with three pro fights, two debuts and Al Sands… After Sands called out John Moxey, who was already under contract to fight on a different show, he and his manager barged into Joe Lorenzi’s gym while Joe was teaching a kids class and offered him a contract. Guess they don’t believe in going through promoters and managers. Joe had already given his word to fight Sept 13. But the bright side. TJ Gibson said he would let Sands try and redeem himself from his TKO loss at the hands of Gibson (1,4) on September 6. Also, both Moxey and Lorenzi have said they would love to face Sands after their obligations and are free in October. Jungle has Black Bear Casino date mid October. Also, don’t forget Phil Williams has said he’d take on Sands any time.

T-Rex has pushed Sept 13 due to too many fights and monster weekend of boxing, never easy decision, but probably a wise one with a very full September. 

September 13, T-Rex Promotions, featuring Andy “Kaos” Kolle, Winston Anderson, Joe Lorenzi, and possibly Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer. More details as they come. The Promoter, RJ “T-Rex” Laase is in the middle of negotiates for a fight of his own.

September 21, Seconds Out Promotions, The return of “Golden” Caleb Truax after his incredible ESPN appearance taking out Don George with relative ease. Also featured Jeremy McLaurin vs Tony Lee two. They last fought to a draw and the 135 belt stayed vacant, don’t expect that this time. Rumors have some more very exciting fights on tap for this card.

This past Friday Seconds Out Promotions put on some nice competitive fights. 2 draws! Unfortunately I was on vacation and did not catch the action live. But from reading and seeing some video, Phil “The Drill” Williams can be in any fight if he sets his mind to it. Corey Rodriguez was in another war. What a warrior. Joey Abell took out Maurenzo Smith in 2, Aaron Green went a full 6 for a UD win, winning every round.

Back after it.. Jungle Boy Boxing, Seconds Out, and Hinckley Grand Casino…

Boxing overload the last few weeks!! Surgery, Summer, Huge fights, caused for needed break after last Friday’s huge Minnesota boxing night! We have stayed busy on our Facebook page… Follow MNBoxingLeague on facebook. We still plan on writing about “Golden” Caleb Truax’s huge win last Friday.. But want to catch up on what is coming up…..

Zach Walters and Jungle Boy Boxing has a show July 6…. Couple decent fights on the card. Cerresso Fort (16,1,1) vs Marcus Upshaw (15,9,2) has the most meaning. Fort coming off an ESPN loss in his last bout, and Upshaw giving Sir Fort his one draw. Look for Fort to take care of business. The most exciting and fan friendly fight of the night will be Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer (11,2,1) vs Robbie Cannon (12,8,2)… Eyer knows how to please the fans an we expect nothing less this time around. Ismail “Sharp Shooter” Muwendo is in a nice test. Al Sands (9,1) faces Justin Howes (13,4)… Howes is coming off a first round TKO and we expect a similar outcome here. Again, hoping Sands’ is ready for some real action in the near future… Justin Howes boxrec.

July 26 Seconds Out Promotions has another show planned featuring Phil “The Drill” Williams vs Derrick Findley. Also said to be on card are Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell, Vincente Alfaro, and more…. Side note, Phil Williams made it very clear Friday, he would also love to step up in weight and grab the cruiserweight belt form Al Sands…

August 16, Hinckley Grand Casino… Has Duluth Minnesota’s, RJ “T-Rex” Laase (11,1) vs Saint Paul Minnesota’s, Allen “The American Boy” Litzau (13,8)… Also featured Jason “The American Boy” Litzau, along with Antonio Johnson, Rob Brant, Winston Anderson, Aaron Green, Ray Edwards, and more…

Update to Joy Boy Promotions’ September 29 Event, 4 sanctioned title fights.

Update: This show has been canceled. 

Along with THREE WBA/NABA belts being fought for, there is also a WBF heavyweight fight. This is one boxing event you can’t miss.

Tyler "The Hitman" Hultin

Billy Lyell vs Cerresso Fort for the WBA/NABA belt was enough to sell this fight fan a ticket, add both Jason and Allen Litzau  fighting for WBA straps and its cant miss good times. Corey Rodriguez vs Tyler Hultin has a ton of buzz and our early pick for fight of the night!

Unfortunately there have been some false rumors about this show prompting Joy Boy Promotions to make the below statement on their fan page.

“I just want to settle any rumors that may have been heard……Joy Boy Promotions is having the September 29, 2012 Triple WBA/NABA World Title fight and also the WBF Intercontinental World Title Fight. Get your tickets at vital culture. Our website is under construction but you can click on and view the site and updated fight information as it is loaded. Also you can purchase tickets now through the website. Thanks! www.joyboypromotions.com.”



Floyd Mayweather Sr. Joy Boy Promotions. THREE title fights Two sanctioned by the WBA.

Fort (arms raised) Floyd Mayweather Sr. to right of Fort. Courtesy Jesse Kelley, MinnesotaBoxing.com

There are a ton of great fights happening over the next several weeks and we are looking forward to all of them! September 29 at The Aldrich Arena Maplewood, MN is promoted by Floyd Mayweather Sr., Joy Boy Promotions. They are looking to do their first show in style, featuring top Minnesota fighters in WBA sanctioned title fights. There is a good chance that one or both Cerresso Fort and Jason Litzau could come away with a strap.

Billy Lyell told fightnews.com he was coming to Minnesota to fight a (13,0) prospect we know as “Sir” Cerresso Fort. This is a huge opportunity for Fort to step up the ranking ladder and really make a name for himself. The Sr. Mayweather has been working with Fort since his bout and victory over Dave Pederson a couple months ago.

I have also been told by the promotion that there is an exciting Heavyweight bout for a WBF belt to also be featured on the above card.

A fight I am truly looking forward to pits two of Minnesota’s most exciting fighters against each other. Tyler “The Hitman” Hultin vs Corey “Collateral Damage” Rodriguez will in my opinion steel the show, as both fighters are known for their fearlessness and intense respect for one another. I have yet to go to a regional event where if one of these two were fighting it was not fight of the night, or as close as it gets to being so. Corey Rodriguez must first come through his fight this Saturday night at the Crown Plaza.

There are other regional names attached to the show but will wait for further confirmation from their camps. Look for much more news on Joy Boy’s upcoming event in the days and weeks to follow. Keep September 29 open, it’s looking like the sweet science will shine! And as always Check out all the talk on The Leagues Facebook page I keep the web site as current as possible but honestly the page is the place to be.


Ira Terry (24,8), is Jason Litzau’s latest opponent for Saturday night…

Another change, but an upgrade in opponent for Jason Litzau (28,3). He fights Saturday night at the Hyatt in Minneapolis MN. Litzau on FB… “My opponent, Corey Alarcon pulled out because he injured himself in training. Now I’m fighting an even better opponent, Ira Terry. His record is 24-8 with 14 KO’s. He will be dangerous, but, I am ready for him. Please don’t miss this fight. See you there!”

MN Boxing Notes…

Aaron Green land huge right (Green fights June 16) photo Courtesy, Jesse Kelley, MinnesotaBoxing.com

Aaron “Gorilla” Green (5,0) is in scary good shape for his fight next Saturday… He’s been in full camp mode for some time and will finally be able to release  all that training and new weapons in less than a week.. Contact team Green for tickets!

Next Saturday, June 16, Boxing is back in Minneapolis MN. RDS and SEG will be bring you; Jason Litzau (28,3), Aaron Green (5,0 all early KO’s), Donny Drama and more… Not a ton of information on full card out there, but it is warm in MN and boxing can take a back seat to fishing, golfing and summer fun… Update: Quote from Jason Litzau’s FB wall… “My opponent has changed, the result will be the same. Two opponents have pulled out, but, a brave mexican has accepted the challenge. I will be fighting him at a higher weight class just to get him to come.

The fight is this Saturday. I will not let happen what happened to Manny Pacquiao. I will not leave it to the judges.

Please buy your tickets from me. I need them for my purse. Please call Bob Van Syckle 732-489-3631 or Eddie Drury 651-353-9001.

Thanks and see you Saturday night at the Hyatt in Minneapolis.”

June 23 will bring more pro boxing action as Cerresso Fort and Dave Peterson go at it in what should be a very fun fight. Fort feels he is ready for the states best, Caleb Truax and Andy Kolle. Peterson’s team has always considered Dave one of the state’s elite fighters. This will be power vs sweet science in most peoples eyes. Can Peterson withstand Fort’s size and power advantage early on? Will Fort make 154 and still have the energy and power to deal with Dave’s slickness? Big fan of both of these guys and can see ways each can win….

T-Rex Promotions plans on bringing some summer fun to the twin ports July 21… This show will feature local favorite RJ “T-Rex” Laase in the main event. The local flavor will continue throughout the night with; Winston Anderson (Cloquet), Joe Lorenzi (Duluth, also owner of Lorenzi’s Boxing in West Duluth), Randy Ronchi (Superior) vs Andrew Selvig (Somebodies 0 must go), Selvig and Ronchi have fought each other in the cage with Ronchi getting the win, and the fight getting fight of the night. Both these guys will come in swinging, very fan friendly fight! Tyler Hultin always brings the action and western MN, Plus much more… …Matchmaker Andy Kolle should have a full line-up soon….


Notes from around the region’s pro boxing scene…

Dustin "Bull Dog" Mason, photo courtesy Ben Smolnikar

Dustin “Bull Dog” Mason’s broken right hand puts a pretty big damper on a couple upcoming cards. He was set to fight Brad Patraw (7,4) June 16 and depending on how that fight went would have been making a pretty big step up in competition and fighting in the co main July 21. Team Bull Dog is sick about his injury and is thankful to RDS, Brad Patraw, and T-Rex Promotions for the opportunities they had set for him and wants his fans to know he will get the right procedures done and come back stronger than ever and ready for even bigger fights….

MinnesotaBoxing.com is reporting that Jason Litzau (28,3) is in New Jersey preparing for his return to action at the Hyatt in Minneapolis MN June 16 (RDS Promotions). Litzau is set to fight Leon Bobo in the main event….

Word is both Cerresso Fort and Dave Peterson are training harder than ever for their showdown June 23 (Draw Events, Jungle Boy Boxing). Worries about Fort making weight are fading as he is looking leaner than ever….. There is still no opponent named for Al Sands….

T-Rex Promotions plan to start announcing fights next week for their July 21 show at Wessman Arena. RJ “T-Rex” Laase (8,1) and team plan on taking their biggest step-up to date in the main event. Tyler Hultin, Winston Anderson, and Joe Lorenzi have all verbally committed to this card. Should be another full house for great fights….

RDS Promotion’s main is set for June 16…Notes on upcoming shows…

June 16

Green landing big right, photo courtesy Ben Smolnikar

Jason Litzau (28-3) vs Leon Bobo (18-9-1) will headline June 16th’s show at the Hyatt in Minneapolis….. This will be Jason’s first home fight in several years….The show looks to be complete and a good one… Green/Gibson, Patraw/Mason also featured.

Dustin "Bull Dog" Mason, photo courtesy Ben Smolnikar


June 23

Cerresso Fort (12,0,1) vs Dave Peterson (13,0) will headline this show to be held at Black Bear Casino. Draw Events and Jungle Boy Boxing’s first stab at promoting pro boxing brings a nice main. The Fort/Peterson fight will be an 8 rounder. They have added rounds to all their fights now and it looks like Al Sands will be stepping up to a 6 rounder but no opponent named yet. I commend Draw Events, for in the end deciding to go with an ABC member commission.


July 21

T-Rex Promotions with MNBoxingLeague.com will be putting on another show at Wessman Arena in Superior WI. RJ “T-Rex” Laase will be headlining the card in his stiffest fight to date. Tyler ” Hit Man” Hultin, Dustin “Bull Dog” Mason (Mason has business to take care of June 16 first), and  Winston Anderson will all be featured along with several more exciting fights. Andy “Kaos” Kolle will be heavily involved in the business side of this show while his broken left hand is healing….



Quick look at June’s Pro Boxing dates…

Here is the June 16 card as it stands today. Boxrec.com Hyatt, Minneapolis MN.

Promoter RDS

Jason Litzau (28,3) vs TBA 8 rounds

Brad Patraw (7,4) vs Dustin Mason (3,0) 6 rounds

Aaron Green (5,0) vs TJ Gibson (1,2) 6 rounds

Don Tierney (4,4) vs Bobby Butters (1,1) 5 rounds

Rob Brant (debut) vs Cheyenne Ziegler (3,7) 4 rounds

Silas Ortley (4,13) vs Stephen Watt (Debut) 4 rounds

Aaron Green land huge right (Green fights June 16) photo Courtesy, Jesse Kelley, MinnesotaBoxing.com

Really looking forward to seeing Jason Litzau back in action in MN. Patraw vs Mason has been brewing ever since Mason turned pro, should be fireworks. Green vs Gibson may be Green’s stiffest challenge yet (Gibson KOed Al Sands last fall). Everyone is excited to see what amateur standout Rob Brant will do as a pro…..


Here is the June 23 card as it stands today. Boxrec.com June 23, Black Bear Casino, Carlton, MN.

Jungle Boy and Draw Events

Al Sands (3,1) vs TBA ? rounds

Cerresso Fort (12,0,1) vs Dave Peterson (13,0) ? rounds

Michael Faulk (2,1) vs Richard Hargraves (2,0,1) ? rounds

Davalance Depoe (Debut) vs John Kingbird (Debut) ? rounds

Jerome LeBarge (Debut) vs Matthew Karaja (Debut) ? rounds

Fort vs Peterson could be interesting, new weight for Fort and Peterson has only one fight since 2009. Sands will look to continue to rebuild from his stunning loss to Gibson last fall, his handlers got him a quick win and it will be interesting to see what they feel he is ready for. Faulk has been in training camps with some of the best, love to see what he has. The rest of the card is unknowns. Tried all the normal fight information sites but nothing, have to go and find out…..