Results from last night’s exciting action! S.E.G. Pound-for-Pound 2…

Here are the full results from boxrec.

As expected this show brought some serious rounds and action!! It is unfortunate the Vikings/Packers playoff game happened to be played at the same time, as I am sure would-be fight fans missed out on some quality boxing… Brad Heroff had stoppage of the night as he battered Wolf until the fight was mercifully stopped in the 4th. Fight of the night was close between Brant/Barber and Hultin/Watt…. Again, on many cards 3 or 4 of these fights could have been fight of night!

As expected Ismail Muwendo (12,0) won a wide UD over Anthony Napunyi, Mr. Napunyi extends his losing streak to 8.

While being the co-feature, this fight was the main in most peoples minds… Jamal James (9,0) won a wide UD over Patrick Boozer (5,2). Most observers had this one closer than the judges but a UD was deserved for the slick fighter from C.O.D. boxing gym. Jamal James was able to outbox Boozer for the majority of the fight, but boozer was game and probably landed the harder shots… Fun fight.

Robert Brant (5,0) won by wide UD over a very game Roman Barber (3,3). Brant had Barber hurt early and often, more so in the 2nd through 4th rounds. Brant seemed to stick to his superior boxing skills to finish out the fight and afterwards word was he suffered some sort of injury to his hand. While Brant was the clear victor, Barber got in some bombs of his own and made things interesting, he went for in the 6th and final round, but Brant’s experience and ring savvy was obvious… Great fight!

Jonathan Perez (5,0) made easy work of Brian Jones, putting him down 3 times….

Tyler Hultin (4,1,1) won by UD over Stephen Watt (1,1)… Fight of the night in most peoples mind and had the ball room at its loudest levels.. Hultin looked the fighter most know him to be, shaking off his last outing and putting on an all around show… The Hitman used his boxing skill and years of experience to win over a VERY game Watt.. Watt was bringing bombs for all 5 rounds while Hultin was throwing and landing bombs of his own. The Hitman Hultin used the perfect mix of crowd pleasing action and boxing skill!! Hats off to both men! What a fight!

Brad Heroff (2,0) got rid of Zach Wolff in the final round of this 4 rounder…. Very impressive outing for Heroff as he sharp shot and boxed… Also landing power shots with authority… Nice fight for Heroff and KO of the night!!

Robert Daluz (13,43) over Tomi Archambault (2,3) by UD… Tomi may have won this with more gas in the tank..

Dan Kiser (1,0) won by UD over Donald Williams (0,1) in both men’s debut…


Tonight, The Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, MN… Great night of fights and Big Screen Vikings/Packers!

Weights were made last night and the action is only hours a way, here are a few photos from Sterling Entertainment Group’s weigh-ins held last night… These men will be ready to go tonight! And Vikings/Packers on the bigs screens, fights and football, who could ask for more! Follow MNBoxingLeague on Twitter. and MNBoxingLeague on Facebook.

Robert Brant vs Romon Barber

Barber (left) Brant (right)

Jamal James vs Patrick Boozer

Boozer (left) James (right)

Stephen Watt vs Tyler Hultin

Hultin (left) Watt (right)

Zach Wolff vs Brad Herroff

Wolf (left) Herroff (right)

and many more fun fights!!


This Saturday, January 5, Fight Area 51 and S.E.G. have an action packed Pro boxing card.

Rob Brant

This is a loaded month for boxing and it all starts Saturday night. Full fight line-up as it stands. This card features some really nice match-ups… Rob Brant (4,0) is stepping up his competition in facing Romon Barber (3,2) who won his last fight after losing a tough fought battle with Corey Rodriguez…. Another nice fight is Jamal James (8,0) vs Patrick Boozer (5,1). James is coming off his biggest victory to date in defeating Rodriguez and considered by most as Minnesota’s boxer of the year for 2012. Brad Heroff (1,0) vs Zach Wolff (0,2) should be fun and go all 4. The nights most interesting and exciting fight just might be Tyler Hultin (3,1,1) vs Stephen Watt (1,0). Hultin is coming off his first defeat and entering for the first time at a more natural and lower weight of 154. Watt’s only boxing match was a first round KO of durable Silas Ortley… Expect fireworks in this one. The main event features hard hitting Ismail Muwendo (11,0) vs Anthony Napunyi (14,11). Muwendo has yet to be tested and Napunyi is coming off a 7 fight losing streak, and hasn’t tasted victory since 2008. Here is’s story on Saturday’s event.

Jesse Kelley did another nice write-up on Jamal James / Boozer fight,

SEG and Fight Area 51 Present “Pound4Pound2″ January 5

Here is the bout list for January 5th’s event. More details as they come, this is the most recent list, boxrec has yet to be updated to reflect these changes. While this card may lack in star power it wont lack in action or rounds… Look for more details as well as interviews with some of the combatants as the fights approach..

Tyler Hultin (3,1,1) vs Stephen Watt (1,0) 154lbs 5 rounds…. This should be a good one. Hultin is coming off of his first defeat. As usual, he was in the fight of the night but on the losing end of the decision. The loss could be a blessing in disguise as the size difference was huge in his last fight. Watt’s only fight was a first round stoppage of Silas Ortley. Hultin too has fought Ortley winning by way of UD… Look for fireworks and another good chance of fight of the night in this one.

Jonathon Perez (4,0) vs Brian Jones (0,4) weight? 4 rounds….Perez is a skilled fighter and can bring some excitement, and three of Jones losses have come by stoppage, this one has KO of the night written all over it.

Brad Heroff (1,0) vs Zach Wolff (0,2) weight? 4 rounds…. Heroff won his first fight by wide UD, Wolff’s two losses  were to Patraw and Jake Backus. This is another fight that could be interesting, I think we may see some high action here..

Brad Patraw (9,4) vs Robert DaLuz (13,43) weight? rounds?…. Patraw is coming off victory and injury. Bad Brad showed toughness as he won his last fight while finishing things off with a broken hand. Last we saw DaLuz he was stopped by Sharp Shooter Muwendo in the 4th. Records aside, this could steal the show…

Robert Brant (4,0) vs Romon Barber (3,2) weight? 6 rounds…. Brant is really good…lol, last we saw Barber was when he faced Corey Rodriguez losing by way of UD. In his last fight he won a split decision against a (2,0) fighter… The problem here is, Brant is really good… three of his four wins have come by stoppage, two of those in the first round.

Jamal James (8,0) vs Patrick Boozer (5,1) 147lbs 6 rounds…. James is coming off the biggest win of his young career. We don’t know much on Boozer, but he is coming off his first loss in his first step up in competition, losing by way of UD in a 6 rounder. I’d expect Boozer to bring all he has to get back to his winning ways. Jamal James is one of the states best at welter and I think this could be a fun one.

Ismail Muwendo (11,0) vs TBD…. Muwendo has one punch knock out power, and lets face it, thats always fun…

Shows a poppin for early 2013!! News and notes…

Omega Presents ended 2012 in a much needed way, really fun event! There were a couple nice shows in 2012, but plenty of time to go over the past year through the rest of November and December as there are no more pro shows until January 2013.

We plan on posting our picks for (Regionally):

Show of the year….

Fight of the year…

Fighter of the year…

Feel free to add your thoughts in comments if you feel strongly… To be honest this was not a great year for regional boxing, but things look to be picking up!

On the Calendar for 2013: MN Commission Calendar in Bold

January 5 SEG, Rob Brant, Jamal James, Ismail Muwendo, Perez???

January 19 Omega Presents, Truax, Schmidt, Meier???

late january casino show?

Feb 9 Diamond Gloves Boxing,

and word of something in Fargo in Feb…

All promotions have big plans for 2013 and I expect things to get back to the form of a few years back.. At least hope so!

Talked to Brad Patraw and his hand is healing well from surgery and he expects to fight January.

Andy Kolle is on the mend and expects to fight in January/February. (Fort at 154?)

RJ Laase is getting ready to begin training after his surgery and he too expects action in January/February.

I would guess the January and February cards should start filling up. News of who is fighting on each show should start getting hammered out.. Stay tuned!!

This weekend’s MN fights will no doubt have some affect on the States new rankings…. not only gives opinion, interviews, and regional boxing coverage on our site, we also manage several fighters. (this is made clear in our about page, and the page that is labeled, Our Boxers, lol).  We have no say in how fighters are ranked just as no promoter or other managers and trainers do. When talking rankings we will always put a * by guys we manage (or try to)… And as we are human, this could affect how we feel on the rankings of others with guys fighting in the same weight class locally. Unlike certain promoters who proclaim champs and number one rankings, our ego’s do not fly that high. Some may say close, but those are pretty high reaches even for this loud mouth.. lol…

The biggest question in local rankings will come at welterweight. Jamal James (8,0) just won a controversial UD victory over Corey Rodriguez (6,3,2). The fight was stopped early due to cut caused by head butts. The fight was at a catch-weight of 152. On the official October Rankings *RJ Laase (9,1) was listed as top welter. Does Jamal James’ fight at 152 put him ahead of *Laase in MN’s rankings? That will be up to those making the decision. An argument can be made both ways. 152 is not welter, but Rodriguez is by far the toughest fight either James or *Laase has fought. Obviously, with the rankings just coming out it is hard to tell how the committee will view these type fights. Its not like before rankings, where fighters did not have a regional weight class to try and gain ranking ground. So from those in the *Laase camp, since James chose to fight outside of welter, it should not affect welter rankings. As Laase’s manager I tend to lean that way but would completely understand a rankings jump while RJ remains idle and has surgery. Had *Laase been able to fight earlier this month and won, my feeling would be stronger in he keeping his top spot… Again, the rankings are more for the fans and building interest locally. Both Jamal James (8,0) and *RJ Laase (9,1) have goals beyond local rankings. Our view is…. no matter how this ends up, it will be hard to truly argue decision…

A more interesting local ranking to look at will be at cruiser. At this time we do not manage anyone at that weight and do not have a dog in the race. Depending on how you read the rules of rankings and how people were ranked for October, there could be all kinds of changes… Harley Kilfian, now (9,12) was ranked #1, followed by TJ Gibson (1,3) at #2 (due to his KO of Al Sands.) Sands (6,1) had the third spot. Sands just soundly beat Kilfian and will jump him in the rankings in our opinion. His team has made it very clear they want to stay clear of his one loss, Mr. Gibson, Cant say we blame them. Here is where it gets interesting, the commission allows for fighters who fight outside of MN or fight here frequently to be ranked. Jordan Shimmell, now (5,0) has fought here and will be doing so frequently. Olanrewaju Durodola (10,1) just fought in Shakopee, MN on Saturday as well and now lives in MN, training with Scott Tolzmann and stable-mate of Ismail Muwendo… So while Zach Walters, Al Sands trainer and promoter is proclaiming #1 ranking for skipping a rematch with TJ Gibson, there are a couple guys who may, in most eyes deserve a higher ranking than Sands, Gibson and Kilfian.. Both  Olanrewaju Durodola (10,1), just fought and won at 197 and Jordan Shimmell (5,0), (Shimmell is a tougher sell as he has yet to fight under 200 and planning to campaign there does not count as being there) will probably have the biggest national impact, and they should not be overlooked in our opinion..

The fact that the rankings are being discussed and even argued are proof, its good for Minnesota boxing no matter your thoughts on how fighters are ranked. Bottom line, all in top five can fight for title and only one title is taken. Caleb Truax Holds the middleweight belt… So if your guy is in the top five, that pretty much is all that matters!!! And most prospects are looking to clean out their state and get ranked nationally… Good stuff!


Quick update from last night’s action… Great night for Jamal James, Gary Eyer, and Al Sands…

Sounds like last night’s fight of the night was Jamal James, now (8,0) vs Corey Rodriguez, now (6,3,1 in Shakopee) All reporting on James/Rodriguez said it lived up to the hype and then some, also seems the decision had mixed reviews from those watching, Congrats to both guys and we hope to get a chance to watch our selves. Shakopee Full results from boxrec

We were at the the Black Bear Casino in Carlton and watched Al Sands improve to (6,1) with a dominate performance over Harley Kilfian (9,12). Sands’ was swinging for the fences from the opening bell and put Kilfian down to the body on a few occasions. Really nice fight for Al. Kilfian was the sharper more polished as Sands missed with wide looping shots, but when he land he LANDED… Great night for Mr. Al Sands.

Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer (9,2,1) was in charge from start to stop. As we have become used to, nothing hurt Stone Cold and he stopped things in round 3. Needless to say, the crowd pleasing warrior is back!

Look out for Jordan Shimmell, Although fighting a heavy in Fulton, his skill was something to see. Shimmell weighed in at 214 so, we are guessing he will campaign at cruiser. Look out!! Nobody around here will be able to match this guy 195 to 200 locally. Very impressed. MNBoxingLeague on Facebook.

Keep an eye on for more detailed coverage.


Corey “Collateral Damage” Rodriguez (6,2,2) His time to shine? Tomorrow, October 27, Shakopee, MN

Rodriguez turned pro in September of 2007 and has gotten to a solid (6,2,2) strictly through hard work and taking on all challenges. Out of his 10 fights only 4 have been in Minnesota, and just 2 against guys with losing records. Those type numbers are not seen often in the region. Winning records generally have some help from matching or promotional backing. Not so much for Mr. Rodriguez, many would argue his two draws should have been victories and his loss to Dave Peterson was an MD with people in the crowd seeing it both ways. I don’t know of another Minnesota fighter with a winning record who has had it harder than Collateral Damage. Well things are not changing in these regards. Here comes Jamal James (7,0)…

The fight with James was something most people had not even considered for many reasons. Rodriguez has been fighting at light middle and is known as a very tough opponent, while Jamal James and team have made it clear welterweight is where they want to be. James’ most recent fight was against an overmatched (0,1) fighter and the stiffest competition James has fought in the pros was Hector Orozco (5,12). (Note: Orozco is a very good fighter who has given many local guys trouble.) While his professional accomplishments may be lacking, James has been in with some of the worlds best as an amateur before turning pro in 2010.

Rodriguez vs James is set for a catch-weight of 152 pounds. Most are picking Jamal James as a heavy favorite due to his amateur experience and his pure boxing skills. James has height, reach and speed advantage and most dont see weight as much of an edge for Rodriguez as Jamal James’ size fits light middle quite well. But…. those same people are very interested to see how James reacts to a seasoned pro who sees himself as the favorite and likely winner. I have even heard some very respected MN boxing trainers and insiders picking Collateral Damage to produce some Collateral Damage…

The League sees this fight this way… If Jamal James can keep Rodriguez at arms length and uses his size and speed advantage he should take a UD victory. That said, I dont believe Rodriguez will make that an easy plan. Corey is not afraid to bring the fight if that is what is needed. Styles do make fights and this could go many different ways. This is one of the better MN vs MN match-ups to be made this year.

Below Corey Rodriguez took some time to answer a few questions we had about tomorrow’s fight….

How do you feel?

I feel great!

How do you think your experience with tougher competition will help you?

I have experience with stronger, faster, bigger and tougher opponents than Jamal. My experience with the tougher competition has better prepared me for this opportunity.

What persuaded you to give Jamal James this opportunity?

Jamal is nothing special and nothing spectacular.

What do you think will be on boxing fans minds as they leave Canterbury?

Haters will be amazed by my performance and my fans will appreciate an epic night. I will victorious!

Again, we’d like to thank Mr. Rodriguez taking time to answer our questions during this important camp. MNBoxingLeague on Facebook.

Jamal “Shango” James (7,0), he faces Corey “Collateral Damage” Rodriguez (6,2,2) this Saturday in Shakopee, MN.

James vs Rodriguez came to most as a surprise, a very nice surprise! Jamal James is coming off of a one-sided boxing clinic over Hector Orozco (5,12) and an easy TKO victory over Charon Spain (0,2). For all of Shango’s mastery of the sweet science, all but two of his victories have come by stoppage. Don’t get me wrong, his boxing skill set up each of those early finishes yet James is not known for high action fights. Bring in Mr. Corey Rodriguez, I have yet to see a fight of Corey’s that was not fun. From the weights listed on boxrec it looks like Jamal James has yet to fight over 147, and we know they plan to campaign at welterweight. However this fight is set for a catch-weight of 152, who gains advantage from the weight difference is yet to be determined. Rodriguez has been fighting right around that weight most of his career, James’ size would seem natural in the 150′s. Jamal’s amateur accomplishments and guys he has faced before turning pro is an undeniable advantage. He had been fighting top tier world class amateurs before turning pro in 2010. We will be giving our thoughts on both October 27 shows this Friday and Saturday… Below were some questions Jamal James answered for us.

Comments on the big fight:

“It’s going to be a good action packed night. I’m definitely going to give a show and performance.”

Why Rodriguez?

“He wanted to fight.”

Biggest test as a Pro:

“No, I plan on surpassing this level and becoming the top contender internationally and hopefully a world champion.

Amateur accomplishment as an advantage:

“Yes, as an amateur I fought many boxers who are now top ranked pro boxers such as Danny Garcia and Brad Solomon. I know what it takes to perform on their level.”

Bad blood:

“Not after the fight.”

We would like to thank team James for taking some time to give us comments on his  upcoming fight. MNBoxingLeague on Facebook.