Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer (10,2,1) vs Blake Franklin (10,5,2) Black Bear Casino, April 27…

Jungle Boy Boxing looks to be putting together a pretty nice little show for Black Bear Casino… The main event should be fireworks and a lot of fun… Both Eyer and Franklin are known for putting on a show… Franklin is coming off of a nice run of fights and Eyer is ready to step up the competition again… Good Fight… Also, one of Minnesota’s best prospects Ismail Muwendo (12,0) is slated to fight. Al Sands (8,1) will be stepping in with Lucas St Clair (2,1), St Clair has not entered the ring since 2010, but has stayed busy in the cage… Nice work so far by Jungle Boy… boxrec April 27 Jungle Boy Boxing

Eyer gets W in war with Laque, and crazy outcome in Kilfian/Moxey….

These results are second hand and from numerous reports about the two pro fights on Zach Walters, Jungle Boy Boxing card… The amateur action lasted until close to 10PM followed by some exciting pro boxing action….

Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer got his 10th victory last night night, winning (57-55, 57-55, 56-56) Majority decision…. Eyer was down in the first but from all accounts both Eyer and Laque battled for the full 6 rounds… Eyer now (10,2,1) and Laque moves to (2,12,1)..

Kilfian over Moxey by DQ…. Harley Kilfian (10,12) was coming off a 4th round loss by stoppage to Al Sands… From reports at venue, John Moxey and Harley Kilfian were swinging hard, and Moxey had Kilfian out cold in 2nd, but continued to throw punches after Kilfian fell through the ropes, giving Harley the victory by DQ….

News and notes

“Bad” Brad Patraw suffered a broken nose during camp and will not be able to fight January 5.. His replacement to be announced soon.

Zach Walter’s, Jungle Boy Boxing will be putting on a pro boxing show February 1 at Grandma’s Sports Garden.. At this time two fights are listed, Gary Eyer (9,2,1) vs David Lague (2,11,1) and Harley Kilfian (9,12) vs John Moxey (1,1)

Rapacz Event Productions and Kaos Boxing has a February 9 event scheduled for Fargo ND. Listed to fight are; Tyler Hultin, Aaron Green, Dustin Mason, Laquan Williams and more… note a few listed have fights scheduled before Feb 9..

Quick update from last night’s action… Great night for Jamal James, Gary Eyer, and Al Sands…

Sounds like last night’s fight of the night was Jamal James, now (8,0) vs Corey Rodriguez, now (6,3,1 in Shakopee) All reporting on James/Rodriguez said it lived up to the hype and then some, also seems the decision had mixed reviews from those watching, Congrats to both guys and we hope to get a chance to watch our selves. Shakopee Full results from boxrec

We were at the the Black Bear Casino in Carlton and watched Al Sands improve to (6,1) with a dominate performance over Harley Kilfian (9,12). Sands’ was swinging for the fences from the opening bell and put Kilfian down to the body on a few occasions. Really nice fight for Al. Kilfian was the sharper more polished as Sands missed with wide looping shots, but when he land he LANDED… Great night for Mr. Al Sands.

Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer (9,2,1) was in charge from start to stop. As we have become used to, nothing hurt Stone Cold and he stopped things in round 3. Needless to say, the crowd pleasing warrior is back!

Look out for Jordan Shimmell, Although fighting a heavy in Fulton, his skill was something to see. Shimmell weighed in at 214 so, we are guessing he will campaign at cruiser. Look out!! Nobody around here will be able to match this guy 195 to 200 locally. Very impressed. MNBoxingLeague on Facebook.

Keep an eye on for more detailed coverage.


Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer returns!!! With a twist! Tonight, Black Bear Casino, Carlton, MN.

Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer has spent the majority of this last year in service to his country. In his pursuit of life and living outside of the ring, Eyer got a union job and joined the reserves.   It has only been a few months since Stone Cold returned from his Military training and gotten to knock the dust off of his gloves…

Eyer (8,2,1) was set to fight a (2,8) durable journeyman to get back in the swing of things after being away from the ring for over a year at a weight of 135lbs. Boxing happened!! (Cox got injured this past week) Bring in Ronnie Peterson Jr. (3,5) at 144lbs… Below are some questions we asked Stone Cold before his fight took a turn. (from fans perspective, for the better) and below Gary’s comments are some quotes we got from his new opponent, Mr. Peterson.

What does it mean to you to get back into the ring after a year.

Eyer….I like fighting so much it gives me the best chance at having a good future, its something that comes easy to me, I got dreams about becoming a champion at multiple weight classes. I’ve been boxing for almost 12 years now and if I can win I’m one step closer to reaching my goals which means a lot.

Do you feel your military training helps you as a boxer?

Eyer….I’d say yes its made me hungrier/meaner then ever, they want you to stay in shape 365 days a year because PT is a big thing there, so no more blowing up in weight between fights.

What do you expect on the 27th?

Eyer…..A hard fight. I wouldnt want it any other way, it will keep the fans coming back. I’m prob gonna be more nervous this time then other times becasue of the time off. I hope I’m still blessed with a good chin that will help out a lot with winning.

Where do you want to go from here?

Eyer….With a win, I’d like to stay busy. I don’t ever want these 8 to 12 month lay-offs again, they are no good. To become a good fighter you gotta fight all the time. This fight will be at 135, definitely back to 126 and my mind is still set on real low weight. If I gotta pick up mma to fight all the time I might. (Gary will now be fighting Ronnie Peterson Jr. at 144lbs)

Eyer….Thanks for the questions. I’d like to thank Relf Eye Care Specialists because of them I can see across lake superior, I swear I can, and if I choose, see through clothes! They gave me the chance to become a better boxer, I can see things and set things up, not always being a brawler now, which is good for my career.

………. Ronnie Peterson Jr., Eyers new opponent gave us some comments on the fight just made yesterday!

Any last minute words for The League on your fight Eyer?

Peterson….I’m ready… Very nice chance to restart, I’m not backing down from nobody I’ll fight anyone from 130 the 147.

Have you ever had an interest in fighting Eyer?

Peterson….Eyer has popped in my mouth to fight numerous times.

Who gets the edge on the short notice?

Peterson….I think I get the edge I’ll be bigger and stronger, also recently went 8 rounds sparring with Jeremy, the man who beat him last! Eyer is a great man and respect him for serving our country, takes alot to do so… But When fight time comes were both soldiers.

We would like to thank both Eyer and Peterson for taking the time to answer some questions. MNBoxingLeague on Facebook.

Al Sands (5,1), featured this Saturday against Harley Kilfian (9,11) at Black Bear Casino in Carlton, MN

Sands is 6 fights deep into his pro boxing journey and has yet to hear the final bell. At just about 6 foot 3 inches tall and a lean 199 to 210 pounds The Haitian Temptation is quite the imposing figure. He is highly athletic and even though starting boxing late, has some pretty good skills in the ring. Sands has distanced himself from his only loss by three consecutive brutal stoppages. I have been quick to point out the likes of who he was facing but thats boxing.

The only knock on Sands thus far is who he has been put up against and that is not entirely fair. I know Al can throw big time! He has a ton of power and pretty good speed. His natural athleticism has allowed him to grow and learn while working his way through fights. This Saturday marks his second true test since turning pro in facing Harley Kilfian (9,11). Like the story we did on Kilfian a few days back states, dont let his record fool you. Although he hasnt hit the scales at 190 since 2008, most of his wins have come in the mid to high 180′s. The lower his weight was, the less his victory percentage. While Kilfian has his share of lopsided losses nationally, I have only seen him taken to school live one time. That was at 166 pounds against Matt Vanda last year. What I am getting at, Kilfian will be fighting at a much more comfortable weight than he has had in quite some time. In fact the day that Sands beat Kia Daniels, Kilfian fought (6,0) Walker at 175, losing a UD on the same card. Kilfian told us he stepped on the scale last week and weighed 193. While there is no denying the home/weight/ and size advantage Sands will have, there is also no denying the nice step-up and test he will be undertaking before his fans.

While the highlight of the night for most will be the return of Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer,  boxing observers and insiders are very interested in how Mr. Al Sands does against a very live opponent. We are impressed with Sands and team for stepping things up and giving the Haitian Temptation a chance to show all he is for real and ready to do some big things. Hopefully, if things go his way, he will get an opportunity to avenge his only loss. But first things first! Tickets are still on sale and can be gotten at the gate. Black Bear Casino, Carlton, MN, this Saturday October 27. MNBoxingLeague on Facebook.

Quick Hits, Updated regional card list…

Tomorrow night September 22… Caleb “Golden” Truax, Antonio Johnson, Donny “Drama” Tierney, Antwan Robertson vs Jake Backus and more…

Dustin Mason (right) photo credit, Jesse Kelley,

October 12 at Grand Casino Hinckley will Feature; Aaron “Gorilla” Green (7,0) vs Emerson Chasing Bear (5,3,2) in a 6 rounder, also featured will be RJ “T-Rex” Laase (9,1) vs James Wayka (16,11,1) in an 8 round affair… Also slated to be on card is one of Minnesota’s most exciting and feared fighters, Dustin “Bulll Dog” Mason (3,0) all first round KO’s.

October 27 brings two shows;

Black Bear Casino, Welcome to the Jungle II, featuring Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer (8,2,1) and stable mate Al Sands (5,1). Not a ton out there on this one yet.

Also on October 27,Canterbury Downs, SEG and Area 51 have a really nice fight in Jamal James (7,0) vs Corey Rodriguez (6,2,1), also on the card will be Ismail Muwendo, Perez, Brant and more.

Good Friday Night Fights, by Laura Zink


Good Friday Night Fights – Grand Casino Hinckley: April 2, 2010

By: Laura Zink

Photos by




Ah boxing…one of life’s great opportunities to relish the thrill of the unexpected…


The fights at Grand Casino Hinckley on Friday gave us a taste of the unexpected. There were tough fights fought rougher than ever expected; there were fights that were electrifying and shorter than projected, and there were rematches with outcomes more convincing than previously contested. Let’s just put it this way, almost everyone there that night, from the fighters, to the fans, to the promoters, to the Casino itself – we were all in for a night full of surprises.



To kick things off, middleweights Tyler Hultin and Tim Taggart both knew that they were getting into a tough fight. Having battled it out in the amateurs, both fighters were aware of the other’s talents.


“I knew that he was a tough fighter,” Hultin said about Taggart. “He was one of those natural athletes that you know that he is going to be strong no matter what.”


“I knew that it would be a battle coming into it,” Taggart said about fighting Hultin.


Both of the men were coming in to the fight looking to make a decisive statement about their skill and toughness, and both had a clear plan about how that statement would be made. They went to war to try to prove that point – Hultin using his boxing skills, and Taggart using his size and strength.


“I was definitely trying to get a signature out of it,” Hultin commented about his intentions for the fight. “I wanted to make a stand that I am going to be a force to reckon with. So I put the time and energy into the training and learned some totally new stuff. And it was working great. Going in there, I knew what I had to do. Not all of it worked, but a lot of it did.”


Well,” Taggart said with a short laugh, “it wasn’t the whole plan to keep it active like that. Once we got in there emotion took over. I should work on that a little bit. But going through it, it was a lot about heart. I couldn’t let him beat me in my own town. I had to go all out. I went all out.”


And as the rounds went on, endless barrages of punches in bunches ensued from both sides. The crowd was electrified by the performance until the final round where both went at each other, Taggart against the ropes and both men tossing everything they had left at each other at close range until the bell.


For the first round, I was definitely wanting to come up the middle, keep it tight with defense, tight arms in and throw straight down the middle,” Hultin explained. “And I was. I was making him miss. It was working. So then I got some encouragement from my corner to come out a little more wide and tee off and mix it up with a lot more punches. Everything that they told me to do was working. I felt that the first two rounds were great. The third round was questionable for me – just with the way that I was feeling and getting tagged with a couple of punches. In the fifth and final round, I thought that there was no question that I outscored and outpunched…everything.”


His punches, he didn’t hurt me very much,” Taggart commented. “That first one maybe, there was a kind of shock, kind of like ‘Oh, ok.’ But his punches didn’t hurt me. I think I hurt him though. I think he felt my punches for sure, especially my jab. I was snapping them out there pretty good and connecting them very well. I think he felt mine a little bit more than I felt his.”


And after all of that hard work, the fight was declared a draw, a decision clearly unexpected by both fighters.


Obviously the outcome was definitely a shocker for me,” Hultin said. “As a fighter, when I was fighting him, I maybe gave him one round that I felt that he over-edged me on. Other than that, I was doing great. I was doing what I was told. I was landing clean shots. And I thought my defense was at the top. I got head-butted a few times, but other than that… His punches weren’t that effective, so I don’t know how they were scoring it as they did. It was definitely one of those things that I have to go back to and watch the fight and maybe see what other people were seeing that I didn’t. But I am happy with the fight. I want to thank Tim Taggart for taking the fight with me.”


I mean, after the fight, I was tired and exhausted…and I was still a little mad about the draw,” Taggart said.” I thought it could have went my way. But now, I am feeling happy about it. The fans have come up to me and said, ‘Wow. That was a hell of a fight.’ I mean, that’s who it’s for. Yeah, it can advance my career, too, but these guys are the ones we fight for. I am glad. I am proud. I was in there and had that kind of a fight. I think that we will probably fight again in the future if management goes well. That was a fight worth seeing again, I believe.”


The next unexpected chain of events happened not because of a fight, but in spite of one. After considerable effort by the Midwest Sports Council and the Grand Casino Hinckley to stage what may be the biggest selling fight in Grand Casino boxing history, the unthinkable happened – the ring collapsed.




Creaked, shifted, bowed, and fell in with fighters Dan Copp and Dion Tierney still in the ring awaiting their decision. It seemed as if April Fools’ Day came one day late this year for Minnesota boxing. And as the ring announcer called Don Tierney winner by spilt decision over Dan Copp, Gary Eyer, who was warming up for the next fight of the night, got the following surprising news…


“Yeah, they just came into there and they were like, ‘The ring collapsed. It’s going to be awhile,’” Eyer said. “Everybody just looked at each other all quiet. And they were just like, ‘Go look for yourself.’ I had to get my gloves off and put on a shirt and just, I went to check it out…just like everybody else.”


By the time everybody else was out there, the ring had a concave center. The staff at the Grand Casino worked fervently under the ring to try to bring the canvas back up. They brought in cement blocks to stabilize the ring posts, hauled in heavy stage boards to create an unshakable platform for the ring to rest on, they brought in wood planks to reinforce the base. They fought with the ring, trying to rebalance it, re-raise the center, and flatten out the bows and bumps on the canvas to provide a safe and stable surface for the fights to continue. And while they worked to try and save the fights, Eyer returned to his dressing room to regroup and refocus.


“It messed things up a little bit,” Eyer explained. “I was psyching myself up getting mean, and then all of a sudden the ring collapsed, and I had to get nice again. It’s not easy. I think what helped was that there was a TV in the dressing room and the guys turned it on and we watched Friday Night Fights in there. That calmed everybody down.”


And when Eyer came to the fight, he was intending to use the fight with Patraw as an opportunity to win a match by a more lengthy display of skill, throwing the crafty combinations he had been training himself to utilize in this bout. But as he was finally able to go out to fight, he had the following things on his mind…


When I was jumping up and down in the corner getting warmed up, I felt a real loud noise and I thought that it was collapsing again,” Eyer said. “But then it got strong again. I was kind of shocked a little bit. And then the bell rang, and just…they got me a little paranoid back in the dressing room that I can’t win a decision, so I just blanked out and went crazy.”


Brad Patraw (left) Gary Eyer (right), Courtesy

Brad Patraw (left) Gary Eyer (right), Courtesy




In round 1, Patraw started off the bout as the aggressor, using his jab and even sneaking in a stiff right uppercut that sent Eyer’s head flipping back.


I know that he started out with a good jab,” Eyer commented, “and then he threw a good right uppercut. It got me square on the chin and I was like, ‘Ooo, I’m gonna be in a good fight.’”


Eyer responded to Patraw’s uppercut with a right hand that sent Patraw back onto the canvas. And even though it was a good shot, the result was still a surprise to Eyer.


“I hit him with a right hand, just a little right hand, and then it ended up hurting him and I just stayed on him,” Eyer explained. “I was kind of surprised. I didn’t think I put everything in it. But it got him and for some reason it just hurt him.”


Both fighters exchanged until a left and a right from Eyer caused Patraw to almost fall rear-first through the ropes, a circumstance which earned him his second 8 count. Patraw, mouthing “What the f*$k?,” was seemingly under the impression that he did not understand why he was being given an 8 count.


“There should have been no standing 8 count,” Patraw stated after the fight. “He gave me a standing 8 count for no reason at all when he specifically said before we fought that there were no standing 8 counts. We are not amateurs. Let me fight. If I am exchanging punches, I should be able to exchange punches. You don’t come and stop it. You stop it if I am on the damn ground. It is as simple as that. That is all I have to really say.”


But whatever kind of 8 count it was, Patraw was hurt in that first round. After that round, the fight did not last much longer. Patraw did his best to turn the tide at the beginning of round two, but his legs just didn’t seem to be under him anymore. At 1 minute and 16 seconds into round 2, Eyer landed 2 right hands that sent Patraw back on wobbly legs. The ref stepped in and called the fight and Partaw, enraged, protested the stoppage. And Eyer was a bit surprised that Patraw was so surprised at the outcome.


I was thinking ‘Why didn’t they just stop it after the first round?’” Eyer commented after the fight. “I mean, he was pretty hurt. Why didn’t the corner stop it or the ref? I was a little shocked there. He wasn’t going to recover. I wasn’t going to give him a chance at all. It was going to be like that every second of every round until he was gone.”


And in another surprise that night, Hector Orozco staged a convincing upset over Jeremy McLaurin. Orozco proved to fans not only is he willing to take on stiff competition, he can beat them, too.


Hector Orozco, Courtesy

Hector Orozco, Courtesy

“I only have 16 fights overall,” Orozco explained. “I only had 5 amateur fights. In our gym, we don’t take slouches. The best way to improve is to improve fast. I know I am pretty young, 22, but before I get old I want to reach the top as quick as I can. And the only way that you can do it is take on the best. What’s the point of taking on guys that you can easily knock out?”





I am feeling as confident as hell,” Orozco said. “I mean I am already improving from the last Jeremy fight to this Jeremy fight, I improved a lot…in only a two month span. I am ready to improve a lot more now. I am still going to take on the best. I am going to be a better boxer. Everyone thinks that I am just a brawler, but actually you are going to see a boxing brawler. And I am just going to improve and take on the best. You are only going to get better by taking on the best. And I am not scared of the best. I am not scared to take a punch from one of the best. I would actually like it to see how good they really are. The only way to find out is to get in the ring with them. All you are going to see from me is improvement and more exciting fights. I am never going to give you a boring fight ever.”


But with all of the surprises that night, there was one fighter whose night went almost exactly to plan – that fighter was Minnesota State champ, Andy “Kaos” Kolle.


We worked on that ever since the first fight,” Kolle explained about his game plan with Vanda. “That is the way that I should have fought him the first fight. I have proven that I can fight with Matt Vanda and box with Matt Vanda. I opted for the fighting route and made it hard on myself the first time. This time, I was like, ‘I am going to do my best and box smart and keep it out.’


And the fight did go almost exactly to plan, Kolle using his jab and straight 1,2’s which tagged Vanda and stifled many of Vanda’s plans to land a right hand, left hook on Kolle. Kolle outboxed Vanda so convincingly that Vanda himself took the last 10 seconds of round 10 to hug Kolle and congratulate Kolle’s on his victory.


Kolle and Vanda, Courtesy

Kolle and Vanda, Courtesy




I think he definitely used his jab a little bit more,” Vanda said about his fight with Kolle. “I think he was more cautious early on. He didn’t want to get caught maybe, but he boxed good. And he fought the last couple of rounds good. I give him all the credit in the world. He kept fighting. And it takes a man to fight me two times. Most people wouldn’t do it. It takes a man to get into the ring with me two times. And I will give him all of the respect in the world because he knew that I wanted to knock him out, and I tried, and I couldn’t do it. He’s a tough, tough kid. My hat’s off to him. Whatever he’s got in the future, I hope he does good. We’re done. Me and him are done. I feel good about it though.”


And what’s next for Vanda? Any surprises in store for fans in the future?


Ah….you know….I don’t know what’s up after that. That might be it,” Vanda said in the side room after the fight. His face turned serious and he took a brief pause.


Just kidding HAHAHAHAHA!” Vanda laughed. “I fight ‘til I can’t fight no more. I might take a little time off. I fight so much, it don’t really matter. But I will be back in there sooner or later. Right now, I am drinking Jack Daniels and getting ready to have a good time tonight. Whatever. I don’t give a f*$k!”


So maybe some of the events at the Grand Casino were unexpected, but, hey, that’s boxing. That night all of the fighters and the Grand Casino proved that boxing is about adapting to the unexpected and fighting it out for the fans. We were given a hell of a show last Friday night and everyone worked together to pull it off. Heck, what would the fights be without the thrill of the unexpected?

Kolle, Eyer, and Orozco come away with big wins.

Photos by


Vanda (left) Kolle (right), Courtesy

Vanda (left) Kolle (right), Courtesy


Hinckley Grand Casino hosted another night of great boxing action. There was all out war between Tyler Hultin and Tim Taggart, Hector Orozco stunned the crowd with a huge upset, Gary Eyer showed to be a beast at 126, and Andy Kolle added more proof to why most people have him as one of Minnesota’s finest and somebody who should soon be making a splash on the national scene. Oh yeah, and the ring came crashing down two fights into the night. I heard reports that last night was the largest selling boxing event Hinckley Grand Casino has had and the volume of the fans during Eyer/Patraw and Kolle/Vanda sure seem to attest to that. Below is a quick rundown of last nights events. Laura Zink will also have a report coming later today or tomorrow with more pictures and comments from some of the fighters.



Tyler Hultin Draw Tim Taggart (D48,47Hultin/48,47Taggart/48,48) – Probably the fight of the night. Andy Kolle was right when he predicted that you wouldn’t want to close your eyes for even a second in this one. This fight started with bad intentions in every pop, both guys were seemingly looking for the home run from the get-go. As the fight progressed both fighters seemed to find their fight. Taggart was sticking to trying to overpower with almost every shot while Hultin was using superior boxing skill. During round 4 Hultin went for the fences and the force of his swing put him on his backside and was ruled a slip. As rounds 4 and 5 went on both fighters lost much of the zip on their punches but were still working hard. I had the fight 3 rounds to 2 in favor of Hultin but had no problem with it being ruled a Draw. Great fight.


Copp (left) Tierney (right) Courtesy

Copp (left) Tierney (right) Courtesy


Don Tierney over Dan Copp (SD40,36Tierney/40,36Copp/39,38Tiernery) – This was a back and forth fight with Donny Drama using better boxing skill and stiffer shots to win the day. It was not a pretty fight but both guys went after it even as they were lacking in strength and stamina towards the end.


Eyer (right) landing a huge right, Courtesy

Eyer (right) landing a huge right, Courtesy


Gary Eyer over Brad Patraw (TKO 1:16 2nd) -” Take my breathaway” , That was Eyer’s entrance music for this night and thats just what he did to the fans and Patraw. For the time that it was going on, it was all action. Eyer looked very strong at his new weight and put Patraw down three times in the one and a half rounds they fought. Patraw landed some good shots of his own but Eyer was just overpowering. Some fans were disappointed with the stoppage as was Patraw and his trainers, but talking to several ringside officials, they agreed with the stoppage stating a fighters safety comes first. All action while it lasted, fun fight. It will be interesting to see what is next for Gary “Take My Breath Away” Eyer.


Hector Orozco

Hector Orozco


Hector Orozco over Jeremy McLaurin (UD60,54/58,56/59,55) – To me, this fight looked a lot like their first bout and add two rounds. Orozco looked even more smothering this time and would not stay out of McLaurins face. Many were surprised that like the last fight McLaurin did not use his big height and reach advantage, but in talking with McLaurin it seems Orozco never gave him an opportunity to get that distance. The fight was Hector Orozco stalking McLaurin around the ring for 6 rounds. Jeremy McLaurin did land some big shots but not enough and not nearly enough of the jab. Great win for Orozco.


Andy "Kaos" Kolle, Courtesy

Andy "Kaos" Kolle, Courtesy


Andy Kolle over Matt Vanda (UD99,92/97,93/99,92) – Andy “Kaos” Kolle left little doubt last night as to who the best middleweight in the state is. He not only retained his title but almost won every round on many peoples scorecards. I had it 9 rounds to 1 or 8 rounds to 2, to be fair a couple rounds were close. The fight was not like Kolle/Vanda one, Kolle was a machine that fired in straight hard lines and Vanda could never get it figured out. To Vanda’s credit, he was there all night long eating and throwing punches. Most of the fight was Vanda trying to work through Kolles defence while Kolle was shooting a great jab and hard straight lefts. By the last few rounds Vanda’s corner was yelling for the KO as they knew Kolle was way ahead on the scorecards. After the fight Kolle stated his wish to campaign at 154 nationally but also understanding that givin his size, and southpaw stance it is still an uphill climb. Id love to see Kolle get an opportunity with a John Duddy or Julio Cesar Chaves Jr but I’m not too sure if they would be willing to step in with him.


MSC, RDS, and Hickley Grand Casino worked together again to put on a great show even with a ring collapse.



A conversation with Minnesota’s middleweight champ Kaos. Andy “Kaos” Kolle Interview

Matt Vanda/Andy Kolle Courtesy Walters Photography, all rights reserved

Matt Vanda/Andy Kolle Courtesy Walters Photography, all rights reserved

Its only days away, the showdown between Minnesota’s middleweight champ Andy “Kaos” Kolle and Matt Vanda April 2 at Hinckley Grand Casino. There have been several big MN vs MN showdowns, but few live up to the hype. Vanda/Kolle 1 did more than live up to the hype, it was a fan friendly war in the ring with Kaos coming away with the win and in his words “a great time.”  I have yet to talk to anybody who was not entertained by the first installment of the fight. Kolle/Vanda 2 should be all that and more. Vanda has much to prove after Manfredo as well as just needing another good win to stay in the mix nationally. Kolle has much more to lose in this fight; he already has a win against Vanda, he is the Minnesota middleweight champ, he is coming off of three impressive KO’s.  But the bottom line is this, Kolle/Vanda 2 has all the makings for the biggest event of the year. Neither Kolle or Vanda are going to back down from anybody and that includes each other. No matter who you are pulling for, this fight should please. Below is a recent conversation we had with Andy “Kaos” Kolle.


M….After having that huge victory over Bonsante and following it up with another great KO of Shuler, was it hard watching guys like Vanda and Truax having all those fights in 2009?


Kolle….Yes, very hard. Especially after winning that fight against Bonsante, we really wanted to ride that out, and were hoping to be able to do that nationally, unfortunately that’s not how it worked out. It is what it is.


M…. Why do you think it has been difficult to get some national fights?


Kolle…. I’m the type of fighter right now that without that big money backing, its high risk low reward for them to fight somebody who has been knocking people out.


M…. Do you see any big fights coming to the twin ports in the near future?


Kolle….I honestly don’t know about that, that’s Chucks business. Too much political stuff that I don’t get in to.


M….A lot of guys seem to be very hands-on as far as career path and active in helping to pick out who they fight next, how involved are you in that process or do you let Chuck Horton do most of that?


Kolle….I will let him know if there is somebody Id like to fight. But just like with Bonsante and Vanda, Chuck will bring up the name and I will say yes.


M….One of the really cool things I have been able to see over the last year and a half is the growth in skill and physicality of some of Minnesota’s boxers. You are one those who really has grown both physically and mentally. Can you share some of what you have been doing?


Andy "Kaos" Kolle, Courtesy

Andy "Kaos" Kolle, Courtesy


I take this job very seriously, its my life. I wake up in the morning and I have a workout routine I go through. Its different every day, Kettle Bells, Tire slams, unconventional kinds of stuff, and then I go to the gym for a few hours in the afternoon and do my running at night, running the hills of Duluth. Over the last year and a half I have really taken my mind out of everything else and concentrated on boxing. Ever since that Paul Williams fight I have wanted to come back and make a statement in a major way.


M….Do you workout everyday of the week? Are there any days you take off?


Kolle….Sundays, 4 days a week strength, 5 days a week boxing, 6 days a week running and Sunday I don’t do anything. I think rest is also very important.


M….Your last fight against Pat Coleman was at First Ave in MPLS, how did it feel to have such crowd support in the twin cities?


Kolle….It felt awesome. It was a smaller show, club show, but it was awesome knowing I had the whole crowd that was backing me, not just the crowd thats been following me for years but new people as well. It felt good.


M….Most people were quite impressed with you in your last fight against Coleman. Did you feel any ring rust getting in there?


Kolle….No, I didn’t feel any ring rust at all. I stay active even when I don’t have a fight, I’m always working out and sparring.


M….How did it feel fighting Coleman? To me it almost seemed like he was willing to just stand in his shell and maybe just get through the night?


Kolle….He seemed like he was just trying to survive. He had a good guard and would get in his shell, that’s why I had to do a few things different and get him to open up.


M….Coleman’s corner kept yelling for him to through the right. Is that something you heard, were you trying to draw him in?


Kolle….Thats just basic boxing 101 from a trainer that didn’t have any idea what he should do. That’s the first thing to tell a right-handed fighter who is fighting a southpaw.


M….154, that is a weight we had talked about a year ago, is it just really hard to find fights there right now?


Kolle….Also when we talked about that I told you unless its a Minnesota fight, then I will defend at 160. Last summer I was ready to fight at 154 but my opponent came in way over. I still weighed in at 155.


M….So the plan is to stay at 154 for national fights?


Kolle….That’s what I want. I feel that is the size for me on the national level. Those guys are big, even look at the size Pat Coleman was in my last fight.


M….Matt Vanda, what comes to mind?


Kolle….He is the type of fighter that fans like to see. He has proven himself and he has that fan base for a good reason, he gives them what they want. Even on the national level, he’s been beaten, but he always shows up.


M….There are those who see this as a high risk low reward type fight. Why this fight and why now?


Kolle….After our last fight, I told him I would give him another. He has earned that rematch with what he has done since then. I gave him my word.


M….Does the fact that Vanda lost almost every round to Manfredo make this fight hard from the standpoint of what you have to do to make it worth it?


Kolle….No, Ive just got to beat him and it really doesn’t matter how you do it. Styles make fights and Manfredo has a different style than I do and John Duddy has a different style than I do and so on. My goal is to win every round I fight, but I don’t have to, I just need to win more rounds than him. I would like to take him out, but my goal is to win.


M….Speaking of some of those guys Vanda has had the good fortune to get in the ring with, Manfredo, Duddy, Chaves Jr., Would you like the chance to get in there with them and how different would the outcomes be?


Kolle….I would love to get in the ring with Duddy or Chaves. They have talked about fighting at 154 and I would love to do it. We had an offer for Duddy but his team decided they didnt want it.


M….Given that the names we mentioned were unable to take Matt out, does that give you added motivation for the KO and do you think that would get you more national exposure?


Kolle….It would maybe open eyes but probably close some checkbooks.


M….There are those who think you are trying to avoid Caleb Truax, I don’t think either of you are avoiding the other, but what are your thoughts?


Kolle….There is no part of me avoiding Caleb Truax, I would fight that kid anytime and anywhere. Now he’s fighting Phil. I am ready for you Caleb anytime you want it.


M….So its just been that there has not been a date, contract, money or any details ever hammered out?


Kolle….To be honest I dont know all the ins and outs. All I know is after the Target Center show I came in the ring and asked for Matt and Caleb. Matt came to the table first. Caleb had a cut I think. Im not saying Caleb’s scared. We both have managers and guys that take care of our fights. I am ready to fight him any time.


M….Andy Kolle vs Matt Vanda to many people is the biggest fight out there in Minnesota, how do you see it?


Andy "Kaos" Kolle, Courtesy Walters Photography

Andy "Kaos" Kolle, Courtesy Walters Photography


I do believe it is the biggest fight in Minnesota right now, I have the belt for Minnesota and he brings one of the biggest challenges. You know going to a Vanda fight you will get your money’s worth and you know I am going to bring it every time too. Two guys who are not afraid to throw punches, you wont see lulls in action like you do in some others.


M…. As a guy who likes to go after it himself, is it extra exciting to fight a guy like Vanda who you know will bring it?


Kolle….That first fight with Vanda was the most fun I have ever had in the ring, just going at it, throwing all caution to the wind, that was a blast. That probably wasn’t the way I should have fought him, but it was my first big fight and I wanted everyone to know I am right here too. That’s another reason I wanted that rematch because that first one was a blast.


M….I have watched your first fight with Vanda many times, and every time I have you winning on points pretty clearly, but there are some Vanda fans who just don’t see it that way. How do you feel about that victory?


Kolle….The fans that say he won that fight are the same ones who feel he won the Garr fight. They are good fans and they are sticking up for their boy, but I won that fight. When I watch it I think I maybe lost two rounds, one being the round Igot knocked down.


M….There has been much talk about the one knock down from your fight with Vanda, tell us about it.


Kolle….. It was the first time I had been down so I took my time getting back up. I’ve seen fighters to eager to get off the mat only to get hit again. I took my time and dominated the rest of that round and fight.


M….Matt Vanda has had big wins against Phil Williams, Ted Muller, and Tocker Pudwill in the last 12 months. Do you think Vanda is better today than the guy you fought a couple years ago?


Kolle….Yeah, that is another reason for the rematch. He has gotten better and earned it. That’s what I want, I want a challenge. I have gotten better since our fight, I don’t want the same Vanda I fought two years ago, I want the challenge of a better Vanda.


M….What makes Vanda better today?


Kolle….I think he is a lot stronger and more comfortable in the ring. He is more of a polished pro now.


M….Most people who have fought Vanda talk about how tough he is to get down. Does that play on your mind at all, make you want to take him out that much more?


Kolle….Everybody wants to be the first guy to put somebody down. That’s not really my thoughts on this fight, get the win and move on.


M….How many fights would you like to have this year? Or are you more to the point of just wanting quality fights?


Kolle….I’d rather have quality fights than number of fights. 5 fights in a year is a pretty stacked schedule for someone who is fighting 10 rounders all the time.


M….After Vanda, would you like to continue to clean up the state or would you like to begin to again test the national waters?


Kolle….I have big dreams. I would like to fight outside of Minnesota and help establish this thing our boxing has going here. If your from New York or California you don’t want to be the best in your state, you want to compete with the best from all over.


M….So you are more than ready to go on another promoters card from New York or Vegas as long as it is a well matched opportunity?


Kolle….Like I said, I would love to fight guys like Duddy or Chaves Jr.


M….Any thoughts on Phil Williams vs Caleb Truax?


Kolle….I don’t really know, I think its going to be who gets to who first. I don’t know that it will go the distance. I am pulling for Truax to win it.


M….You have already said you would fight Truax, what about Williams if he were to win?


Kolle….Absolutely, if Williams can come in and make 160. That’s the same with Truax, its 160lbs.


M….What are your thoughts on Gary Eyer vs Brad Patraw?


Kolle….Im excited for that fight. Gary goes for it every time, and from what I have seen of Brad, he isn’t afraid of throwing punches either. That should be a fun one while it lasts, but I don’t expect it to make the distance.


M….The battle of your buddies, Tyler Hultin vs Tim Taggard. I know you’re friends with both guys, but how do you see this fight?


Kolle….That’s a tough fight for me, Tyler has been my boy for a long time and Timmy has become a friend of mine, he lived with me for a while. The only thing I can say about that fight is you are not going to want to blink. It will be all out while it lasts.