Tonight is the night! ESPN “Friday Night Fights” live from Minneapolis…. was able to catch up with Don George and Caleb Truax…

Does traveling to his hometown play into the way you approach this fight?
Don George: I believe I need a knock out to win. I’m sure Minnesota looks out for their hometown guys unlike Chicago. It’s always nice to hear the crowd yelling your name. But at the end of the day they can’t fight for you. I am very well traveled. So I have no problem with a few boos.

What are your thoughts on his recent fights against Jermain Taylor and Matt Vanda, how he looked in those fights, and what you expect on Friday night.
Don George: Against Taylor, he lost the fight clearly. He had a good 9th round and hit him with a great punch. As far as Vanda, Matt just doesn’t have it anymore. I used to love Vanda and watched him a lot. Truax did what he had to do against a very faded Vanda in his last fight. I think Caleb will be in top shape and fight hard. I will need to be on my game ad fight smart.’s full report.

We were able to talk to George a little this morning. He seems very relaxed and confident… The big stage is not new to him, but also respects what Caleb Truax brings to the table and the fact that this is being fought in Caleb’s home town… This should be a great fight…

“Sir” Charles Meier also answered a few questions about his showdown with Tyler “The Hitman” Hultin…

This has to be a fantastic camp for you. Caleb, McLaurin and yourself all preparing for big fights. How has it been going?

Meier….This has been a great camp!!! We have all been working very hard so we expect a good outcome!!!

Has the shift in dates caused any issues?

Meier….The date shit has made it a bit different with it being so long!!! U just have to be smart in your training so u don’t get burnt out which can be easy to do!!!

You and Hultin are known as guys who put it all out there and always leave the fans wanting more. Does fighting on such a high profile card even add more excitement?

Meier….No it doesn’t!!! I think every fight has the potential for some type of greatness n this espn don’t change that!!! But fighting a guy that I hear has the Tag of entertaining fighter like myself lets me know this is going to be a great fight!!!

January brought 8 thrilling rounds with Travis Perzynski. What are your thoughts from that fight and great victory?

Meier….My fight with Travis was good fight for me!! Travis is a extremely strong guy n I had to make adjustments in the fight with him!!! I just listened to my corner n tried to do what they wanted me to do!

Truax vs George… Your thoughts?

Meier….The Truax, George fight is gonna be a special one!!! This is a great opportunity for Caleb to advance his career n I’m glad I have gotten to be a part if helping him there!!!

How many more fights would you like to have?

Meier….I don’t know how many fights the old body will let me make it through but I currently have 11 fights under my belt n I would love to make it to twenty!!! After the Travis fight I talked with the family n they pretty much told me that just cause I’m 40!!! That means nothing!!! N I’m fighting better than I ever have!!

Thanks for taking the time, is there anything you would like to add?

Meier….I cant wait for friday night to happen!!! I would like to thank you for giving me n guys like me the opportunity get our voices out there!!! N possibly gain a extra fan or two from hearing our story!!!


Weight from last night’s weigh-ins….

Weights from Minneapolis, MN

Caleb Truax 162 vs. Don George 161.8
Rances Barthelemy 128.8 vs. Fahsai Sakkreerin 129

Minnesota State Lightweight Title Bout
Tony Lee 134.3 vs. Jeremy McLaurin 134.6
Ken Glenn 158.8 vs Gavin Quinn 154
Charles Meier 154 vs. Tyler Hultin 153.6
Pat Quinn 363 vs John Schimon 230.8
Adrian Martinez 135.7 vs. Leonard Overstreet 139.2
Dustin Petron 155 vs. LeWayne Hardiman Not Available

Venue: Minneapolis Convention Center
Promoters: Seconds Out and Warriors Promotion

Fists fly at 7PM, Minneapolis Convention Center… ESPN coverage starts a 9PM


Putting it all on the line.. Tyler “The Hitman” Hultin Q & A, Hultin/Meier, June 21

Tyler “The Hitman” Hultin has been putting in more work than ever and is ready to prove himself in the spotlight… He and “Sir” Charles Meier face off on the undercard of Truax/George June 21… Again, ESPN’s “Friday Night Fights” has a stellar undercard. This is another fight that could headline many shows. Both Meier and Hultin have great fans for great reason, they put it on the line every time and do not back down from a challenge! Hultin is coming off of a controversial draw this past April, but has used it to inspire this camp… Below is our Q & A with Hultin, get in touch with him or for tickets.

Hultin right, photo courtesy Jesse Kelley,

How has camp been going? And did the change of date affect how you train?

Hultin….Camp has been right on. If anything the date change helped make camp more intense!

Is fighting on such an anticipated card more challenging?

Hultin….I think it helps more than anything. Nothing but bringing my A game to the table for Friday night fights!

Your last fight ended in a draw, what if anything did you take from April?

Hultin…A very agruable draw to say the least. It lite that fire though, and made this upcomming fight a must win!

ESPN “Friday Night Fights”, how cool is it to see them come to Minnesota?

Hultin….It’s what Minnesota needs and has been waiting for! Amzaing to have it here in our state.

Your fight with Charles Meier has many boxing fans abuzz. Both of you are known for putting it all on the line and giving the fans a show. How do you see this fight going?

Hultin….Another all out on the line fight! My Team and I have preped for an 8 round fight and exspect it!.. I see Victory in my sites and will make sure of it!.. No stopping, going for it all!

Charles brings a ton of size to 154, have you been able to work with guys who have reach?

Hultin….I have. Some great sparring with a little heavier guys with reach and power! I have no concerns going into this fight!

Caleb Truax vs Don George… Can you share your thoughts on this match-up?

Hultin…Its a great match to be held in front of all our MN-fans! I think everytime I see Truax fight he brings more to the table! I see him getting the W with the fight going the distance!

Thanks for taking the time… Is there anything you would like to add?

Hultin….A big thanks to everyone who will be attending the fights! My family and friends having my back bringing the Hitman crew down to the cities once again! Big thanks to Seconds out Promotions for putting me on the card and Todd Bechthold for making it happen!

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MN Boxing notes

There is much to talk about in Minnesota boxing… June 21 is coming fast and word of other Minnesota fighters getting back in the ring is sprouting as well. Much more to come. Been recovering from surgery and hope to get back on top of things soon…. We have been able to keep our FB page up to date, Follow MNBoxingLeague on facebook.

All reports show team “Golden” Caleb Truax are living in the gym and film room. His fight against Don “Da Bomb” George will be aired on ESPN June 21… We hope to catch up with Truax and share his thoughts as this fights approaches.

Camps for both Jeremy McLaurin and Tony Lee are confident in their fighters going in to their 135 Minnesota title fight. Q & A’s with both men in the coming weeks. June 21..

Tyler Hultin and Charles Meier have had ample time to prepare for this long awaited regional showdown between two of Minnesota’s most exciting fighters. Look for Q & A’s with both of these combatants as well. June 21… reported some fights being discussed as well….

A showdown between Duluth’s RJ Laase and Saint Paul’s Allen Litzau seems to be coming together for August 16th at the Grand Casino in Hinckley, MN. Although not officially signed and set, the two outspoken fighters are not pulling any punches in regards to the potential fight.
“I’ve been trying to get this fight for 3 years now” said Laase (11-1, 7 KO’s). “I hope he (Litzau) is serious this time because I want to beat the best version of him as possible. He likes to talk a lot and I plan on shutting his mouth in August.
The 31 year old Litzau (13-8, 7 KO’s) admits he has taken short notice fights recently unprepared but says he has already begun training and with more then two months to go, he says he doesn’t believe Laase will be able to touch him when they meet.
“When I have the right time to prepare for a fight, it’s a whole other level” said Litzau. “I will have over two months to prepare for this fight. I really don’t know much about him (Laase) but it really doesn’t make a difference. I’m not afraid of anybody around here. I’d fight (Floyd) Mayweather! I think this will be a great fight for the Minnesota fans and look forward to putting on a good show as always.” Full article on



Picks on tonight’s big fight by some of Minnesota’s finest boxers…

Just like most odds maker’s and boxing-heads, The majority of Minnesota’s pros feel Floyd Mayweather Jr. will do like he has always done and Win tonight. That’s not to say that is who all will be rooting for, but it seems to be the safe pick and probably rightfully so.. We’d like to thank the guys who got back to us on very short notice… Below are some of Minnesota’s pros picks… Follow MNBoxingLeague on facebook.

Showtime Boxing

Tony Lee – Lee fights May 18 against Jeremy McLaurin for Minnesota’s 135 pound title…

I got Guerrero. I just think Mayweather having his dad as his lead trainer is going to backfire. Looking at their past and how they didn’t get along at all. And now having them together tells me Mayweather is desperate for a huge change. And I just think Guerrero being a strong southpaw is going to give Mayweather a lot of trouble. Saying that, I know if Guerrero wins. It will still be a huge upset. Im going off a gut feeling here! Because Mayweather, is Mayweather!


Joe Lorenzi – Lorenzi own’s Lorenzi’s Boxing Gym in West Duluth and is on a two fight win streak in his comeback to pro boxing….

I’ve got $. He is too fast, has better defense and he chose his opponent because he knows he can beat him. I see it as a boring fight. He will beat Guerrero to the punch and move/run away from him. He is not going to trade with the bigger guy. That’s not his style.


Caleb Truax – Truax (21,1,1) is known as Minnesota’s P4P best by most and will be fighting Don George (24,3,2) on ESPN June 21….

Mayweather’s on a different level. Guerrero will make it tough in the early rounds trying to rough Floyd up, but Mayweather will adjust and outclass Guerrero for a late stoppage or UD win.


Gary Eyer – Eyer is on a 3 fight winning streak, and coming off of a thrilling victory last weekend against Blake Franklin…

After watching the shows about the fight, a little bit of me believes Guerrero can win, he’s a lefty with a good punch but Floyd has a good defence and good chin and is the bigger faster guy. I think Floyd is gonna win 10-11rd tko. If Guerrero wins that would be awesome and there is going to be more people coming in the gyms every day to start boxing.


Jeremy McLaurin – McLaurin is set to face Tony Lee for the Minnesota 135 title May 18…

Mayweather for Sure!!!


Andy Kolle – Kaos Kolle (25,4) is one of Minnesota’s most accomplished fighters and is looking to get back in the ring soon…

Hard to bet against Floyd, against anybody. Floyd UD

Javontae Starks – Starks (6,0) has gotten back to boxing recently and fights on Seconds Out Promotions May 18 card.

Mayweather…too smart.too sharp… Mayweather on points


Tyler Hultin – Hitman Hultin also fights May 18 in what should be a thrilling fight against another always fun to watch fighter, Charles Meier…

Mayweather, he’s the smarter puncher! He’s smart in all aspects of the game! He will adapt to Guerrero, maybe not right away but it will happen! Guerrero will bring the fight no doubt! But I just don’t see him victorious! But I don’t see a KO either!..


Charles Meier – Sir Meier (7,2,2) fights fellow “fight of the night” boxer Tyler Hultin (5,1,2) on May 18′s action packed card…

Mayweather is too smart for him, and too slick… I think Guerrero will be tough for a round or two but when Money figures him out he probably stops him or beats him bad…

“Sir” Charles Meier (7,2,2) to fight Tyler “The Hitman” Hultin (5,1,1) May 18, on the Caleb Truax undercard.

Hitman has a date April 13 that he must get by first, but the signing of Meier/Hultin for May 18 is sure to be a fan pleasing fight… And could launch one of them into the 154 pound conversation regionally… Also announced was Jeremy McLaurin vs Tony Lee and from barbs thrown at each other over social media, there is no love lost between Lee and McLaurin… The show will feature Caleb Truax’s return to the ring from surgery… This show is promoted by Omega Presents… Follow MNBoxingLeague on facebook and twitter. We are still working on our twitter, but FB is very active…

Hultin (right) photo courtesy Jesse Kelley,

Minnesota Boxing Dates….

Due to many factors we have not been as on top of things on our site as we would like…. Below are upcoming regional events we know about.. Although we have legged a little on our web site our FB page has stayed busy, if you have not already, please Follow MNBoxingLeague on facebook.

Upcoming Regional Pro Boxing…..

March 9….. SEG, we have no details at this time other than we expect to see Jamal James, Robert Brant, Jonathan Perez….

March 15…. RDS, Hinckley Grand Casino, featuring “Sir” Cerresso Fort (15,0,1), Aaron “Gorilla” Green (10,0) and more…

March 15…. Jungle Boy Boxing, Grandma’s sports bar, Pro Am, no details on what pros…

April 13…. T-Rex Promotions, Wessman Arena, Superior WI… more details coming..

May 18…. Omega Presents, Minneapolis/Saint Paul MN…. Featuring “Golden” Caleb Truax (21,1,1), Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell, Charles Meier, Javontae Starks and more..

Close to 5000 people watched history Saturday night. Caleb Truax and Matt Vanda electrified the crowd for 10 rounds…

For 17 years Matt Vanda has been Minnesota’s most electrifying fighter and biggest draw. Win, lose, or draw, the fans were getting their money’s worth. Saturday night, in Vanda’s final fight, he brought the crowd, action, will, determination, and everything you’d expect from The Predator for 10 full rounds…. Vanda clearly did not come to just say goodbye, he came to end things with a victory… But “Golden” Caleb Truax had other plans.. On a night of great action, capped off by Truax/Vanda, the main event was also the fight of the night. Michael Faulk proved many, myself included, that he can bring the boom and excitement as he surprised most with a thrilling KO of crowd favorite Jon Schmidt…. It may have been the only stoppage of the evening, but it would be worthy of KO of the night on many a card….Follow MNBoxingLeague on Twitter. and MNBoxingLeague on Facebook.

Caleb Truax over Matt Vanda by UD in 10…… The scores from the judges had it as close as 2 points and as far as 9… I was too busy enjoying the great action to score for myself other than having Truax ahead in rounds… This was one of those rare local match-ups where the crowd was proud and loud for both fighters, every round ending with people standing and cheering on both men.. Vanda came determined and ready to rumble!! He attacked in every round… Equally impressive was Truax doing the same thing… This was the dance all had hoped for but some did not see coming… While Truax clearly won, Vanda did not lose.. As the rounds pilled up, so did Caleb Truax’s lead, but each round was its own fight and it lasted all 10, no breaks, no rounds off, just action, sweat and work… Both fighters hurt each other and both came right back to the middle of the ring… In the end, Truax’s size and skill won the fight. But they both won the night, frankly, the fans were the biggest winners of all, this was one of, if not the best all action MN vs MN fight I have witnessed… Again, I don’t want to take away from Truax’s victory… He won, he deserved to win, and he was impressive.. He just keeps getting better and there is little doubt in peoples minds that big things are on the horizon for Golden Truax… Very fitting way for Vanda’s career to end and Truax to take the lead and carry the torch going forward…

Charles Meier over Travis Perzynski by MD in 8…. This too was a war, both fighters hit the mat and both came  back swinging… Very close fight, and with the knock-downs canceling each other out, I had Meier’s superior boxing skill win a close one… Great fight and on most nights, fight of the night… Love to watch both guys again!

Mohammed Kayongo over Gilbert Venagas by UD in 6…. This was a war from start to finish, another great action packed fight… Kayongo’s ring rust was there, as I think if more active this would have been an easier night for him. Fortunately for Kayongo, he can also bang and thats what it took to get the W.

Mike Faulk over Jon Schmidt by first round TKO…. Wow! I have been hard on Faulk and his style… Big ups to Faulk and the boom he DOES have…. As most, I expected Faulk to use his solid defense and pick and choose his spots. Well, Faulk let fly and caught Schmidt flush, and that was that… Schmidt proudly got to his feet but was unable to continue… Hope to see both fighters in action again soon…

Tony Lee over Leonard Overstreet by UD in 4….. It took Lee all 4 rounds, but he was the better fighter.. This victory seems to pave the way for Lee vs McLaurin…

Kenneth Glenn over Damion Hill by UD in 4…. This was a fun fight and I to had Glenn the victor…

Jeremy McLaurin over Dewyane Wisdom by UD in 4…. I was told before the fight that Wisdom may pull off an upset here.. He did not, but he gave McLaurin all the work he wanted. Wisdom bullied his way inside and tried to stay there all 4 rounds. McLaurin used superior boxing skill and landed the more precise punches, but Wisdom was there all fight and he too landed… I hate four round fights, very hard to score… I had McLaurin winning close fight. This looks to lead in to McLaurin vs Lee….

November 17, “Knock Out Hunger”, Crown Plaza, Saint Paul, Minnesota results…

For a complete recap check out, they have their quick results up and will have a more detailed recap and photos later. Below is how we saw the action as paying fans in the crowd….

Omega Presents started off with a bang! The Crown Plaza was packed and I am pretty sure nobody left without being entertained… It was great to see that kind of energy back at a local boxing event. As most predicted Hultin vs Perzynski probably had fight of the night in an action packed affair. Truax and Meier finished their opponents in impressive fashion.

Fight by fight from the crowd…. winners in bold

Serhiy Karpenko vs Dakota Talbott…….. This fight went longer than most expected. Dakota has a chin! Granted Karpenko ending things at the end of the second round but I think even he was surprised at how well Dakota was able to deal with his power to start, but Serhiy just kept coming and throwing crisp punches finally ending things with a big straight right.

“Sir” Charles Meier vs Bruce Johnson….. Meier brought the action and sharp punches. Johnson too has a chin! SIR Charles was just too much and completely controlled the action for the 3 rounds it lasted.

Travis Perzynski vs Tyler Hultin….. All thought this would be fight of the night and it lived up to it. Perzynski was clearly the bigger guy and used that to his advantage controlling much of the action. Both guys came to bang and it looked like Travis was able to make the fight he wanted. 4 rounds of action ended with Perzynski putting Tyler on the matt in the closing seconds giving him a pretty wide UD. Really fun fight!

Jon “The Ironman” Schmidt vs Keith Collins…. Schmidt coming off of a long lay-off showed little rust as he outboxed, out punched, out fought and controlled pretty much the whole 6 round fight on his way to dominate UD.

“Sir” Cerresso Fort vs Brandon “The Business” Baue…. This was all Fort, but Baue made it entertaining. Fort could not seem to ever really hurt Baue no matter how hard he loaded up. Brandon knew his place and worked not only Fort but the crowd as he taunted Fort to bring more…. All in, entertaining fight, but easy to score UD for Fort. (Baue had Fort pretty hurt in the 4th.)

“Golden” Caleb Truax vs Michael “The Midnight Stalker” Walker…. What can I say, Truax put on a 4 round clinic brutalizing Walker almost every second. Truax landed cleanly to the body, head, and mind!!! The fight was stopped at the end of the 4th round as Walker clearly had no answers for what Golden Truax was bringing. Caleb Truax, now (20,1,1) just keeps improving and we are looking forward to his next step up in competition.

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Again, Omega Presents put on a highly entertaining night of fights. Fan friendly, lots of rounds, and some great KO’s… Lets hope this is a sign of things to come!!


Tonights actions at the Crown Plaza in Saint Paul, Minnesota!!

Weights from Jesse Kelley and…. Commentary and predictions by The League… We have interviews from Caleb Truax, Charles Meier and Tyler Hultin from last two weeks if you want to check out.

Main event 
Caleb Truax 162 vs. Michael Walker 168…… Walker came in 6 pounds over weight, and Caleb Truax had this to say about it “I don’t give a damn. He’s getting KO’d either way.” From our FB stalking… Truax should have this thing stopped right around rounds 4 to 6.
Cerresso Fort 159.5 vs. Brandon Baue 161…… We see Fort ending things before round 4.

Jon Schmidt 161 vs. Keith Collins 166…… We think Schmidt wears Collins out early

Charles Meier 156 vs. Bruce Johnson 153…… Should be fun for a while, Meier by later round stoppage or UD

Tyler Hultin 159 vs. Travis Perzynski 159…… This has fight of the night written all over it.   Hultin holds the boxing experience edge and Perzynski will come to bang and win. Hultin by UD.

Serhiy Karpenko 231 vs. Dakota Talbert 224…… Karpenko by first round stoppage.

Q & A with “Sir Charles” Charles Meier (5,2,2), He fights this Saturday, Crown Plaza, Saint Paul, MN.

Charles Meier fights this Saturday night in what looks to be an action packed card. Below is our Q & A……

Meier (left), Photo credit, Jesse Kelley,

At what age did you start boxing, and why?

I started boxing when I was about 23 years old. I have always been into sports and I’m highly competitive.. My Cousin James Taylor already boxed and had been trying to get me to try it for years and finally when things worked out Life wise I was able to go to a gym.. The first time I walked into a gym Was The Circle of Discipline and Sankara The coach there told me I looked like Thomas Hearns!!! Which happened to be my FAVORITE fighter of all time so I was hooked before even putting on gloves.

Your first pro fight was in 2009, I admire you as we share year of birth. What motivates you to enter that ring next Saturday?

73 is a great What motivates me is simple… I Love boxing and I still love to compete.


I have watched all of your fights live, one thing that can be counted on, is you cant count on anything other than you will give the fans their moneys worth. How much does fan reaction affect you in the ring? (I missed his most recent but watched by stream)

I appreciate you seeing that in me. I NEVER want to lose no matter what and I always want to give the great fans we have here something to cheer about.. I want them to have a reason to get up out of their chairs and be excited. I want them to remember me when they are driving home and say (wow) If I ever hear he is fighting again I will definitely pay to see him fight again. Which is funny, Yesterday someone bought a ticket from me and said those exact same words.


Of your 9 professional fights, what fight sticks out the most to you and why?

It’s a toss up!!! for much different reasons. My first fight Might be that because I had finally gotten to achieve something that I have wanted to for years. At my age that was a huge accomplishment.. But the Moment I walked out after hearing my name called I had my son Charles Jr right there escorting me to the ring.. That’s A memory I will never forget. But as far as fights I would have to say the Corey Rodriguez fight stands out best. Corey was this multiple golden gloves champ who is doing his thang and everyone on the blogs were saying it’s a wash I didn’t have a chance and in a interview Corey was running his mouth saying I was nothing and he was going to destroy me and teach me what a real fighter looked like. Well 45sec into the fight he had me on the canvas… lol. I got up quickly while he was celebrating on the ropes… it ended up being a war out there n we battled our tails off n I dropped him in the 5th round with a nasty combo and finishing with a short rt hand.. he got up we battled more and it was called a draw.. ( not sure why!!! he knows I won)


I’ve asked some of the other middles fighting November 17 about all the middleweight talent that will be showcased next Saturday. Do you see any future match-ups?

I’m not sure what the future holds!!! There is a lot of talent in this weight division rt now and the only thing I know is I fight who the coaches say is next no matter who it is. I just love doing what I’m doing..


What’s it like to share a gym and trainers with a guy like Caleb Truax?

It’s been great being in the gym with a guy like Caleb. He makes me work harder than I ever thought I could at times, he never stops and you don’t want to be the guy who does stop first.. He’s a smart fighter who pushes himself to be great and it’s easy to feed off a guy like that and I think training with him and John Schmidt everyday has done so much for my career.. I owe those guys a lot of thanks cause even when you have a bad day they will always be there for you and ready to see if your day will be better in the ring tomorrow.. But guys like Caleb, John Schmidt and all the coaches are phenomenal..


Why should fans get out to the fights November 17?

The fans should come out to see this card on the 17th because not only will you get to see some great fights by guys like Caleb, John and Cerresso fort They can give back by bring some non parrishables for some that really need the help this holiday season.. lol that shows my age when thats one of the most important things.. But I am serious when I say helping by giving is very appreciated by many families and these food shelves for the holidays,, But to top it off they will get to see me “Sir Charles” Do what I do and that is entertain the crowd.. I always try to steal the show by giving the people what they want and working my tail off so one day I can head line a card…


Is there anything else you would like to share with the fans?

I just want the people to know when you see me in the ring I am ALWAYS going to give you everything I have and you will never be disappointed in my performance. I love the sport of boxing and i love entertaining the fans. I am very humbled that I still get to lace up the gloves and get in the ring and do what makes me happy. I look forward to seeing you and everyone at the fights and any future fights.

MNBoxingLeague on Facebook.