Weights have been made in Minot ND. Almost time for Ronnie Peterson’s end year fight tour.



Ronnie Peterson informed me last night that all made weight in Minot ND. This will be the first stop in what, if all goes to plan, should be a whirlwind boxing tour for the young Peterson. Tonight Peterson faces Tomi Archambault in North Dakota. From prior conversations I have had with Ronnie, it sounds like he will then have one more fight, possibly in Canada before he readies for his big Target Center debut. As we have reported, “Bad” Brad Patraw is who Peterson is gunning for on that big date.


Minot ND fight card for tonight

Mike Walker (3,0) vs Ben Lane (5,1,1)

Nick Runningbear (3,2) vs Butch Hajicek (5,6,1)

Ryan Soft (1,0) vs Saverino Garcia (debut)

Tomi Archambault (0,1) vs Ronnie Peterson (3,0)