Larry “Razor” Sharpe, he fights Jungle Boy Friday at The Target Center

Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe

“Look for me to press the action. I am coming to fight.” Larry Sharpe


When the undercard to Abell/Butler was starting to fill out, many were surprised to see Larry “Razor” Sharpe fighting Zach “Jungle Boy” Walters. I have to admit I was one of them. Sharpe has spent much of his time fighting around 154lbs, but given recent fights and call outs it really has become the norm. Vanda wanted Walters earlier in the year and ended up taking care of Phil Williams. Both Walters and Williams have a pretty large weight edge on Vanda but that didn’t seem to matter in Vanda’s last two fights with Williams and Teddy Muller. The Predator actually had an easier time with Williams than he did against Ted Muller in my opinion. But I have no doubt that Williams would take out Muller, Walters did it in 3 rounds, while Vanda went to the judges. I guess what I am getting at in a horrible fashion is that styles make fights. Size matters if used properly.


I had the opportunity to talk with Sharpe a few nights back. He started the boxing portion of his fighting career only 6 years ago at the age of 29, but had been involved with professional Thai Boxing since the age of 24. Razor Sharpe knows he is coming into Walters home and doesn’t expect to be able to outbox him. Sharp said of his opponent, ” He is quite a bit taller than me and has a much better pedigree in the sport, its also being fought in his home. I need to focus on cutting the ring off and turning this into a brawl.” I asked him if he had seen any of Walters fights, “I have watched a few on YouTube, he looks like a good boxer.”


The big question in many peoples minds is how will Larry Sharpe look with the added weight and fighting right around 170lbs. I made the mistake of asking Sharpe this question, and he pointed to his last fight. “I knocked out Bruce Rumbolz in the first round of my last fight, he weighed 173lbs.” It should also be noted in Rumbolz’s prior fight he beat Shawn Hammack, the same guy who changed the course of Walters career a little over a year ago. Sharpe added, “I carry some pop at this weight. It was hard for me to get down to 154 and I felt I lost a lot after shedding those pounds. I plan to campaign the rest of my career at super middleweight.”


At the close of our short conversation I asked Sharpe what we should expect from him in this fight? “Look for me to press the action. I am coming to fight.”


Larry “Razor” Sharpe vs Zach “Jungle Boy” Walters this Friday at The Target Center.

“the Rage” Midwest Sports Council, Tonight at the Myth

Cerresso Fort and Bobby Kliewer / Courtesy of

Cerresso Fort and Bobby Kliewer / Courtesy of


I am looking forward to seeing Matt Vanda fight at 168lbs, his prior biggest weight for a fight was 163lbs. When Matt fought Bruce Rumbolz in 2008, Rumbolz weighed 166lbs, and that was Vanda’s heaviest foe. has Vanda at 168lbs and Teddy Muller at 175lbs, should be very interesting to see Vanda in there with that big of a guy. Muller was able to hurt Zach Walters when they fought back in 2006, and it will be interesting to see how Vanda holds up against those same shots. After our interview with Bobby Kliewer, I will be looking to see how his added gym time has improved his game. Bad Brad Patraw gets an opportunity to step in the ring with an experienced fighter and we are anxious to see him in a more combative affair than the last time we were able to watch him go. Looks like a couple changes for tonight’s event. Cerresso fort (6,0) will now be facing Yancy Cueller (0,5) and Jose Hilario (pro debut) will go against Jon Swamberg (pro debut).

Main Event:
Matt Vanda (40,9) vs. Teddy Muller (19,15,2) - 8 Rounds – 168 lbs
Co Main:
Brad Patraw (5,0) vs. Javier Segura (4,16) - 126 lbs – 6 Rounds
Cerresso Fort (6,0) vs. Ray Walker (1,6) - 168 lbs – 6 Rounds , Yancy Cueller (0,5) – 168lbs- 6 Rounds


Bobby Kliewer (9,8,2) vs. John Turner (3,11,1) - 168 lbs – 6 Rounds
Jose Hilario (pro debut) vs. Hector Orosco (1,2) - 139 lbs – 4 Rounds  Jon Swamberg (pro debut) – 139lbs – 4 Rounds
Antwan Robertson vs. Derek Winston – 4 Round Exhibition