Here is where Mr. Teddy Atlas has a point on Minnesota boxing.

As fans of boxing in Minnesota, we usually have to cringe a bit when Atlas speaks of our state and fighters. I think Caleb Truax and Seconds Out Promotions showed ESPN, Atlas, and the nation not all shows are build jobs.. Unfortunately the top to bottom competitive fights of a couple weeks ago are just a memory.. The weekend brings us a Jungle Boy Boxing promoted card full of why Teddy Atlas calls Minnesota an easy place to build a record. Here is the full card.

Cerresso Fort (16,1,1) vs Marcus Upshaw (15,9,2) is a nice fight… Fort coming off his first loss, and this gives him an opportunity to take care of the draw he had with Upshaw last time they met…

Rondale Hubbert (2,0,1) vs Ricky Smith (1,1) may steal the show… Fun fight..

Gary Eyer (11,2,1) vs Robbie Cannon (12,8,2) Eyer is always fun to watch but should not be challenged by Cannon who has not seen a W since 2009. Cannon’s boxrec.

Al Sands (9,1) vs Justin Howes (13,4) Howes has lost 4 of his last five fights and is 36 years old. It could be a step up from what Sands has had in the past. But Howes did not make it out of the first round in his last fight and 2 of the other 3 losses came in the first and second rounds… Look for another quick night for Sands… Howes boxrec.

Black Bear Casino is reported to be putting a lot of money into Jungle Boy Boxing promotions… A big budget offers an opportunity to see some really fun and competitive fights. There are a couple on this card, In the Fort fight as well as Hubbert’s, but the intrigue kind of stops there. Some people like to know who is going to win before a fight. I prefer to find out at the fights.. I think that is where Mr. Teddy Atlas is coming from.

Al Sands (5,1), featured this Saturday against Harley Kilfian (9,11) at Black Bear Casino in Carlton, MN

Sands is 6 fights deep into his pro boxing journey and has yet to hear the final bell. At just about 6 foot 3 inches tall and a lean 199 to 210 pounds The Haitian Temptation is quite the imposing figure. He is highly athletic and even though starting boxing late, has some pretty good skills in the ring. Sands has distanced himself from his only loss by three consecutive brutal stoppages. I have been quick to point out the likes of who he was facing but thats boxing.

The only knock on Sands thus far is who he has been put up against and that is not entirely fair. I know Al can throw big time! He has a ton of power and pretty good speed. His natural athleticism has allowed him to grow and learn while working his way through fights. This Saturday marks his second true test since turning pro in facing Harley Kilfian (9,11). Like the story we did on Kilfian a few days back states, dont let his record fool you. Although he hasnt hit the scales at 190 since 2008, most of his wins have come in the mid to high 180′s. The lower his weight was, the less his victory percentage. While Kilfian has his share of lopsided losses nationally, I have only seen him taken to school live one time. That was at 166 pounds against Matt Vanda last year. What I am getting at, Kilfian will be fighting at a much more comfortable weight than he has had in quite some time. In fact the day that Sands beat Kia Daniels, Kilfian fought (6,0) Walker at 175, losing a UD on the same card. Kilfian told us he stepped on the scale last week and weighed 193. While there is no denying the home/weight/ and size advantage Sands will have, there is also no denying the nice step-up and test he will be undertaking before his fans.

While the highlight of the night for most will be the return of Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer,  boxing observers and insiders are very interested in how Mr. Al Sands does against a very live opponent. We are impressed with Sands and team for stepping things up and giving the Haitian Temptation a chance to show all he is for real and ready to do some big things. Hopefully, if things go his way, he will get an opportunity to avenge his only loss. But first things first! Tickets are still on sale and can be gotten at the gate. Black Bear Casino, Carlton, MN, this Saturday October 27. MNBoxingLeague on Facebook.