Picks on tonight’s big fight by some of Minnesota’s finest boxers…

Just like most odds maker’s and boxing-heads, The majority of Minnesota’s pros feel Floyd Mayweather Jr. will do like he has always done and Win tonight. That’s not to say that is who all will be rooting for, but it seems to be the safe pick and probably rightfully so.. We’d like to thank the guys who got back to us on very short notice… Below are some of Minnesota’s pros picks… Follow MNBoxingLeague on facebook.

Showtime Boxing

Tony Lee – Lee fights May 18 against Jeremy McLaurin for Minnesota’s 135 pound title…

I got Guerrero. I just think Mayweather having his dad as his lead trainer is going to backfire. Looking at their past and how they didn’t get along at all. And now having them together tells me Mayweather is desperate for a huge change. And I just think Guerrero being a strong southpaw is going to give Mayweather a lot of trouble. Saying that, I know if Guerrero wins. It will still be a huge upset. Im going off a gut feeling here! Because Mayweather, is Mayweather!


Joe Lorenzi – Lorenzi own’s Lorenzi’s Boxing Gym in West Duluth and is on a two fight win streak in his comeback to pro boxing….

I’ve got $. He is too fast, has better defense and he chose his opponent because he knows he can beat him. I see it as a boring fight. He will beat Guerrero to the punch and move/run away from him. He is not going to trade with the bigger guy. That’s not his style.


Caleb Truax – Truax (21,1,1) is known as Minnesota’s P4P best by most and will be fighting Don George (24,3,2) on ESPN June 21….

Mayweather’s on a different level. Guerrero will make it tough in the early rounds trying to rough Floyd up, but Mayweather will adjust and outclass Guerrero for a late stoppage or UD win.


Gary Eyer – Eyer is on a 3 fight winning streak, and coming off of a thrilling victory last weekend against Blake Franklin…

After watching the shows about the fight, a little bit of me believes Guerrero can win, he’s a lefty with a good punch but Floyd has a good defence and good chin and is the bigger faster guy. I think Floyd is gonna win 10-11rd tko. If Guerrero wins that would be awesome and there is going to be more people coming in the gyms every day to start boxing.


Jeremy McLaurin – McLaurin is set to face Tony Lee for the Minnesota 135 title May 18…

Mayweather for Sure!!!


Andy Kolle – Kaos Kolle (25,4) is one of Minnesota’s most accomplished fighters and is looking to get back in the ring soon…

Hard to bet against Floyd, against anybody. Floyd UD

Javontae Starks – Starks (6,0) has gotten back to boxing recently and fights on Seconds Out Promotions May 18 card.

Mayweather…too smart.too sharp… Mayweather on points


Tyler Hultin – Hitman Hultin also fights May 18 in what should be a thrilling fight against another always fun to watch fighter, Charles Meier…

Mayweather, he’s the smarter puncher! He’s smart in all aspects of the game! He will adapt to Guerrero, maybe not right away but it will happen! Guerrero will bring the fight no doubt! But I just don’t see him victorious! But I don’t see a KO either!..


Charles Meier – Sir Meier (7,2,2) fights fellow “fight of the night” boxer Tyler Hultin (5,1,2) on May 18′s action packed card…

Mayweather is too smart for him, and too slick… I think Guerrero will be tough for a round or two but when Money figures him out he probably stops him or beats him bad…

Andy “Kaos” Kolle (25,3) vs Cerresso Fort (14,0,1) Friday night, Hinckley Grand Casino…

Andy “Kaos” Kolle (25,3) fights in yet another huge MN vs MN showdown tomorrow night… Kaos Kolle has entered the ring 28 times as a pro… He beat Matt Vanda two times, the second in almost a shut-out, and KOed Anthony Bonsante in the 3rd round… In his last fight, he was weighing 158 the day before he entered the ring April 7, until he found out he was fighting a super middle, 164…. In that fight vs Walker, Kaos fought all but one round without his left (Andy Kolle is a southpaw) winning a wide UD… Kolle does not plan on getting in the ring above 154 again, and Friday night is a nice step towards continuing his quest to keep fighting, but at his natural weight… In Fort, he has a guy who has yet to taste defeat.. Cerresso is (14,0,1) and he believes he is the best at Jr middle after winning over Dave Peterson (13,1)… It has been widely known that Fort considers himself the best of the middles and Kolle is happy to give him the same shot, he got himself when Vanda first fought him back in 2007. Kolle/Fort will be for the vacant MN Jr. Middleweight title…You are not going to want to miss this main event Friday January 25 at Hinckley Grand Casino, Hinckley MN… Follow MNBoxingLeague on Twitter. and MNBoxingLeague on Facebook. Below is a Q & A with Kaos…
How is your wrist and hand?
Kolle….My hand is feeling good, and I have been hitting with full power throughout this camp so I have no reservations about throwing it throughout the fight.

Back at your natural fighting weight of 154, do you see the Walker fight (April 7, 2012) as your last stop in the 160′s?
Kolle….I really hope so. When I got the call for the opponent switch I was already sitting around 158 a day before the weigh ins. So I went out and stuffed my face with pasta so when, I weighed in I wouldn’t come in so light. 154 really is the weight I feel the most comfortable at so moving forward I hope we can secure the remainder of my fights at that weight.
This past Saturday had a big MN vs MN showdown between Caleb Truax and Matt Vanda. Now you and Fort get your own regional showdown.. Like Vanda, you have been a part of many big local showdowns, beating Vanda twice by UD and knocking out Bonsante… Is there any special motivation when fighting an in state rival?
Kolle….There’s always a little extra motivation with in state fights, not necessarily because there is bad blood but because these are the fights that people remember and talk about. Also a little extra motivation comes from the fact that we will run into each other again and you want to be the guy that won the fight. My hats off to Caleb and Matt for putting on the show they did last week. I’ve been hearing about it everyday since, and that is the type of publicity that elevates MN boxing.
Cerresso Fort was given the impression he was fighting for the MN Jr. Middleweight title by promotion when he fought Dave Peterson last fall. This Friday you and he get to fight for the real title at 154.. Does fighting to be best in class in MN hold special value?
Kolle….I just like to compete and win. To me titles are more for the fans, but it is great to be recognized as the best.

Did you watch Fort/Peterson? Any thoughts taken from that fight?
Kolle….I watched parts of it, and it looked like one hell of a scrap, very fan friendly. My trainers and I picked up on a few things throughout the fight that I think will help me to be victorious on the 25th. Fort is an exception fighter but as long as I fight my fight and don’t get lured into his, we’ll be celebrating the W after.

Fort has been putting your name out there for some time, and I know you have welcomed the fight since well before your one handed victory over Walker. How glad are you to be able to get in there with Fort?
Kolle….Fort knows that to make it out of this state and be successful you have to fight the top guys in the state first. I am happy to get in the ring with him because I know it will be a challenge and thats what I love, to compete against whoever will push me. 

Your life has gotten really busy over the last 6 months, what have you been up to?
Kolle….Its been a wild few months I can tell you that. In September I moved back to Fargo so I could be closer to family, and so my girlfriend could continue her college goals at NDSU. Ever since this fight was signed I have been working for Aflac, which is a great opportunity for me to set something up for life after boxing. I’ve also been working part time at a bar to help pay the bills until I get this new career up and running. So between working full time during the day, part time at the bar, and traveling all over the state to train I haven’t had a whole lot of free time. But with the help of Todd and Jason we have made it work and I am ready to do what needs to be done on Friday.

This Friday brings a ton of great action, aside from your fight, as a fan, what would you most be looking forward to in Fridays event?
Kolle….If I had the opportunity to sit in the stands I would be looking forward to watching T-Rex do his thing, he’s really come a long way since he teamed up with Jason Hendrickson and has a bright future in this sport. Aaron Green is always one to watch as well. 

How do you see Kolle/Fort ending?
Kolle…I don’t know how it will end but my hand will be raised.

Is there anything you would like to add?
Kolle….I would like give a special thank you to Jason Hedrickson, for all the work/miles he put in to help me get ready for this fight. There is no way I would be ready for this fight with out it. Also, Todd Bechthold for getting this fight lined up and jumping thru whatever hoops needed to be jumped thru to make things easier on me since I’m not in the area anymore. A special shout out to Relf Optical and Kayla Bechthold for getting my my eye exam on Saturday afternoon, I appreciate it.

I am looking forward to a war on Friday night, and entertaining everybody that braves the cold to come and support MN boxing!

Camp check-in…

Andy “Kaos” Kolle getting some work in with Ryan Watson… Kolle fights Cerresso Fort for the Minnesota Jr Middleweight title January 25… Kolle is rated #1 and Fort #2, Great way for the new strap to start….

RJ “T-Rex” laase hitting mitts, he fights on the undercard January 25 against unbeaten Justin Jones (5,0)…

News and Notes from Minnesota and the Super-Shows…

Verbal barbs have begone to be slung by Caleb Truax (20,1,1) and Matt Vanda (44,14) as their showdown approaches… They fight January 19 at the Minneapolis Convention Center at 165 pounds…

Things seemed to start heating up when Truax said in a video podcast that he expects to to finish off Matt Vanda before the 8th round of their fight, even saying he’d be disappointed if he didn’t finish off Vanda before the final bell.

Those comments may have spurned on Vanda’s FB post….

Matt Vanda… ” I gotta spar 12 rounds today. I’m kicking your mother$%#^& ass on the 19th. You know who you are. You’re &%$#@ delusional thinking your gonna beat me…”

Following came some back and forth as both men are in fight mode… Follow MNBoxingLeague on Twitter. and MNBoxingLeague on Facebook.

Former NFL player and Viking, Ray Edwards has been added to an already stacked January 25 card… Andy “Kaos” Kolle (25,3) and Cerresso Fort (14,0,1) have been working their butts off through this past holiday season and continue to. Fort is in Vegas getting top notch sparring and working Mayweather Sr., in his prep for his toughest test to date.. Kaos Kolle and coach Jason Hendrickson have been putting the miles in traveling all over MN and ND getting work done! Aaron Green and RJ Laase are fighting their stiffest competition to date on this card as well.

Word is that Robert Brant’s hand was not as bad as thought after his fight Saturday, and he will be fighting Feb 9 in Saint Paul. More on this card in the coming days and weeks.

Also February 9, in Fargo ND, it looks like Tyler “The Hitman” Hultin will get his first main event and first showing as a pro near home. Much more on this in the coming days..


Grand Casino Reward Members be on the lookout for incredible deals for January 25th’s Pro Boxing Event!

Andy “Kaos” Kolle (25,3) vs “Sir” Cerresso Fort (14,0,1) in a showdown to see who stands alone at 154lbs…. Fort, who has yet to taste defeat will get his chance to fight for the legitimate Minnesota light middleweight title against Kaos Kolle who’s only defeats come to fighters superior to anyone Fort has entered the ring against… Also on this exciting card will be Aaron “Gorilla” Green (8,0) stepping up to his stiffest challenge against Maurenzo Smith (11,4,2) in a heavyweight clash of explosive power…. This show also features rising prospect RJ “T-Rex” Laase (9,1) as he steps in with undefeated Justin Jones (5,0) of Florida… Grand Casino Reward members will be receiving information on how to see this boxing spectacular with special offerings and discounts…  Click here for full card as it stands.


Great work getting done in prep for January 25!

Andy “Kaos” Kolle (25,3) and RJ “T-Rex” Laase (9,1) paying their dues and getting great work in. Follow MNBoxingLeague on Twitter. and MNBoxingLeague on Facebook.

Ryan Watson (left) Andy Kolle (right)

Tickets for January 25th’s event at Grand Casino Hinckley are on sale at Tickemaster and through your favorite fighter. Kolle/Fort in the main event fighting for the legitimate Minnesota light middleweight title. Laase (9,1) fights undefeated Justin Jones and Aaron “Gorilla” Green (8,0) has his toughest test in a battle of heavyweights….

Clyde Willrich (left) RJ Laase (right)

Camp begins for Minnesota’s super shows….

Matt Vanda getting some great work in last night at Uppercut Boxing Gym. His camp is underway for his showdown with former stablemate and sparring partner Caleb Truax. The two clash January 19 at the Minneapolis convention center in Minneapolis, MN… You can get your tickets through www.ofights.com, or from your favorite boxer on the card. Follow MNBoxingLeague on Twitter. and MNBoxingLeague on Facebook.

Matt Vanda (44,14)

Aaron Green has been a steady gym warrior on his way to (8,0). He kicked off camp last week for his fight on the undercard to Andy Kolle vs Cerresso Fort.. Green is looking stronger than ever, he is a true pro seemingly looking and getting better every time I get a chance to watch him… This event takes place January 25, Grand Casino Hinckley, MN.

Aaron Green (8,0)

RJ Laase kicked off camp last night in preparation for his biggest test to date, also on the Kolle/Fort undercard. Laase his coming off of surgery and hungry to get back after it. He plans to have this and future fights at his natural weight of 140lbs… This event takes place January 25, Grand Casino Hinckley, MN.

RJ Laase (9,1)

What’s up in Minnesota Boxing….

Matt Vanda, Courtesy SnapLocally

With all the shows coming in January and February there has been a lot of news, but always changing… We are sorry for the delay in getting information up, but want to be as close to accurate as possible, with boxing, that is not easy…Follow MNBoxingLeague on Twitter. and MNBoxingLeague on Facebook. Here is what we know as of today….

December 19, TJ Gibson (1,3) is set to fight another undefeated giant, 260lb Jarrell Miller (3,0) in New York, interesting news given his possible state title match-up with Al Sands at cruiser, more on that later…

Javontae Starks (5,0) is set to return to the ring in January…. Once he gets rolling with fights he will be one to watch at welter and light middle…

January will be a huge month for Minnesota boxing with cards set for the 5th, 19th, and 25th…

January 5, SEG/Area 51, This card features some of Minnesota’s most promising young talent… Robert Brant, Ismail Muwendo, Tyler Hultin, Jamal James, and more… We expect to get full line-up and bout sheet soon….

January 19, Omega Presents, Caleb Truax (20,1,1) vs Matt Vanda (44,14)….. This is a fight fans have talked about for a couple years now. These two know each other well. In the past they have been stable-mates, shared trainers, and have sparred hundreds of rounds together… Now they face off in what is said to be Vanda’s last fight… Can it get much better… More to come on who will be on undercard and ticketing… update, tickets should go on sale today, www.ofights.com

January 25, RDS Boxing, Andy Kolle (25,3) vs Cerresso Fort (14,0,1) This one has fans abuzz, Kolle is coming off of quite a lay-off and broken hand. During that time Fort beat then undefeated Dave Peterson by MD and just fought Brandon Baue, getting a UD victory.. Kolle is ranked #1 at light middle in Minnesota and Fort #2…. This fight is set at 154lbs… Also slated to be on this card are Aaron “Gorilla” Green (8,0) rising Minnesota star and RJ “T-Rex” Laase (9,1) the number ranked welter in Minnesota… Much more on this card in the coming days as well as ticketing…

February has three shows being talked about…

February 9 in Saint Paul is said to have Al Sands (6,1) vs TJ Gibson (1,3) for the MN’s cruiser title. They are ranked 1 and 2 respectively with Sands only loss coming to Gibson by way of stoppage… Interestingly that is the only time Gibson has been given the opportunity to fight at his natural weight, all his losses come at heavy and most against guys weighing 250lbs plus… He is doing that again in just a couple weeks and depending on outcome could affect if this fight happens or not..

Also in February, there have been rumors of a Jungle Boy Boxing show February 1, and a show in Fargo ND…..

We will do our best to keep up with all that is coming up, and hopefully get interviews and full line-ups as these events approach….