Quick hits.. Caleb Truax, Andy Kolle, Jason Litzua….

Schedule Update 8-5-13 top most recent updates from MinnesotaBoxing.com

….August 10, Seven Clans Casino, Thief River Falls, MN – Rez Promotions
Details are limited but it looks like the main event will be heavyweight Charles Goodwin of Bemidji vs Mahoud Aburia. The co-feature has Van Goodman taking on John Moxey in another heavyweight bout. Michael Faulk also see’s action.
August 16, Grand Casino, Hinckley, MN – Rapacz Promotions
The Return of the 3 Musketeers as they were known as kids, Jason and Allen Litzau plus Antonio Johnson fight on the same card. Plus Aaron Green, Rob Brant vs Harley Kilfian, Brad Patraw vs Dusin Mason, David LaQue and more.
September 6, Grandma’s Sports Garden, Duluth, MN – Jungle Boy Boxing
Al Sands headlines against TBA plus a 10 round bout featuring Johnny Garcia [16-1] vs Gilbert Venegas [12-9-2]. Amateur boxing will kick off the night.
September 13, Minneapolis Convention Center, Mnpls, MN – Seconds Out Promotions
Golden Caleb Truax returns fresh off a dominant ESPN performance to take on tough boxer Osumanu Adama in the nights main event. Also, the state lightweight title rematch between Tony Lee and Jeremy McLaurin. The two slugged it out for 8 rounds and came out with a draw last June.
September 21, Wildcats Hockey Arena, River Falls, WI – Peek -A- Boo Promotions
Pro-Am boxing action brought to you by former boxer Boyd Davis.
September 28th, Anoka Armory, Anoka, MN- Valhalla Combat Sports
Valhalla Combat Sports Gym is promoting a boxing card which features Stephen Watt taking on Cheyene Ziegler. Damion Hill and heavyweight MMA fighter Brad Scholten are also on the card. There will be 8 fights in all.

August 16 brings boxing back to Hinckley, Featured will be Jason Litzau taking on Robert Osiobe, Robert has spoiled some home fighters days! Robert Brant takes on Harley Kilfian who is going back to a better weight after bulking up to fight Al Sands  and as expected going from 165 to 193 was too much. Brant is moving from the 150 to 168 for the catch-weight. Very interesting in our opinion. Bravo should be able to outbox Kilifian, and has spent plenty of time at the high 160′s. Dustin Mason and Brad Patraw is years in the making, looking forward to that one. Nice work by matchmaker, Cory Rapacsz, for getting it done. Green should be able to walk through Stacy Frazier who has lost 10 of his 11 last fights, most by early stoppage. All in, could be a fun little show.

September 6 brings another Jungle Boy Boxing show. Its a pro am with three pro fights, two debuts and Al Sands… After Sands called out John Moxey, who was already under contract to fight on a different show, he and his manager barged into Joe Lorenzi’s gym while Joe was teaching a kids class and offered him a contract. Guess they don’t believe in going through promoters and managers. Joe had already given his word to fight Sept 13. But the bright side. TJ Gibson said he would let Sands try and redeem himself from his TKO loss at the hands of Gibson (1,4) on September 6. Also, both Moxey and Lorenzi have said they would love to face Sands after their obligations and are free in October. Jungle has Black Bear Casino date mid October. Also, don’t forget Phil Williams has said he’d take on Sands any time.

T-Rex has pushed Sept 13 due to too many fights and monster weekend of boxing, never easy decision, but probably a wise one with a very full September. 

September 13, T-Rex Promotions, featuring Andy “Kaos” Kolle, Winston Anderson, Joe Lorenzi, and possibly Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer. More details as they come. The Promoter, RJ “T-Rex” Laase is in the middle of negotiates for a fight of his own.

September 21, Seconds Out Promotions, The return of “Golden” Caleb Truax after his incredible ESPN appearance taking out Don George with relative ease. Also featured Jeremy McLaurin vs Tony Lee two. They last fought to a draw and the 135 belt stayed vacant, don’t expect that this time. Rumors have some more very exciting fights on tap for this card.

This past Friday Seconds Out Promotions put on some nice competitive fights. 2 draws! Unfortunately I was on vacation and did not catch the action live. But from reading and seeing some video, Phil “The Drill” Williams can be in any fight if he sets his mind to it. Corey Rodriguez was in another war. What a warrior. Joey Abell took out Maurenzo Smith in 2, Aaron Green went a full 6 for a UD win, winning every round.

March 15, Hinckley Grand Casino next stop for Aaron “Gorilla” Green (10,0) 8 by big time KO…

Aaron “Gorilla” Green (10,0) is coming off of his 10th victory as a pro heavyweight. He has been one of Minnesota’s busiest fighters and things don’t look to slow down any time soon. He fights a featured bout against King Kong this Friday in Hinckley Minnesota. One month after Gorilla Green is slated to fight April 13 in the twin ports at Wessman Arena. For many fighters all this activity may be hard, but I’ve known Mr. Green since he turned pro, and he would be working his butt off fight or no fight.

Green (left) Abell (right)

Along with all the action team Green has been getting in the ring, they have also had to listen to the non stop speculation of a showdown with former Viking, Ray Edwards… While Green and his team have no worries of that fight, they are maintaining focus on what is real and in front of them. Edwards has a pretty big step up fight Friday night as well… But the big former NFLer has a lot of business to take care of before talks of Green are real.

Team Green has made a point of getting great work in for these fights, sparring with the best Minnesota has to offer in Raph Butler and Joey Abell. As those who have seen Mr. Green in the past know, he is worth a ticket and it will not be long before people are talking about and seeing him along side some of the nations top heavyweight prospects.

Below are a few Q & A questions with Mr. Green… Follow MNBoxingLeague on facebook and twitter. We are still working on our twitter, but FB is very active…

You recently achieved 10 wins, how did it feel?

Green….Getting 10 wins was one of my goals as a pro!! It was an awesome feeling that night. Getting to 10 has made me more hungry and motivated to keep the momentum going.

March 15, you face King Kong, a man who looks to equal you in size. Does his size change the way you prepare?

Green….No, his size doesn’t change too much. I have gotten much stronger these past few months and I feel it will help. Also, I like to bang and box, so I am looking forward to it.

I know your focus is on March 15, has all the Ray Edwards talk been something you spend any time thinking about?

Green….No, I try to stay away from all of that talk. It is a huge distraction to what I am trying to accomplish.

Your fight included, what should fans expect this Friday at Hinckley Grand Casino?

Green….Lots of HEART!! I have worked very hard this past year and I want to show people my dedication to this great sport! Also, there should be lots of good match ups.

See Aaron “Gorilla” Green (10,0), “Sir” Cerresso Fort (15,0,1) RJ “T-Rex” Laase (10,1) and more March 15, Hinckley Grand Casino, Hinckley, MN…. 6 Pro boxing matches…

Camps peaking for March 15, Pro Boxing, Hinckley Grand Casino…

Only a few more days of heavy sparring for those fighting March 15, Hinckley Grand Casino, Hinckley, MN… RJ “T-Rex” Laase (10,1), Aaron “Gorilla” Green (10,0) and “Sir” Cerresso Fort (15,0,1) all featured… Also fighting in Hinckley will be, former MN Viking, Ray Edwards vs Van Goodman, Winston “Nasty Time” Anderson, Rondale Hubbert and more… Follow MNBoxingLeague on facebook and twitter. We are still working on our twitter, but FB is very active…

Duluth, MN’s T-Rex was called out by James Wayka (16,11,1) and they should put on a great show…

T-Rex (left)

Gorilla Green will get in the ring with Raymond “King Kong” Ochieng (24,16,3)… King Kong is virtually the same size as Mr. Green… Should be some heavy hitting action… Green has been getting work in with Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell (28,6) as he prepares for March 15.

Green (left) Abell (right)

Cloquet, MN’s, Nasty Time Anderson (2,0) takes on Branden Cluever (1,0) at 140 pounds.

Winston (left)

March 15, Pro Boxing!! Grandma’s Duluth, MN and Hinckley Grand Casino, Hinckley, MN….

Duluth’s show is a pro/am featuring two pro fights, Boxrec, Jungle Boy Boxing.… Duluth’s Al Sands will be featured along with Brad Herroff of Saint Paul, MN.. Sands trainer/manager/promoter, Zach Walters has said Al will be making a big step up in competition but his opponent is still listed as the dreaded TBA….. Hopefully they do bring in a live body for Mr. Sands, again he is a rock solid 200 pounds with power and length… He is now (7,1) but never really tested other than his loss to TJ Gibson… Bringing in out of shape 40 year old welterweights and middleweights will make the record look nice but does nothing for experience… Brad Herroff looked great his last time out and at (2,0) we expect him to give another thrilling performance… Follow MNBoxingLeague on facebook and twitter. We are still working on our twitter, but FB is very active…

March 15 in Hinckley, MN has been matched for a while with some intriguing fights. Borec RDS Boxing.

Ray Edwards (right) Photo Courtesy Jesse Kelley, MinnesotaBoxing.com

James Wayka (16,11,1) asked for Duluth, MN’s RJ “T-Rex” Laase (10,1) after Wayka lost to Kaos Kolle at 154 pounds… Saying he wanted to fight at his stronger weight in the 140′s…. Aaron “Gorilla” Green (10,0) is fighting King Kong, a man who may even be bigger than Mr. Green… Another fight MANY are talking about, former MN Viking, Ray Edwards facing his second live opponent in Van Goodman… A statement will made, Edwards can prove he is a real challenge at heavy and ready to take it to the next level.. (Mr. Green?) or Goodman can stamp his name on national news… Two undefeated greenhorns in the ring, Winston “Nasty Time” Anderson (2,0) vs Branden Cluever (1,0)… “Sir” Cerresso Fort (15,0,1) in the main event… Duluth’s Joey “The Don” Lorenzi, Rondale Hubbert and more…

Punches in bunches, Regional news and notes…

Aaron “Gorilla” Green (10,0) has been the busiest man in boxing as of late… 10-12-12, 1-25-13, 2-9-13, and scheduled for March 15 in Hinckley, MN and April 13 in Superior, WI… April 13 will be Green’s fourth fight in the twin ports….Follow MNBoxingLeague on facebook and twitter. We are still working on our twitter, but FB is very active…

Aaron Green

Up next in Pro boxing, March 15′s dueling shows, Hinckley Grand Casino, RDS boxing has seven pro fights featuring “Sir” Cerresso Fort (15,0,1), Duluth’s RJ “T-Rex” Laase (10,1), Aaron “Gorilla” Green (10,0) and much more, 7 pro fights listed…..boxrec Hinckley MN..

March 15, Jungle Boy Boxing pro am card featuring 2 pro fights, Al Sands and Brad Herroff listed for pro fights, still no opponents….boxrec Duluth MN..

April 13, T-Rex Promotions, Wessman Arena, Superior, WI… Aaron “Gorilla” Green (10,0), Tyler “The Hitman” Hultin (5,1,1), Rob Brant, Winston Anderson, Joe Lorenzi and more….boxrec Superior, WI..

May 18, Omega Presents, Caleb Truax, McLaurin vs Lee, Meier vs Hultin, and more….boxrec Minneapolis, MN..


Ray Edwards vs Aaron Green? “Show me a contract, then we will talk”

There has been a lot of talk on twin cities radio about Edwards stepping up to Aaron “Gorilla” Green (10,0)… Team Green has stated in the past that if they were given a contract they would get in with former NFLer turned pro boxer Ray Edwards… We got to talk to team green yesterday… Green’s management said “No need to talk about that fight, contracts talk” We take that to mean, talk is talk…. It’s our opinion that the true up and coming Heavy in regional boxing is (10,0) Aaron “Gorilla” Green… Not sure that Edwards (3,0) is ready to step up that far in competition… For the latest Follow MNBoxingLeague on facebook and twitter.

Aaron Green (right) photo courtesy Jesse Kelley, MinnesotaBoxing.com

Both Green and Edwards are slated to fight on March 15 at Hinckley Grand Casino…. Also featured will be RJ “T-Rex” Laase (10,1), Winston Anderson (2,0) “Sir” Cerresso Fort (15,0,1) and more…. Hinckley Grand Casino, Hinckley, MN….

Minnesota Boxing Dates….

Due to many factors we have not been as on top of things on our site as we would like…. Below are upcoming regional events we know about.. Although we have legged a little on our web site our FB page has stayed busy, if you have not already, please Follow MNBoxingLeague on facebook.

Upcoming Regional Pro Boxing…..

March 9….. SEG, we have no details at this time other than we expect to see Jamal James, Robert Brant, Jonathan Perez….

March 15…. RDS, Hinckley Grand Casino, featuring “Sir” Cerresso Fort (15,0,1), Aaron “Gorilla” Green (10,0) and more…

March 15…. Jungle Boy Boxing, Grandma’s sports bar, Pro Am, no details on what pros…

April 13…. T-Rex Promotions, Wessman Arena, Superior WI… more details coming..

May 18…. Omega Presents, Minneapolis/Saint Paul MN…. Featuring “Golden” Caleb Truax (21,1,1), Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell, Charles Meier, Javontae Starks and more..

Ray Edwards (former Viking/Falcon) continues his boxing journey February 9 in Fargo, ND….

Saturday’s show in Fargo ND will be headlined by area favorite Tyler “The Hitman” Hultin, and loaded with young area fighters…Card as it stands according to boxrec. While heavyweights are becoming less seen on many shows, Fargo’s event will have three fights featuring the big men…

Aaron "Gorilla" Green

Aaron “Gorilla” Green (9,0) is one of the regions best up and coming fighters. At 270 plus pounds, he has the size to get in there with any of today’s heavies… He is built rock solid and has speed and quickness of a much smaller fighter. Gorilla Green is coming off of a UD victory January 25. Green will face Preston Shane on Saturday.

Ray Edwards, Carlos Gonzalez, Star Tribune

Ray Edwards (2,0) also fought and won easily January 25 in his second trip to the pro boxing ring…. Ray has the size and athletic ability to make some noise in the ring. For the most part, his boxing ability will remain an unknown until he gets more time in the ring. From all reports and from seeing his short performance on the 25th, he looks to have improved greatly in his movement and ring feel.. One problem a lot of big athletic heavyweights have is finding opponents, that will not be a problem for Mr Edwards as it seems every big man is looking to step in the ring with him. Follow MNBoxingLeague on Twitter. and MNBoxingLeague on Facebook.

Travis Fulton vs Casey Olson rounds out the heavies, could they be fighting for a chance to get in the ring with Edwards?

Quick Hits…. Two more weekends of Pro boxing action…

This Friday in Duluth, Zach Walters and Jungle Boy Boxing bring you a pro am card featuring a lot of amateur action and two pro fights… The Pro fights,  Gary Eyer (9,2,1) vs David Laque (2,11,1) and Harley Kilfian (9,12) vs John Moxey (1,1). Grandmas Sports Garden, Duluth, MN


Saturday February 9 brings boxing back the the Crown Plaza in Saint Paul… Card as it stands on boxrec. Phil “The Drill” Williams (11,5,1) vs Shujaa El Amin (12,3) should be a fun one… 10 of The Drill’s victories have come by brutal KO…. Also one to watch is Vicente Alfaro (5,3) vs “Bad” Brad Patraw (9,4) for the MN super bantam title….. More to come.


Saturday February 9 in Fargo ND bring Tyler “The Hitman” Hultin in the main event… His fights are always exciting and usual steal the show…. Aaron “Gorilla” Green will be featured as well. Green is now (9,0) with 7 of those victories coming by KO… Also fighting are Rondale Hubbert, Dustin Mason, along with some new faces…. More to come.


The buzz

I was late in trying to get an interview with Vanda, but here is what he did tell me..

When asked why Caleb Truax (20,1,1) for his last fight? Matt Vanda (44,14) responded…”Why Caleb, they called me out.. They asked for the fight and now they’re going to get it” Truax and Vanda meet this Saturday night at the Minneapolis Convention Center…

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Below is Mr Aaron “Gorilla” Green (8,0) and RJ “T-Rex” Laase (9,1).. This is their last week of camp… They both fight on the Kolle/Fort undercard January 25…