Here is where Mr. Teddy Atlas has a point on Minnesota boxing.

As fans of boxing in Minnesota, we usually have to cringe a bit when Atlas speaks of our state and fighters. I think Caleb Truax and Seconds Out Promotions showed ESPN, Atlas, and the nation not all shows are build jobs.. Unfortunately the top to bottom competitive fights of a couple weeks ago are just a memory.. The weekend brings us a Jungle Boy Boxing promoted card full of why Teddy Atlas calls Minnesota an easy place to build a record. Here is the full card.

Cerresso Fort (16,1,1) vs Marcus Upshaw (15,9,2) is a nice fight… Fort coming off his first loss, and this gives him an opportunity to take care of the draw he had with Upshaw last time they met…

Rondale Hubbert (2,0,1) vs Ricky Smith (1,1) may steal the show… Fun fight..

Gary Eyer (11,2,1) vs Robbie Cannon (12,8,2) Eyer is always fun to watch but should not be challenged by Cannon who has not seen a W since 2009. Cannon’s boxrec.

Al Sands (9,1) vs Justin Howes (13,4) Howes has lost 4 of his last five fights and is 36 years old. It could be a step up from what Sands has had in the past. But Howes did not make it out of the first round in his last fight and 2 of the other 3 losses came in the first and second rounds… Look for another quick night for Sands… Howes boxrec.

Black Bear Casino is reported to be putting a lot of money into Jungle Boy Boxing promotions… A big budget offers an opportunity to see some really fun and competitive fights. There are a couple on this card, In the Fort fight as well as Hubbert’s, but the intrigue kind of stops there. Some people like to know who is going to win before a fight. I prefer to find out at the fights.. I think that is where Mr. Teddy Atlas is coming from.

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  1. This is where a casino needs to push promotion.. Black Bear does not match or promote/manage the fights. According to fox 21 Black Bear was putting $50,000 plus into each show through 2014.. Lets hope it gets spent more wisely in the future..

  2. T-Rex Promotions (also out of Duluth, MN), Seconds Out Promotions, and Hinckley Grand Casino’s last two shows have out-performed anything Jungle Boy Boxing has done. As far as butts in seats goes, along with good fights. Jungle Boy’s first show was pretty darn good, been down hill since.

  3. Teddy can be difficult and sometimes comes across as a genius in his own mind – but he is right. We need competitive fights – not executions. Too many boxers have this fantasy that if they lose their marketability will go down and so they feast on beating people who may have just come out of the hospital. They don’t learn anything from this and it does not even build up confidence. It also assumes that the MN audience has a very low boxing IQ. People want to see good competitive contests.

  4. Looks like the fans are starting pick up on real competition. They were giving away tickets and just letting people in, still half empty.

  5. in 9 fights. To call it a gross mismatch is an insulting understatement. Ronchi must quit boxing soon because he’s on his way to being seriously injured. Heroff’s original opponent had fallen through and Ronchi was available, but at this point it’s hard to imagine where in the United States he’s going to get another boxing license.

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