Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer returns!!! With a twist! Tonight, Black Bear Casino, Carlton, MN.

Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer has spent the majority of this last year in service to his country. In his pursuit of life and living outside of the ring, Eyer got a union job and joined the reserves.   It has only been a few months since Stone Cold returned from his Military training and gotten to knock the dust off of his gloves…

Eyer (8,2,1) was set to fight a (2,8) durable journeyman to get back in the swing of things after being away from the ring for over a year at a weight of 135lbs. Boxing happened!! (Cox got injured this past week) Bring in Ronnie Peterson Jr. (3,5) at 144lbs… Below are some questions we asked Stone Cold before his fight took a turn. (from fans perspective, for the better) and below Gary’s comments are some quotes we got from his new opponent, Mr. Peterson.

What does it mean to you to get back into the ring after a year.

Eyer….I like fighting so much it gives me the best chance at having a good future, its something that comes easy to me, I got dreams about becoming a champion at multiple weight classes. I’ve been boxing for almost 12 years now and if I can win I’m one step closer to reaching my goals which means a lot.

Do you feel your military training helps you as a boxer?

Eyer….I’d say yes its made me hungrier/meaner then ever, they want you to stay in shape 365 days a year because PT is a big thing there, so no more blowing up in weight between fights.

What do you expect on the 27th?

Eyer…..A hard fight. I wouldnt want it any other way, it will keep the fans coming back. I’m prob gonna be more nervous this time then other times becasue of the time off. I hope I’m still blessed with a good chin that will help out a lot with winning.

Where do you want to go from here?

Eyer….With a win, I’d like to stay busy. I don’t ever want these 8 to 12 month lay-offs again, they are no good. To become a good fighter you gotta fight all the time. This fight will be at 135, definitely back to 126 and my mind is still set on real low weight. If I gotta pick up mma to fight all the time I might. (Gary will now be fighting Ronnie Peterson Jr. at 144lbs)

Eyer….Thanks for the questions. I’d like to thank Relf Eye Care Specialists because of them I can see across lake superior, I swear I can, and if I choose, see through clothes! They gave me the chance to become a better boxer, I can see things and set things up, not always being a brawler now, which is good for my career.

………. Ronnie Peterson Jr., Eyers new opponent gave us some comments on the fight just made yesterday!

Any last minute words for The League on your fight Eyer?

Peterson….I’m ready… Very nice chance to restart, I’m not backing down from nobody I’ll fight anyone from 130 the 147.

Have you ever had an interest in fighting Eyer?

Peterson….Eyer has popped in my mouth to fight numerous times.

Who gets the edge on the short notice?

Peterson….I think I get the edge I’ll be bigger and stronger, also recently went 8 rounds sparring with Jeremy, the man who beat him last! Eyer is a great man and respect him for serving our country, takes alot to do so… But When fight time comes were both soldiers.

We would like to thank both Eyer and Peterson for taking the time to answer some questions. MNBoxingLeague on Facebook.