Quick look at June’s Pro Boxing dates…

Here is the June 16 card as it stands today. Boxrec.com Hyatt, Minneapolis MN.

Promoter RDS

Jason Litzau (28,3) vs TBA 8 rounds

Brad Patraw (7,4) vs Dustin Mason (3,0) 6 rounds

Aaron Green (5,0) vs TJ Gibson (1,2) 6 rounds

Don Tierney (4,4) vs Bobby Butters (1,1) 5 rounds

Rob Brant (debut) vs Cheyenne Ziegler (3,7) 4 rounds

Silas Ortley (4,13) vs Stephen Watt (Debut) 4 rounds

Aaron Green land huge right (Green fights June 16) photo Courtesy, Jesse Kelley, MinnesotaBoxing.com

Really looking forward to seeing Jason Litzau back in action in MN. Patraw vs Mason has been brewing ever since Mason turned pro, should be fireworks. Green vs Gibson may be Green’s stiffest challenge yet (Gibson KOed Al Sands last fall). Everyone is excited to see what amateur standout Rob Brant will do as a pro…..


Here is the June 23 card as it stands today. Boxrec.com June 23, Black Bear Casino, Carlton, MN.

Jungle Boy and Draw Events

Al Sands (3,1) vs TBA ? rounds

Cerresso Fort (12,0,1) vs Dave Peterson (13,0) ? rounds

Michael Faulk (2,1) vs Richard Hargraves (2,0,1) ? rounds

Davalance Depoe (Debut) vs John Kingbird (Debut) ? rounds

Jerome LeBarge (Debut) vs Matthew Karaja (Debut) ? rounds

Fort vs Peterson could be interesting, new weight for Fort and Peterson has only one fight since 2009. Sands will look to continue to rebuild from his stunning loss to Gibson last fall, his handlers got him a quick win and it will be interesting to see what they feel he is ready for. Faulk has been in training camps with some of the best, love to see what he has. The rest of the card is unknowns. Tried all the normal fight information sites but nothing, have to go and find out…..


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  1. Aaron always does!! The card on June 16 in Minneapolis is really taking shape. Very interested to see what type of fight they have planned for Litzau.

  2. Ha somebody taking advantage of casino money. Any idea who Jason litsa is fighting

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