Abell/Butler December 4 at the Target Center, You’re not going to want to miss this one.

Nothing stirs the imagination of fight fans like a heavyweight showdown, this card has two. There are a combined 84 knockouts between the four big fellas entering the ring. On top of  that, there is the return to the Target Center by Minnesota’s light heavyweight champ, Zach “Jungle Boy” Walters, who has 19 KO’s of his own. Judging from the crowds at the last couple shows, you may want to grab your tickets sooner rather than later. Below is the fight card.


targetpostersmallproofJoey “Minnesota Ice” Abell (25,4) vs Raphael “The Silencer” Butler (35,8)- Minnesota’s two best Heavyweights vie for the Title. All but one of Abell’s wins have come by way of knockout and Butler has 28 of his own. You like power, you like KO’s, you’ll love this one.


Zach “Jungle Boy” Walters (24,4) vs Larry “Razor” Sharpe (23,7) – Minnesota’s light heavyweight champ takes on Canada’s Larry Sharpe.


Travis Walker (33,3,1) vs Yevgeniy Shishporenok (6,1)- Another heavyweight bout. Walker has 27 KO’s and Boris “The Russian Giant” has KO’s in 5 of his 6 wins. This should be a fun one.


Ronnie Peterson (3,0) vs Tomi Archambault (0,1) -  This fight has revenge written all over it. When Peterson and Archambault first met October third, Tomi originally was giving the victory even though Ronnie had him down two times in a four round fight. North Dakota’s boxing commission reviewed the tapes and judges score cards and made that one a no contest. You can bet Archambault wants to get that W back and Peterson wants to leave no doubt as to who the better man is.


Gary Eyer (6,0,1) vs Levi Cortes (3,0)- This one just might take the night. Levi Cortes is a tough non stop fighter while Eyer isn’t going to back down from anyone. Look for fireworks and body shots. I really think this could turn into fight of the night.


Dave Peterson (11,0) vs Silas Ortley (4,7) – The Prodigy looks to stay unbeaten.


Saverino Garcia (0,0,1) vs Allante Davis (0,3) – One of these guys will leave with a W on their record.


I also believe Tony Lee is on this card facing  Hector Orozco but this fight is not listed yet.

13 thoughts on “Abell/Butler December 4 at the Target Center, You’re not going to want to miss this one.

  1. I dont know, Ive been a huge Abell fan but both guys have big time power. Maybe whoever lands first. Conditioning and one punch power would probably have to be in Abell’s favor. But I have only been covering the fights this year so I have not been ringside for many Butler fights.

  2. I would guess the odds are against him. Boris has a lot of power and walker has been taken out a few times so, who knows, I hope he wins but it looks like a tall order.

  3. Abell/Butler comes down to conditioning….whoever can outlast the inital surge will take it!!

  4. Im with TRoy on this one, at least the conditioning part. I think first big landed punch will win this thing. Should be explosive while it lasts.

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