Ronnie Peterson should be (3,0) later this week.


Peterson informed me of the change while I was on my way to Friday’s fights. He said the official change will take place later this week. I know Tomi Archambault’s fans and team didn’t think that should happen. I think the simple fact that┬áTomi was knocked down two times in a 4 round fight make this the right move.┬áPersonally I think this makes Peterson’s fight with Archambault that much more interesting. Stay tune for more on this later in the week.

5 thoughts on “Ronnie Peterson should be (3,0) later this week.

  1. I think Antwan Robertson made quite a few new fans Friday. Too be honest, I think Patraw made some fans as well. I thought they both fought their hearts out.

  2. It really seams like the test would be to match Stoney Bam Bam Kilmer (the fighter that beat Tomi)This would tell the story.

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