Scott Robinson Interview, Gary Eyer vs Scott Robinson March 28

I have to admit that I did not know much about Scott Robinson before this interview. Bear thought it would be a good idea to check in with him and share with you. For once Bear had a reasonable thought. My interview with Scott goes as follows.


M…. “When did you start boxing?”


Scott…. “I first started boxing in 1982, when i was 10.”


M…. “Did you do a lot of amateur boxing?”


Scott…. “Well, I Fought amateurs till I was 19 years old, went to every national tournament they had. I had about 180 amateur fights, winning about 150 of them. I got to semifinals in the golden gloves nationals in 1989, under the training of Bill Kahean and Jesse Garza.”


M…. “Do you also train boxers?”


Scott…. “I do train other fighters, I have about 8 amateurs, and I train Harley Kilfian.”


M…. “Where do you and your boxers train out of?”


Scott…. “I train my fighters in Eau Claire Wisconsin”


M…. “Who is your trainer?”


Scott…. “I basically train myself, but i go up to the uppercut gym to get sparring. I worked with Antwon Robertson and Cassy Klugg ,who are both on that show on the 28. Jesse Garza works my corner when i fight.


M…. “What is the reason for some of the long layoffs in between fights, and what keeps you coming back?”


Scott…. “When i was younger I couldn’t get fights in MN, I wasn’t from there and nobody knew me. I was fighting at 119,  there wasn’t much for fighters in the Midwest. I had two fights in Canada against the same guy that I really thought I won. I got sick of the politics of it and ended up quiting for 10 years and moved back to Wisconsin and opened up my gym. I started working out with my fighters and felt I could still compete at that level if I trained right. The reason I keep coming back is its in my blood, I love to fight and when people tell me I’m to old, that gives me more motivation to train harder then ever. And I’m smarter now.”


M…. “What do you enjoy more, boxing or training?”


Scott…. “I enjoy both. The training keeps me in shape and young. I love training my fighters and showing them all that I have learned through the years.”


M…. “How much do you know about Gary Eyer?” 


Scott…. “I don’t know much about Gary at all, just that he’s a boxer and hasn’t been beat yet, until the 28th. I’m coming to fight hard.”


M…. “What can fans expect to see in your fight with Eyer?”


Scott…. “Fans can to expect a good fight. I’m a boxer puncher, so expect a hell of a fight.”


M…. “You will be in Harley Kilfian’s corner this coming weekend, does that make it hard on your training for Gary Eyer?”


Scott….  ”No, not at all. It gives me motivation, cause when Harley wins, then its my turn next.”


M…. “Harley beat Marty Lindquist by TKO in the second round less than a year ago. Do you see this fight ending the same way?”


Scott…. ”Yes I do, but its going to be a good fight. I know Marty’s been training and will be in shape, but we expect to knock him out.”


M…. “Do you have anything you would like to add?”


Scott…. “Thanks to Cory and Justin for the chance to show people that I’m not done with this sport. I will have a lot of my fans there as well.”


I would like to thank Scott for letting us get to know him. You can see Scott Robinson vs Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer on the Kolle/Bonsante undercard, March 28 in Hinckley Minnesota at the Hinckley Grand Casino.



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