More on Ronnie Peterson’s Minot ND fight this past Saturday

Ronnie Peterson

Ronnie Peterson

I have been in contact with the North Dakota Boxing Commission. I must say, they have been great to work with. I have received the official score cards, and after reviewing them, the third round is where there may have been some problems in scoring. In the second round, Peterson put Archambault on the mat and the scores were 8,10/9,10/8,10. The third, I was told there was a knock down of Archambault again, but can not confirm with commission or Minot newspaper if it were a slip or knock down. The scores for this round were 8,10/10,9/10,9. The one judge making it a 8,10 for Ronnie would lead me to believe that too was a knock down. Below is a round by round scoring tally.




RD 1. 10,9/ 10,9/ 10,9 - for Archambault

RD 2. 8,10/ 9,10/ 8,10 - for Peterson

RD 3. 8,10/ 10,9/ 10,9 – first judge for Peterson other two for Archambault

RD 4. 10,9/ 10,9/ 10,9 – for Archambault


According to most I have talked to, it would be very difficult to change the scoring in this fight. Reviewing and changing scores is a slippery slope, and there is a human element in scoring that can go either way. I have been assured that this will be looked at, but more than likely, the only thing that can happen, is a review of judges.


This is boxing, an everyone knows that if left to the judges, it is out of your hands. According to all who have gotten back to me, it sounds like it was just a bad decision, it happens in all sports with judging. I would like to thank those at the Minot Daily News and the North Dakota Boxing Commission for their help. I do have an email in to get a copy of the fight. We will post the video, if and when we get it.

The Business of Boxing gets the best of Ronnie Peterson for now.

According to several sources who were in attendance in Minot ND, Ronnie Peterson got a big dose of home town business. Those who I have talked to said they believe there had to be an honest error in scoring of rounds 2 and 3. Peterson had Archambault on the mat in both the 2nd and 3rd rounds but scoring, according to those there, had Archambault winning each of those rounds (10,9). For now it seems the loss will hold until the commission can further review this decision. We are working on getting video of this fight so you can be the judge.

Smoke and Mirrors, What was to be a crazy fall fight fan heaven is now…..

Joey Abell

Joey Abell

From last spring up until very recently there was a healthy buzz going on in the Minnesota boxing world. Talks of Phil Williams vs Zach Walters, Jason Litzau vs Wilton Hilario, Joey Abell vs Raphael Butler, Andy Kolle vs Caleb Truax, Matt Vanda vs Phil Williams, and Zach Walters vs Matt Vanda were in almost every Minnesota boxing enthusiasts conversations. The bad news, all but two of these almost certain fights are now dead. The great news, we finally have the fight that has been talked about the longest happening. Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell and Raphael Butler will be stepping into the ring in the Target Center! Now, I have been told by several sources that this fight will be in the Target Center but I do not know if that venue is finalized and a firm date has not been announced. But the fight WILL HAPPEN. Another nice gift for boxing fans will take place November 13 in Hinckley. Matt Vanda and Phil “The Drill” Williams will be getting it on in front of a TV audience. (Tickets are available for this event)


I have to say, I can not complain. We will be given two SUPER SHOWS before 2010. I think  most fans will take that. By years end, 2009 will have brought us; Andy “Kaos” Kolle vs Anthony “The Bullet” Bonsante, Phil “The Drill” Williams vs Matt Vanda, and the biggest of them all (Heavyweights at Target Center), Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell vs Raphael Butler. Three big time Minnesota fights in one calendar year is pretty sweet science.


Andy Kolle and Anthony Bonsante, Photo Courtesy of Walters Photography, all rights reserved

Andy Kolle and Anthony Bonsante, Photo Courtesy of Walters Photography, all rights reserved


 The key to making these last two super shows special, will be how the rest of the cards are rounded out. We Know the 13th will bring us Wilton Hilario vs Leon Bobo as well as Cerresso Fort and either “Bad” Brad Patraw or “Lil’ Superman” Antwan Robertson. Who Fort and Patraw or Robertson fight will go a long way in how super the show will be. The undercard for Butler/Abell is not yet known other than Ronnie Peterson will be taking on Patraw or Robertson depending on their bouts outcomes. Lets hope more big name Minnesota fighters will be heading to Target Center to take part in what will be the biggest boxing event of the year.



October 3, Pro Boxing at the West St. Paul Armory




October 17 at the St. Paul Armory “Golden” Caleb Truax will be fighting for a belt.


October 23 at Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen MN, “Bad” Brad Patraw vs Antwan Robertson – This fight is for the bantam MN title and has implications on the two super shows talked about above.


November 13 at Hinckley Grand Casino, Phil “The Drill” Williams vs Matt Vanda – This bout will be on Fox Sports North and is an incredibly intriguing match-up.


November/December at the Target Center, Heavyweights Joey Abell vs Raphael Butler – The two best heavies in Minnesota go toe to toe.

“Bad” Brad Patraw to face Antwan Robertson October 23 for the MN Bantamwieght Title

Brad Patraw, Photo Courtesy of

Brad Patraw, Photo Courtesy of

Brad Patraw (6,0) and Antwan Robertson (4,1,1) will have a rematch of a fight Patraw won with ease back in March. The fight will be for the new Minnesota bantamweight title. Yes, I already have heard, “how can there be a bantamweight title fight and Willshaun Boxley (5,1) not be fighting?”, the answer, this is boxing. To be honest, my first thought was that the fight should be Boxley/Patraw if it is for the title, but I do see them as 1, 2 and 3 right now. So as long as Willshaun does not get blocked out from fighting the winner, I think it is a great thing.


I have heard from the Antwan Robertson camp that this fight will be nothing like the one we saw on the undercard to Kolle/Bonsante. Little Superman plans to show some offence in this outing. I give Patraw a lot of credit for giving Roberson this second shot, and look forward to having another state title to go with the ones held by Andy Kolle (middleweight title) and Zach Walters (light heavyweight title). We can only hope the belt gains credibility through defenses like the middleweight belt has. Unlike the light heavy situation of the last few years, bantamweight has a lot of young talent and should make for a few interesting fights. This is why I am fully behind the idea, I think it can turn out to be like the middleweight title. Minnesota middleweight champs include, Anthony Bonsante, Matt Vanda, and now of course Andy “Kaos” Kolle. Though the middles were much more established as pros, the bantamweight belt could one day be looked at in the same way.

Rank this

It has been a while since we ranked Minnesota’s fighters. (We generally post Boxrec and IBO computerised rankings) Many will say that is a good thing and please continue not ranking. We say, “rank this”. From the mind of Todd comes the latest MN Boxing League rankings. (We use mind loosely here, could be/ should be, idiot mind of Todd) All fan fair aside, this is how we rank Minnesota’s best.


Rankings are not official


Minnesota’s P4P Best


1. Jason Litzau (25,2)

2. Andy “Kaos” Kolle (19,2)

3. Wilton Hilario (11,0) / “Golden” Caleb Truax (13,0)


Minnesota’s People’s Champ   (most fans, will travel)

The Peoples Champ, Matt Vanda, Courtesy

The Peoples Champ, Matt Vanda, Courtesy


1. Matt Vanda (41,9) * he could be biggest draw against Minnesota’s best at: Junior Middle, Middle, and Super Middle

2. Zach “Jungleboy” Walters (24,4)




1. Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell (25,4)

2. Raphael Butler (34,8)


Light Heavyweight


1. Marcus Oliveira (19,0,1)  *not from or fighting out of MN, but fights here often, don’t think could be MN champ

2. Zach “Jungleboy” Walters (24,4)  *he is the Minnesota champ at this weight, and has told me he will fight to defend that title

3. Phil “The Drill”  Williams (11,1)  *like Walters, Williams intends to be at his more natural super middle

4. Harely Kilfian (8,2) *Wisconsin, but fights here most


Super Middleweight

Zach "Jungleboy" Walters, Courtesy Walters Photography

Zach "Jungleboy" Walters, Courtesy Walters Photography


1. Zach “Jungleboy” Walters (24,4)

2. Phil “The Drill” Williams (11,1)

3. “Golden” Caleb Truax (13,0)




1. Andy “Kaos” Kolle (19,2) *Minnesota’s middleweight champ

2. “Golden” Caleb Truax (13,0)

3. Kenny Kost (14,4)

4. Matt Vanda (41,9)

5. Robert Kamya (17,10)


Junior Middleweight

Andy "Kaos" Kolle and Pimp James, Courtesy of Walters Photography

Andy "Kaos" Kolle and Pimp James, Courtesy of Walters Photography


1. Andy “Kaos” Kolle (19,2)

2. Robert Kamya (17,10)

3. Dave Peterson (10,0)

4. Cerresso Fort (7,0)

5. Corey Rodriguez (4,0)




1. Mohammed Kayongo (14,2)

2. Corey Rodriguez (4,0)


Junior Welterweight


1. Gary “Stone Cold” Eyer (6,0,1)

2. Jeremy McLaurin (5,0)



Jason Litzau

Jason Litzau


1. Jason Litzau (25,2)

2. Wilton Hilario (11,0)

3. Allen Litzau (13,4)

4. Jeremy McLaurin (5,0)




1. Jason Litzau (25,2)

2. Wilton Hilario (11,0)

3. Ismail Muwendo (4,0)

4. Willshaun Boxley (5,1)

5. Brad Patraw (6,0)




1. Willshaun Boxley (5,1)

2. Brad Patraw (6,0)

3. Antwan Robertson (4,1,1)

Minnesota’s Boxing

Some rumors and some dates.


Update: Willshawn Boxley has informed me that he will also be fighting on August 29. He will get to have a rematch of his rained out fight with Will Hernandez.


marcus-oliveriaOn the same night that Phil “The Drill” Williams had his marquee victory over Antwun Echols, Marcus Oliveria (pictured on the left) dropped the biggest bombs of the night on Otis Griffin. As far as the regulars of Minnesota boxing cards go, Only Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell hits harder in my book. Oliveria took out Phil Williams when they fought and has kept on with his undefeated ways. He will be showing off his skills August 29, on a Seconds Out Promotions card in WI. The next scheduled pro card (not yet on is in Rochester MN, on September 12. This card is rumored to have Raphael Butler, in what would be a tune up for his big showdown with Joey Abell in November. I have also heard rumors that Dave Peterson and Corey Rodriguez will also be featured.


In what in my opinion is the most exciting rumor, Andy “Kaos” Kolle and “Golden” Caleb Truax look to be close to a deal to have them fight in October? Only source I have for this is the rumor mill at the most recent fights. Kolle defending his title against the number one contender will always rank highly in my book. And judging from comments and fan interaction it may be the biggest fight out there.


We will keep you up to date on all the major news as it comes in. I will be trying to track down more specifics on the September 12 fight card in Rochester.

That’s what I’m talking about

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

With all of the big instate fights being talked about, and some actually happening, we have one fighter who has been on this path well ahead of the rest. Before Wilton Hilario and Allen Litzau faced off, and two years ahead of Andy Kolle vs Anthony Bonsante, Matt Vanda was taking on all comers. 2007 saw Vanda pitted against, Anthony Bonsante, Kenny Kost, and Andy Kolle. 2008 was no easier for Vanda. He fought Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. two times. This year started off with John Duddy, Tocker Pudwill, and almost another fight with Andy Kolle. Now we all know the  result of all but one of these fights. Vanda may have racked up more L’s in these campaigns but more importantly he showed the heart of a true warrior. Whether you are a fan of his or not, almost all love his fighting spirit. I honestly think if Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell started calling out Vanda, The Predator would ask when and where. This was made apparent when Vanda started calling out the much bigger Zach “Jungleboy” Walters, and ended up in a tournament with Zach, Phil Williams, and a fighter to be named. How can you not like this guy? I look forward to seeing Matt go August 14 at the Myth nightclub, followed by a huge fight against a bigger and stronger fighter , Phil “The Drill” Williams, September 26 at the Target Center.


My hope is that Minnesota’s fighters continue to take notice of the example fighters like Matt Vanda have made. Vanda may have gotten beat by, Kolle, Kost and Bonsante. But since then he has been apart of PPV TV fights as well as headlining two more Target Center shows. That my friends is success in boxing. There is a limited supply of World Titles, but there doesn’t have to be limited fights for those who truly have a passion for the sport.

Who is Minnesota’s best boxer with 10 or less pro fights?

Courtesy Walters Photography, all rights reserved

Courtesy Walters Photography, all rights reserved

I believe we have quite a few quality young fighters coming up the ranks. As I have written before, the list of must see MN fighters just keeps growing for me. Who do you think is tops of the 10 fight and under class? Please, if you comment, try and make it a reason for the fighter you suggest and not knocking a boxer listed. Remember we are talking about guys with 10 or less fights. Personally, my top 5 in no order would be; Dave Peterson, Cerresso Fort, Gary Eyer, Willshaun Boxley, and Jon Laboda. I actually should have done top ten because I am already second guessing myself. What do you think?

Headlines for Kaos?

Photo Courtesy of Walters Photography, all rights reserved

Photo Courtesy of Walters Photography, all rights reserved

Here is a list of Andy “Kaos” Kolles last five fights; (records are from time of fight) Nov,17-07 Matt Vanda (37,4), June,7-08 Jonathan Reid (34,9), Sept, 25-08 Paul Williams (34,1), March, 28-09 Anthony Bonsante (32,10,3), June, 18-09 Anthony Shuler (20,5,1). Andy won all but one of these fights. The only person in this state who could match the opponents Kaos has faced over the last couple of years would be Matt Vanda but he didn’t bring home the W’s. The reason I bring this up is, Where is the buzz? The major talk around the state has been revolving around; Matt Vanda, Zach Walters, Phil Williams, Jason Litzau, and Wilton Hilario. Hasn’t Kolle been the one guy who has brought home the bacon? Jake Wegner recently listed Kolle along with Litzau as somebody who was right there as far as the national scene goes, going as far as to say he was one of the better south paws in the Country. Where are the headlines? Where is the buzz?


There was a lot of talk and excitement after Chuck Horton and Tony Grygelko made their gentleman’s agreement to have “Golden” Caleb Truax take on Kolle this fall. But with all the calling out, and big fight announcements the Truax/Kolle affair seems to have lost steam. Would setting a place and date for this fight kindle the fire again? Are Andy and Caleb just not outspoken enough to stir the fans imaginations? There are not many in the state who would argue there are better middle weights then, Andy Kolle, Caleb Truax, and Kenny Kost. With Kost having not fought for a very long time, doesn’t that leave Kolle/Truax as the best middle weight match up in the state? Its often been said that middle was the strong division in Minnesota, why the lack of love?


Okay, Okay, I hear you, the name Andy “Kaos” Kolle often finds its way into my writings. But instead of talking about what he has done, shouldn’t we be pondering what might be. What national fighters should team Horton have their eyes on? How can Andy get some quality TV time? It would seem to me that he is a marketers dream. He is obviously not afraid of anything or anyone in the ring. He is only fighting quality record boxers. He has proven power. And he has an Oscar type look. What’s the problem? Boxrec’s # 6 in the Nation Andy Kolle (19,2). Bring on the headlines….


From our Jake Wegner interview


M…. What MN fighters do you think have the greatest potential to make waves on the national level.


Jake….   Obviously Jason Litzau is already there.  I like Andy Kolle, but he needs to talk more and do more interviews—be more accessable.  I’m told by those that haveinterviewed him, that he only does them by email.  His team needs to market him outside of Duluth because he has a lot of potential.  I think Andy Kolle is one of the better southpaws in the land, but provided he makes it past Truax in the Fall, and then hopefully Kost, I would really like to see Andy in a nice fight on ESPN against a guy similar in talent.  In other words, he shouldn’t haveto fight killers like Ward and Paul Williams to be able to get a fight and a payday on ESPN.  He should be matched evenly and allowed to shine.  I like Caleb Truax’s athleticism and counter-punching, but I want to see him be more aggressive out there, and I think that certainly Phil Williams has the right stuff to shine on a national level.  Had Codrington showed up that night when he ended up fighting Echols, Phil just may have killed him.  He looked that good, and everyone that was there noticed the power and speed of his jab.  It had the force of a cross.  Joey Abell is in the right weight class, and definitely has the right skin color to get him televised fights, but I want Joey to see a hypnotist, Anthony Robbins, or whatever it takes to get his full confidence back, and then step up and fight some serious names in the Heavyweight division.  If Wilton Hilario beats Jason Litzau this Fall, then his name jumps to the moon automatically.  It’s a crime that a Light Heavyweight with Zach Walters’ record has not been invited over to Germany to face a European belt holder and get a career payday.  I can put him in touch with the right people overseas to make that happen if he’s interested. 

Your Answers to the question, “Should Zach “Jungleboy” Walters take on the winner of Williams/Vanda?”

We only got a few emails on this, so I have included some of the comments regarding the subject. I think there is quite a bit of disappointment over the fact that this fight is not until Sept. 26 and that makes a date with Zach impossible until late in the year. Not to mention, who knows what can happen between now and then. I do know Chuck Horton has big plans for Zach Walters, and there is no shortage of great fights for him. I probably posted the question premature, but here are your thoughts. Also, if you missed Zach and Andy’s last fight you can watch it here.  Click here and scroll down to Bridge Battle II .


Minnesota’s boxing world does not revolve around Duluth. I’d like to see the fight, but it aint up to you, me, Chuck or Zach.


0Phil and Zach are both awesome fighters, I love watching both of them fight, but Zach seems to have way more experience than Phil does.  I think that Phil is all just talk when it comes to fighting Zach, he wants to act tough, but when Zach decided he wanted to take the fight, he went running scared. I think this would be the ideal fight, I would totally go! He is putting this off with the fight he signed with Vanda. As for fighting the winner, i think that someday he should fight both Williams and Vanda, just to prove a point that he’s not affraid to take on any challenge.


Yes, Zach and Phil need to finish the talking


Phil will fight him when he is actualy offered the fight!


Jungle will fight whoever they put in front of him. He is the best in MN!


Matt is a lot of fun to watch and probably the biggest name in Minnesota…but you got to wonder why he is trying to fight the hardest puncher (Williams) in Minnesota and the most experienced Light heavy. (Walters)Especially when he has one KO in 5 years…

But again I love to watch matt fight, just wish he would save it for a Kolle rematch


Matt Vanda has the most fans by far. Jason litza is our best boxer. Phil would beat Zach easy. But probably wont waste any more time in minesota after he knocks out matt.


While Vanda hasn’t won any high profile fights out of state… he has gone the distance with Chavez Jr (he probably should have won the first fight) Demers and Duddy..Those are fights that most Minnesota boxers wouldn’t even take… The few times that Walters and Kolle have fought out of state have not been pretty. So I would think Vanda is probably still the biggest name in boxing from MN.. He just needs to stay at 148 or 154